midsummer bummer
some cool tunes to cool u off

1. homage - mild high club
2. lovetrap - soko ft. ariel pink
3. cosmic perspective - mndsgn
4. deadbeat summer - neon indian
5. a heart like hers - mac demarco
6. one summer night - ariel pink
7. moon woman - homeshake
8. degraded - preoccupations 
9. oblivion - grimes

★ listen here ★

okay but if you’re ever in london and you have the chance to see a shakespeare play performed at the globe theatre itself DO IT even if you don’t think you’d dig shakespeare

if you need convincing here are a few highlights from when my family and i went to see the official globe theatre production of a midsummer night’s dream:

  • they cast helena as a guy (helenus), first of all. they took a straight love square between two girls and two guys and made it a love square between a girl and three guys, only one of which was white. both sets of couples get happy endings and it’s fuckin adorable
  • it was reimagined with an indian setting
  • puck had a water pistol and kept shooting at the audience
  • historical accuracy?? who cares everyone’s gonna dress like a modern hipster teenager
  • bottom and his acting troupe sung bon jovi
  • oh yeah also the acting troupe were reimagined as globe theatre employees with delusions of acting skills
  • hermia and helenus sung single ladies by beyonce
  • innuendos. innuendoes everywhere
  • oberon walked onstage for the fight between oberon and titania drunk with a half-empty bottle of schweppes
  • lysander spent a significant length of time in the play wandering around in just boxers and a leather jacket
  • oberon made out with puck
  • demetrius dabbed

Stealthic Midsummer Night Hair Re-texture

23 natural colors

19 unnatural colors

12 ombre colors

teen - elder

You must download the original mesh by Stealthic, it can be found: Here

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Credits: Textures by: Pooklet. Colors actions by: Pooklet, AlmightyHat, Io, Lilith, Digital Angels, AlfredAskew, Ortheka, and myself. Made with Sims 4 Studio