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Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me? Review

All of us at #Literate give two thumbs up to @mindykaling and Why Not Me?. 

I want to be able to write a pretentious review for this novel saying things like “Sophomore writer Ms Kaling finds her footing and soars in her smashing second novel.” 

Let’s be honest though, even though I agree with that sentiment I could not keep that up for a whole review. So let’s get to the skinny.

Why #Literate LOVES it.

1. It’s perfect for busy people. It’s written short essay style. The essays the perfect length for taking short breaks in busy schedules, but also the book is pretty short, so if you are one of those “read the whole book in one sitting” types you can do that without losing your whole day.

2. It’s self aware. Mindy is probably one of the most self aware writers I have ever encountered. She recognizes that her audience is mostly young women and gay men. She owns the fact that most people will only pick up her book because they’ve seen her on either The Office or The Mindy Project. She panders to that audience, giving them all the details they could ever want and more.

3. It’s not preachy. Some people might shy away from this book because books often grouped in the same category tend to become about some famous person educating the masses. Most books like this are big neon signs saying “Learn from me! I’m famous!” The purpose of Mindy’s book is not to make her some icon or idol whose sage wisdom will save humanity. Mindy wants to make people laugh and she succeeds.

4. It’s like catching up with an old friend. Reading Why Not Me? is like grabbing iced green tea lattes with your dearest old friend from home. It’s comfortable. They might tell you stories you already know because you’ve been keeping up with their social media accounts, but you listen anyway because you’ve missed them. Mindy is the same way. Maybe you don’t presume to care about her time in a sorority or her beauty, but reading the essay will probably make you smile or even literally laugh out loud.

If you’re looking for a fun read for the beach, your commute, or even the gym pick up Why Not Me? and make friends with Mindy Kaling. 

Happy reading! Stay #Literate.

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Chance The Rapper, Mindy Kaling, Mike WiLL Made It, Rashida Jones, Gabrielle Union & More React To Beyoncé’s “Formation”: “I Got Hot Sauce In My Bag”

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Mindy Kaling gets it right: 'You pronounce Newfoundland like understand'
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If only Mindy Kaling really knew the can of worms she has opened up.

Kaling, who writes and acts in The Mindy Project and is known for her work on The Office, tweeted something Tuesday night that Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have been telling folks for generations.

You pronounce Newfoundland like “understand”, according to my friend who just shot a movie there.


“You pronounce…

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