What Fools These Mortals Be. Chapter One

Multi-chapter AU

The Riverdale Community Theatre Company is staging its greatest production to date: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Betty Cooper sees this as an opportunity to make the company’s most sought-after actor, Archie Andrews, hers. Unfortunately, new girl in town, Veronica Lodge has scored a lead role, putting her directly opposite Archie. Behind the scenes, Jughead Jones has returned to his usual role back stage but is soon drafted into the play when one of the actors has an accident. Meanwhile, director Kevin Keller just wants to stage a successful play and keep his actors private lives separate.

Big shout out to the awesome @jandjsalmon who is beta'ing and is amazing. She is a cornerstone of this fandom and I am so happy to have her help with bringing this story to life.

Also thank you to @zombiekittez who is answering my questions around the intricacies of community theatre, it has really helped me in visualising and creating this story.

I will be attempting to update this regularly as possible with at least one update per week, possibly more depending on my brain’s co-operation.

“I cannot just stand by and watch you do this again,” Kevin Keller huffed, watching his blonde best friend as she adjusted herself in the mirror. Betty Cooper had asked him to come by before the first meeting of their community theatre group, to give her a pep talk and to help her choose an outfit. He was not entirely holding up his side of the bargain though, instead he was trying to talk her out of whatever elaborate plan she had this time.

“You make it sound so dramatic, Kevin.” She looked at him briefly before turning back to her reflection. Betty was trying to decide between two lip shades, ‘perfect pink’ or ‘seductive red’. Her fingers itched to choose the scarlet shade, but as she applied the colour she immediately changed her mind and wiped it off, returning to her signature shade. She liked to play it safe, and tonight she needed the comfort of the usual.

“Every year you make moon eyes at him and every year he ends up bedding another member of the cast,” Kevin said, not unkindly, more matter of fact. He didn’t like to hurt her, but sometimes he had to tell it like it was.

“Well then it’s about time that it’s my turn,” Betty answered in her typical, self-depreciating humour. She knew pining was a silly thing for a grown woman to do. Chasing the boy around like a puppy, begging at his heels for any bit of attention he would throw her way.

Kevin scowled, upset that she thought so little of herself.

“Oh don’t look at me like that, it was a joke,” she added rolling her eyes, a half-truth.

“Betty, you know I love you, but don’t make a fool of yourself this year.” His tone was serious. He swore everyone in the damn group knew the feelings that Betty had for Archie, except Archie – who was a great actor but extraordinarily oblivious on the best of days.

“God, Kevin! You make me sound like a silly school girl,” she huffed, twirling her flaring skirt as she faced him, her make-up now flawless, looking every bit as perfect as everyone thought she was.

“Your words,” he quipped with a smirk before she grabbed a cushion from the nearby couch and threw it at him. Chuckling, Kevin caught it before it could hit his face and threw it back at her gently.

She knew what her friend was saying was true, it wasn’t like this was new thing. It happened every year without fail when the gang got back together to perform. Good old Betty Cooper was there being her perfect self, waiting for any tiny glimmer of an opportunity with Archie Andrews to roll around… but every year it was like she didn’t even exist to him as more than just a friend. Another year and another production meant yet another chance for him to see what he had been missing, for him to see her.

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anonymous asked:

It's nothing - for Red

“Oh my god, how are you still wearing that thing, what the hell is wrong with you?!”

With a half-hearted sway of her arm, Liz tugs in disbelief at the sleeve of Red’s suit. Ever since they had stepped out of his plane, she had practically been dying in the late Italian midsummer sun that kept burning down on them so unforgivingly. To her American mind, 35 degrees Celsius somehow hadn’t sounded like all that much. At least not until she had opened the door of the plane to risk a glance outside, only to shy right back inside like a vampire going up in flames at the first ray of light falling onto its exposed skin.

Still, she was faring slightly better ever since she had stripped out of her blazer and pants, leaving her in only a tank top and the pair of boxers she had packed as a makeshift pajamas.

Red, on the other hand, was still dressed in his usual three-piece suit, looking for all intents and purposes like he was strolling through an appropriately-weathered park. There wasn’t even a single speck of sweat on his face - a fact that made Liz scowl in envy as the baby hairs at her temple kept sticking to her forehead.

“It’s really not so bad, Lizzy.”

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withinadream27  asked:

You Dance Dreams with Matt/Foggy (or Daredevil in general)?

(I’m going to have to pull in Defenders characters as well, most likely.)

Instead of a Midsummer Night’s Dream sequel, the opera is based around a Hamlet AU. Because revenge.

Claire wrote it, I think? And Foggy is Polonius because he’s got a great comic tenor and can actually carry a tune in this one. Karen’s Ophelia, for obvious reasons, and is actually the heroine of the show because Claire decides Fuck Hamlet, Hamlet is a fairly minor character.

(Jessica is talked into playing Gertrude, and … fuck, Frank is Hamlet, isn’t he? It’s hard to have Frank not be Hamlet. Luke is Laertes?)

But they’re missing a Claudius/Ghost. And he’s a silent role, it’s all supposed to be lurking as the villain in the shadows or showing up to fuck shit up, it’s all body language and incredible acting, and …

Claire and Foggy both know a fellow student who’s perfect for it, but shit went down with Matt in their junior year that led to him leaving his theater major and his friends behind, and it’s going to take a hell of a lot of convincing to get him involved.

The Wheel of the Year

Imbolc: Hell yeah it’s almost spring

Ostara: Hell yeah it’s spring 

Beltane: Hell yeah it’s summer 

Midsummer: Hell yeah it’s the middle of the summer

Lughnasadh: Hell yeah it’s the first harvest 

Mabon: Hell yeah it’s the second harvest 

Samhain: Hell yeah it’s the last harvest

Yule: Hell yeah it’s winter