zayn ready to cut throats and elimante people out of his life after watching 8 mile.. he probably dialed shahid when the credits were rolling and asked him if he could spit somethin on the phone for him..

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*going through my old asks, didn’t re-read this*

Do you want to know what the worst part about being a Pizza Dilvery boy is?

You have to drive for miles, with this amazing smelling pizza in your passanger seat and you can’t eat it. It was even worse when they were large orders like this one to. There was me thinking it would be a great job to have while I was in University, easy job, extra cash on the side. Boy was I wrong.

I shut off the engine of my Dad’s, black, Honda he purchased back in the 90’s. He had promised to get me my own car for my eighteenth birthday but here I was almost a year later, a pizza boy driving his Old Man’s wheels.. That really got the ladies going.

Spinning the keys around my index finger I made my way round to the pavement to grab the boxes from the passengers side - I’d have to come back for the drinks. It was late, the last time I checked the time on my dashboard it said around 11. I only had another hour until my shift ended then I could go home and sleep. Not to mention that I had only managed to get about 20 minutes of revision work between deliveries. I groaned as the smell of the pizza whofted around my nose as I approached the house. I was in the posh end of town, I wasn’t even aware the rich foke ate Pizza from fast food places. Never, had I deviliered a Pizza up here. I thought they’d go eat out in one of those big fancy places that serve lobster and caviar like it was nothing. Guess these guys wanted to remain all humble.

I climbed the steps to the big black door with the lion shaped knocker; set at my chest height. As I  knocked I tried to picture who was going to open that door… But I really couldn’t. A tall caucasian male with a neat pencil thin moustache? A curly handlebar? Maybe a young girl with a perfectly clean sundress on and red little bow in her hair. I waited tapping my foot, I checked the lable on the top pizza to make sure it was the right address, it was, then I knocked again.. There was no sound of life from inside the house. It really didn’t help that this house stood alone on a long dark eerie street. I had a bad vibe, like this was all a set up by someone I had wronged in the past and now they had brought me here to kill me while I wasn’t expecting it, but now I did expet it… So, jokes on them.


I span back around to face the door completely startled by the sudden voice. There stood the prettiest girl I had ever laied eyes on, ever. Her voice was so cherpy and happy, she looked genuinely happy to see me then I remembered the three piping hot Veg Trio pizzas in my hands. She clutched onto the door opening it just enough to show the full frame of her body. Her head rested against the edge of the heavy door, a very short, pale pink robe was tied to her body. It looked like silk and something that you saw on women in the movies. I felt like I was floating on cloud nine… I completely lost my train of thought. The more I looked at her the more familiar she seemed to look.

"I was hoping you wouldn’t make it." She grinned. "4 more minutes and that would have been free."

I laughed breathily, “Well I’m sorry to disappoint you.”

"Win some you lose some right?"

"Right." I nodded, "But you got tonights offer. I’d call that a win."

Her lips twisted but it were as if she couldn’t even pretend to be annoyed with me. “Food tastes better when it’s free. Don’t you think?”

"I’m going to be honest I’m pretty sick of pizza." I admitted painfully. 

"Well." She began "Maybe I should get a job at dominos pizza. Might stop me from secretly ordering pizza when my parents aren’t home."

"I don’t think you need a job at dominos." I muttered more to myself looking past her into the large beautifully decorated hall. 

She raised her eyebrows and followed my eyes but quickly turned back. “My parents money. Not mine.”

 ”Then that’s thirty-three dollars of your parents money.” I requested stifling a laugh.

The pretty girl held up a finger telling me to wait and she disappeared behind the door. I took a deep breath readying myself for her to come back and communicate with me again. I shifted the boxes into one hand taking off my stupid hat and attempting to shove it into one of my back pockets. Then I remembered what colour my hair was. Purple. Vibrant shades and tones of purple. I wasn’t her type of person, I was probably some weird to her. Before I could do much else she was back at the door, coming a little closer this time. 

She began counting out notes into my hand, “Forty dollars. 7 dollar tip, just because you’re sweet.”

I swear, in that moment, my heart stopped beating. I tried to stop myself from looking like a love-struck emoji and passed over the three boxes of pizza. I continued to just stare at her, fully aware at how obvious I was being, I just wanted to take her all in. I doubted I’d be seeing her again or anytime soon at least. 

"Who’s sweet?" A distinctly male voice asked. Then he came into view. "Great, the food’s here! About time." I pressed my lips together in a very unfriendly smile as he took the boxes from her. Silly me, a girl like that would clearly be in a relationship… Maybe I was jumping to conclusions and they were related? "Where’s the drinks?" He asked dipping his head down to plant a lingering kiss on her neck. Fuck.

"Uh, they’re in my car. I’ll go grab them." I quickly rushed over to my car and grabbing the two large bottles of coke for my costumers. I shoved the money into my back pocket and blew a loud raspberry. I took my time walking back up to the house staring at my extremely clean Nike Air Zoom trainers I had brought well over 6 months ago. Usually I completely ruined my trainers by now.

"Thanks, Michael." She spoke up starling me a little.

I looked up and smiled handing over the bottles as her boyfriend glared at me. I was about to ask how she knew my name but I had a name tag.. “It’s no problem. Enjoy your food, guys.” She bit down on her lip as her boyfriend tugged her back so she wouldn’t be squashed by the closing door and I turned on my heels back to my car. I heaved a sigh and let my head fall onto the steering wheel making the horn go off. I immediately jumped back up looking around to make sure I hadn’t disturbed the quiet street. I raised my hips off the seat to pull the cash from my back pocket and flick through it but I noticed an extra twenty dollars that hadn’t been counted for. A twenty-seven dollar tip? I really didn’t deserve it but I smirked anyway glancing back at the house. I was making sure I delivered all the pizzas to this address from now on.


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So is John Minu completely un-aware of the Miles Monroe generation Spiderman?

I have no idea about Minu, but to be fair I don’t know about Miles Monroe Spiderman either.

Anyway, this was just a quote of a longer article at blackgirlnerds.com which I encourage reading.

"…Marvel needs to learn from DC, specifically from Dwayne McDuffie. He was a huge influence on DC’s properties, and encouraged them to use DC’s existing characters whenever possible. He was why the Green Lantern in Justice League was John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan…"

This is funny in so many levels! Imagine…
Sutter Keely (Spectacular Now): Hey! She only left me because I’m a drunk, but I can still take you!
Tris: Sutter, go home! You had way too much to drink again. You’re Peter now, okay? Wrong movie!
Four (Divergent): I will rip you to shreds, pansycake!
Augustus Waters (TFIOS): I’m outta here! I’m supposed to be dead.