Some things the Legends keep forgetting about Mick Rory:

1. He was tortured and brainwashed
2. He has lived more lives than all of them combined.
3. He took wouldn’t leave Ray behind in a Russian prison.
4. He has mental illnesses.
5. He was willing to sacrifice himself for this team.
6. He has literally carried most of them at one point.
7. He has saved their asses on numerous occasions.
8. He captained his own ship, the man knows more about time travel than probably even Rip.
9. He’s a trauma survivor.
10. He watched the one person who had his back, who didn’t treat him like a dog, die in his place.

Please add as you will.

Important note: Every time Leonard is trying to manipulate Mick into stealing the spear to rewrite reality for himself, he doesn’t mention bringing back Mick’s parents or making Mick rich or brilliant or anything else. His entire pitch is that he could be brought back to life and they could be together again because he’s the only one that really cares about Mick.

He knows exactly how much he matters to Mick and he’s counting on it to be the most important thing to him, important enough to turn him against everyone else.

And he’s right.

(Oh god my heart)

“Mr. Rory’s not entirely stupid.”

This line is the lesson of the last night’s episode, “Fellowship of the Spear”. Rip may have said it as a sarcastic retort to the situation, but truth be told Mick Rory is not stupid. He’s quick to act, sure, and being paired with strategic genius Snart doesn’t make for a great contrast, but he’s not stupid.

Mick’s difficulty is that people confuse his impulsive personality as a measure of his intelligence.

Snart and Rory were both criminals, yet the team ultimately chose to put a lot of faith and trust in Snart where they didn’t for Rory. Why? Because they perceived Snart as highly intelligent and in-control, therefore trustworthy. By extension, they trusted Rory conditionally under the assumption that he’d follow Snart’s lead. (Any deviation and the trust ceased.) With Snart gone, the team went back to view Rory as a “dumb criminal”. Mick Rory is impulsive, blunt, and quick to act, but he’s not stupid.

It was Mick who figured out which Einstein the Nazis were really after. It was Mick who figured out how to use time travel for the perfect revenge on Snart. It was Mick who told Stein to stop treating Jax like a child and to treat him like a partner. It was Mick who identified the way to restore Rip’s mind.

I’ve seen several comments about how Mick shouldn’t be given sympathy for his choice because there’s plenty of evidence of the team being nice to him throughout the season. While I agree about the existence of these moments, I can’t help but point out how when it really mattered, they didn’t trust him.

When confronted with the idea of Mick talking to Snart, they immediately assumed he did it to betray them. They never for a second gave him the benefit of the doubt. Even as he stood there trying to explain that he thought it was a hallucination of his dead best friend - something for which you’d think he’d be given some understanding - they accused him of betraying them. Mick confided in Stein about his struggles and Stein still turned on him about “having concerns” regarding his motives. For all that Ray at least acknowledged their culpability at the end, he stands by in silence when Mick comes under scrutiny. Even Sara, who we’ve seen respect Mick as a capable member of the team, sided against him and questioned his motives. She was even dismissive of his opinion later when he defended Amaya’s capability.

And for all of it, Mick told them straight out if it came down to them or Snart at that moment, he’d likely choose Snart as a friend, because they “ain’t exactly being friendly right now”. Mick very accurately understood and clued them in to their own behavior, and they still regarded him as no more than that same "dumb criminal” with whom they started the journey.

He identifies Snart very loyally as a partner and friend. Why? Because Snart treated him with respect. Even though between them they understood that Snart was the “smart one”, Snart never really treated Mick like he was stupid. Sure, he understood that sometimes he needed to direct and control Mick’s impulses, but there aren’t many cases where you see him treating Mick like an idiot. In the cases where he does, it’s almost always because he’s deliberating trying to undermine Mick to some end, such as in this episode when he was trying to get information and drive a wedge between Mick and the team.

All of this is to say, Mick may have chosen to side with Snart at the end of this last episode, but the team drove him to that decision. Mick Rory is not only smart but he’s loyal. By treating him like an idiot, the team set themselves at fault for his later apparent defection by not returning his loyalty when tested. They chose not to give him the trust he’d rightfully earned up to that point.

