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i laugh so hard every time.

Mickey’s eyes are blue?

So I was rewatching the 3 musketeers again. Then I noticed something….in a short scene of the movie Mickey’s eyes become blue.

It’s during this scene:

Donald runs into them and a burst of water is shown and then it shows a close up of Mickey’s horrified face and his eyes are blue.

Idk if this was an artistic choice because it would make Mickey look more expressive in this scene to show his absolute horror….or if Mickey’s eyes are canonically blue. I’m unsure if there’s ever been any other instances where Mickey’s eyes have been shown as blue… if so then it would stand to reason our favorite little mouse canonically has blue eyes.

Shameless Imagines 1-So Yes I love you asshole (Gallavich AU)

Pairing: Gallavich 

Description: An AU where Ian and Mickey have been dating for a few months and he questions Mickey on how he feels and for the first time in Mickeys whole fucking  life he pours out his heart


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devikafernando  asked:

Hiya, Tomblr Twin. I thought we should team up to torture everyone again, so here's a question: What's film role you'd love to see Tom in, and why and how?

Because I like to torture everyone Because you’ve asked so nicely.

I’d love to see him in some kind of Romantic Comedy. Not a cheesy one, but maybe something like “Love Actually” was. Something typically British with a great cast. I kind of want to see him playing a “normal” guy. No god, not living in the 1920s or 40s, not someone who’s living in a dark mansion… just him without make-up, but like someone living next door.

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Or a comedy with lots of dark humour. Maybe with a plot like The Whole Nine Yards or Mickey Blue Eyes. I think he’d be great in that kind of comedy that is subtle and where the lead character thinks the situation is anything but humorous. I also want him to be sarcastic. Sarcastic and sassy.

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And, of course, Tom as a dad. Maybe a Londoner who lost his wife and has to raise his child alone. Or him being a workaholic and suddenly there’s a kid. I know that’s been done, but look:

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I ALSO want him in a musical. I don’t even care which one and in which role. Just sing and dance. Okay, maybe Professor Higgings in My Fair Lady.

Apart from him going on stage again… I guess that was it? At this point I’d be happy about anything, though.

And now it‘s your turn, @devikafernando (and everyne else who wants to add something).