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My dog ralph has a lot of trouble with fleas but he can't take medicine to get rid of them because he's epileptic so can u wish for all the mean fleas to go away for him


I am both interested in politics and irritated by it. I have been listening to the conventions of both major parties and dislike the mudslinging. It is frustrating also how information is twisted and misconstrued to fit a theme. However, the courage to run for public office and face the microscope is impressive.

Education and research is essential to sift through the noise.

I love this quote by W.E.B. Du Nous, “I have not always been right, but I have always been sincere.”

I think often because of our different experiences, our views are different, yet sincere. So, learning to work together is key.

Hospital update

Hi to all my amazing followers

I’m sorry I haven’t been on much recently. As soon as I finished my exams in university I took a major flare up with my crohns and a few other associated conditions.

I knew I wasn’t well for a long time but continually put hospital appointments off until I was fit enough for everything and put everyone and everything else before my health as always.

I’m still awaiting a decision on change of treatment but I’m upgrading slowly.

I went into hospital on NG tube for feeding as the malabsorption in my small bowel had got to the stage where I couldn’t take in much of anything without it passing through very fast.

I’ve been in 5 weeks it’s been so hard. I’m slowly updating but I have a lot to write and I don’t even know who I have on the outside anymore. I’ve been so sick everything has moved on and I’m standing still.

Always need your support in my spoonies.

I hope everyone is as well as can be at the present moment.

My love always

Crohns girl in pain

My entire bedroom just flooded

I don’t have a microscopic clue of what to do or how we’re going to handle this right now, I’m too upset and trying to move all of my things out of the water so they don’t get more ruined than they already are. I just know we absolutely can’t afford this right now, and I’m just. Going to suck up the pride and open donations again. I’m sorry. I have medication and vet bills to pay for and this on top of it I’m just. Overwhelmed. This is all I can think to do to help. Thank you

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I'm a computer. I'm a computery guy. Everything made out of dials, capacitors and resistors, inter-connections and transistors, jammed together like canned sardines, thousands of teeny, tiny machines printed on microscopic strips called chips.

I wasn’t ready for this message.

Sign This

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2a3DLXH

by inkinmyheartandonthepage

“Sign this,” John’s voice infiltrated Sherlock’s mind and momentarily distracting him from the experiment he was currently conducting under his microscope. He quickly calculated the pros and cons of asking John what he was singing and whether it would involve a lengthy discussion that would most likely end in an argument on what was appropriate or not.

Words: 2065, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2a3DLXH

Last year atu2 boss Matt McGee was presented with this painting the site hired me to create just for him. It includes a lot of items that are important to Matt and a variety of U2 books and other things fans would recognize. It also contains the tiniest U2 I’ve ever painted (on the spine of the Flanagan book). That circle was smaller than a dime, and their faces were near-microscopic!


This just in folks: my exams are successful! I got into college! From next year on, I’ll study biology at one of the top universities in my country.

God damn, I’m super hyped. As celebration, I will fire up my first stream on Sunday, where you can watch me microscope shit, provide commentary and talk science!



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“only using pics you took yourself” said Riin

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Thank you! Now that I realize it, this has a lot of blue/purple/pink~ I would have liked to add rain too, but that’s most hard to take. >u<

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Art Under the Microscope: Eames House

These are the microscopic pits in the cell wall of wood paneling sampled from the famous gem of mid-century modern architecture, the Eames House. The size and arrangement of the pits help us identify this mystery wood as…eucalyptus!

This was exciting for our conservators, as just outside the windows made from Eucalyptus microcorys (commonly known as Australian tallowwood) was a row of eucalyptus trees in the landscaping.

The team developed a theory that perhaps the reiteration of the row of tallowwood trees outside the living room windows may have influenced a conscious design decision—it wasn’t just a coincidence that the Eames chose eucalyptus for the wood paneling along the living room wall.

Art Under the Microscope is a series that features, well, art under the microscope, as photographed by our conservators to better study and preserve our collections.

Image of the Week - July 18, 2016

CIL:41022 - http://www.cellimagelibrary.org/images/41022

Description: Sensory axons (long, slender nerve fibers) covering the tail of a 3- day-old larval zebrafish. This “Brainbow” image was collected using confocal microscopy. In the Brainbow technique (Nature, 2007), cells randomly choose combinations of red, yellow and cyan fluorescent proteins, so that they each glow a particular color. This provides a way to distinguish neighboring cells of the nervous system and follow their pathways. Seventh Prize, 2009 Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition®.

Authors: Albert Pan and 2009 Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition®

Licensing: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives: This image is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives License

like, there was a time when there weren’t really statistics on lgbt people’s rates of being murdered and other poor outcomes, but it was still damn obvious that they were oppressed, you know why, because they couldn’t fucking fully participate in society without living a lie. if they tried to, they’d be punished. oppression is not that subtle, you do not need a microscope and a team of academics to see it