Mick Rory is not stupid, and because the Legends couldn’t acknowledge that fact, or his growth as a person over the course of the season, they paid the price for it. They have only themselves to blame.

Okay so like, with a healthy 8 hours of sleep now had by me, I talked more to @icedvulpix about last night’s episode and just how there was so much wrong with it.

And I think we can, for one, ask ourselves why this show that had a CGI dinosaur two weeks ago decided it was going to get super realistic about the horrors of world war 1? Like this is not HBO, friends, they just dropped one of the darkest and bloodiest battles in human history on us no jokes about it and you’re just sitting here like- what- what the fuck?

Like there was absolutely no levity in this episode- and that’s super apparent because Wentworth has always played Len with some kind of tongue in cheek attitude to it? And without any of that, set against, again, this super brutal war, suddenly everything became really nasty and horrible?

And like, Phil Klemmer stated that this was supposed to be their Lord of the Rings episode, and so I’m pretty sure the spear was fucking with everyone because if you look at how everyone was acting this episode, they were all super tense with each other? Like Mick got the brunt of it because he’s Frodo apparently but it was just wildly uncomfortable because the staff was literally making everyone on the ship hate each other, like not even fun hate each other like really mean and uncomfortable hate each other (except ray, which on a smarter show would be SUPER IMPORTANT) Which I get is what happened with the one ring, but this show by no means has the skill to pull that off so instead we got… that?

Also, @icedvulpix mentioned that basically, the end of this season literally is “the last temptation of mick rory” and so i dont make the rules, mick is frodo and jesus now because guess who’s going to destroy the spear and save the day- it’s our boy mick

Like i really do hope the show makes it clear this was the spear’s doing because this show has been bad in different ways, this was bad in just like, it got super dark with no warning and no reprieve? And this isn’t the kind of show that can handle this?

What I’m saying is, i can’t believe mick rory has to save the dctv universe but also i guess i can

Okay, but. Mick *tried* to do the right thing. His best friend and partner of 30 years comes back from the dead and he still went back with the team, at first. Then after Stein calls him a thug and the rest of the team (with the exception of Ray) continues treating him like an idiot and like he’s evil, he realizes there’s no point in being the good guy when they’ll ALWAYS look at him like he’s a criminal, like he’s evil. They’ll never trust him, regardless of how many times he’s saved their lives. They acted like he was always going to hurt them or kill them, when in reality, he never really did. They acted like he was a monster, when all he wanted was to be better. He wanted to stay with the team, he wanted to feel like he was a part of the team, he wanted to belong with them.

He went back to Leonard, because there’s no point in being the good guy when he’ll never been seen as anything other than a criminal.

He went back to Leonard, because he feels like that’s the only place he truly belongs. He knows Leonard cares about him, and he cares about Len. They took care of each other for years, watched each other’s backs and trusted each other. Which is something Mick could never have with the team, no matter how hard he tried. This kills me and as much as I love my team, they got what they had coming, and I’m glad to have my crime babies back together.

What if the legion captures the legends?
Puts them all in separate cells?
And Mick goes in to see everyone struggling to get out and cursing Mick to hell and back for betraying them?
… Except for Ray?
Who is sitting quietly, trying to think of a way out. Trying. Mick comes by his cell. Asks why the hell he isn’t struggling.
And Ray apologizes.
He says sorry for ever treating Mick like he didn’t belong, for ever he may have not trusted him. He tells him he tried his best to be friendly and kind but the odds were stacked against him 7 to 1. Everyone goes quiet as Mick opens Ray’s cell. He goes in, closes it behind him, and tells Ray that he was one of the only reasons he stayed so long. Ray believed in him. Cared for him when no one else would, and never tried to invalidate him. Mick can’t look at Ray as Ray pulls him in for a hug. Ray says that he forgives Mick for his decision. Mick just nods.

Because honestly, Ray was the only one who didn’t blame Mick for what he did. He knew that the team didn’t treat him equally and called them all out (including himself) on it. And, I think Ray will keep his civility and kindness with Mick, even if they end up a situation like this.