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I was tagged by the gorgeous officialmindykaling to do the six selfie challenge… I normally don’t take selfies bc I’m very insecure about how I look in photos, especially ones where I’m smiling 😓. However, with each selfie I guess I find ways to love myself.

Uhm for nominations, I guess I’ll go for ris-ris hoeinhiding arcadian-summer sarasmile17 ilivefortheapploss lnking2015 for the challenge 😘

Embracing Myself Part I: I don’t really like books

As I once described myself on an online dating site: 

“I kinda consider myself a pseudointellectual, I love discussing ideas and learning but I just don’t like to read”

Now, I know what you’re thinking: a girl with comedy blog who is also an intellectual? And single? Nah, that ain’t real brah.

But I am a (psuedo)intellectual who dislikes books. Maybe it’s because I have the attention span of a goldfish / small mammal or that I’m a painstakingly slow reader, but I just can’t sit through a book. 

Articles are a good distraction though, especially all the ones on my newsfeed that keep me occupied at the bathroom… hey, don’t judge, before I embraced singledom, it was Tinder. And some of them even bring up good points, especially for women (but more on those topics later).

But okay, okay. There have been a few books here and there that I’ve managed to make it through. And in the spirit of <3 comedy, I’d like to highlight that some of the books that I have enjoyed have been by some of  comedy heroines, Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling 

What I respected about both performers is that they are so hardworking and were not ashamed to admit it.  But I’m gonna focus more on Mindy because I read her book more recently.

I feel like I can really relate to Mindy because I was raised by more ethnic parents than the typical America. One of the things that I liked about the book is how she fully admitted and owned that she was a comedy NERD – so much that she went to a NERD school and binged watched comedy.

Mindy also extends this AWESOMEPOWER to her work: she wasn’t silo’d into her flat character on the office and instead went on to produce and star in her own show a strong, career-driven gynecologist. While there are some elements of the show that bother me a bit (i.e. the episodes are almost entirely focused on her dating life, the most recent relationship on the show doesn’t seem that health), overall, she provides women with a great role model.

That reminds me of who my role model was, another woman in the medical field – my mom. Yes, my mom was a doctor before it was cool for women to be doctors, before they had TV shows with women as doctors. But I think there should be more female role models out there. And I am grateful for my female role models both at home and on the screen(s).

Just as much as my mom has inspired me in my career, I have, until this point, neglected to mention / had yet to discover that I have inherited humor from my father. My father had my brother and I watch the craziest shit from a very young age, from Blazing Saddles to Everything You wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask to the fucking Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

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And that’s how I’m weird uniquely me!

Anyway I’ve gotten a bit off topic. But, I must tell you, internet: whilst googling I discovered Amy Poehler also had a book and remembered that Aziz Ansari just wrote a book and was extremely disappointed at having not read either – that will be for the plane!  Here are the only other books I’d consider reading:

-Anything that Amy Schumer writes

-If Donald Grover writes something. The man is a fucking genius. He is a comedian, a rapper, a writer, and an actor. WTF, Donald, stop making us look so bad.

-Scott Pilgrim vs. the World comics

-If Archer were turned into a graphic novel

tl;dr: I don’t really like books. I’ll try the funny ones, though.

<3 Comedy

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Weird confession time

I love men’s deodorant. Like, it works better and the scents are better. Floral shit on top of sweat is possibly the grossest ever. Anyway I HIGHLY recommend Old Spice Denali anti-persiperant/deodorant. I guess Denali is something mountainy bc it smells faintly of spruce and that is also the name of the style of black Northface that all of us basic biatches love so much. Plus it’s kindof a girly man scent anyway…

Plus my girl Mindy knows what’s up. https://mobile.twitter.com/mindykaling/status/354499959241981952

Mindy Project Season 4 Premiere Title Revealed — But What Does It Mean?

For the record, Mindy Kaling is just as excited about the return of The Mindy Project (now on Hulu!) as you are.

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In fact, Kaling is so pumped about the new season that she tweeted a picture of the premiere’s script — penned by Kaling herself — which revealed the title to be “While I Was Sleeping.”

Coming soon #themindyproject @hulu http://t.co/WAOwbztZ0E
Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling) July 24, 2015

Curiously, this wasn’t the original title of the premiere. Prior to Kaling’s tweet, it was rumored to be “How My Father Met Your Mother (And Father)” and was set to introduce Mindy’s dad, Tarun Lahiri.

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Then again, with the recent news that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will guest-star in the Sliding Doors-inspired premiere as Mindy’s husband — in an alternate reality, of course — it stands to reason most of the action would take place while Ms. Lahiri is unconscious.

Your hopes for Mindy‘s fourth season, hitting the web later this year? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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