You: “So, do you like the movie?”
Spencer: “Yeah, yeah, love it!”
You: “You don’t like it at all, do you?”
Spencer: “It’s just so unrealistic, nothing in it makes sense! But that doesn’t mean I’m not having a good time, because I like spending time with you, no matter what we do or which movie we watch.” 
[you smile and lay your head on his chest, while he wraps his arm around you]

A (W)hole New World - Three

The reader x Spencer pegging fic you never knew you needed. Which I somehow drag out for six chapters.

First two parts are in the mlist.

You planned it. You had to plan it.

Because you had to make sure you were prepared back there. You and Spencer set a date for his turn, because you seriously doubted that you’d want to try both things in one night, and in the meantime you did more research.

Which mainly involved asking Immie whether you needed to douche out your butt or not. When she’d recovered from laughing and realised how genuinly anxious you were about this, she set you straight with her expertise.

“It’s up to you. Even if you douche, it could still end up messy. And all the water you’d be pumping into your butt, can take a surprisingly long time to come back out again. Just make sure you’ve taken a dump and had a good clean around in the shower. Hell, maybe pop a finger up there yourself whilst you’re there, wriggle it around some.”

“I hate you,” you told her down the phone.

“You love me. I’m being serious though. It might make it less of a surprise for you? Oh, and Y/N? FYI, it WILL feel like you need to take a shit once he’s in there. But only because you’re full up. It’s mind over matter… Mind over fecal matter one might say. Anyway, once that feeling starts just keep reminding yourself that it’s a cock in your ass and not actual shit. You’ll be fine.”

“Not when he pulls out and has shit on the end of his knob I won’t be.”

“He’ll be wearing a condom. And if that happens, laugh it off. And remember that when you switch places, you could be seeing the same thing. Except it would be on the end of a silicone dildo.”

You wriggled up your nose. As icky as that was though, it bothered you more him seeing yours.

“Or maybe that won’t even happen, cos I’ll be in hospital cos my ass has been ripped to shreds.”

“Not gonna happen. Spencer will take it slow, you know this. Just like you know that if you told him you didn’t want to do this, he wouldn’t put pressure on you at all.”

“I know, I know. But….. I’m kinda curious about it now. So we’re doing it, even if he does change his mind about letting me do it back to him. I want to say I’ve tried it and who knows, I might enjoy it.”

“That’s the spirit, my friend!”

That was the spirit indeed. Go into this with an open mind (and an open hole…).

When you had eventually convinced yourself that Penelope wasn’t going to hack your cell, you had done some interneting. And some women did claim to have had very powerful orgasms from it. So maybe it wouldn’t be too bad for you. Maybe it even would become yours and Spencer’s new thing.

You doubted that. But still.

When it came round to the date you’d set for mission anal probe, you followed Immie’s instructions and made sure that you were as empty as you could be before hopping into the shower and have a good old clean around there, tossing away the sponge you’d used when you were done. You dressed in a silk cami and short set whilst Spencer showered as well, busying yourself with setting out baby wipes, lube and condoms on the night stand.

When Spencer returned from the bathroom, you accosted him before he had chance to climb into bed.

“Did you cut your nails?”

“Yes I cut my nails,” he held out his hands for you to inspect them. Nice and short, although there was still every possibility that they were going to end up with shit under the rims of them.

“Y/N, we don’t have to do this you know. It’s not a deal breaker.”

“I know. But I do want to do it. I’m just being a pussy about the cleanliness side of things. And the fact that it’s probably gonna hurt. Quite possibly a lot.”

“Well you can have your revenge on me the next time,” he laughed and sat down on the bed.

You joined him, sitting by his side and resting your hand on his leg.

“I want an orgasm first,” you told him.

“I can arrange for that to happen.”

Forty five minutes or so later and you were orgasmed out and as ready as you’d ever be. It had taken him longer than normal to get you off which you knew was down to you being highly strung about the next part of the evening, but once he had managed it, you felt… calmer. More at ease and more ready. Ready to have things shoved in unnatural places.

The endorphins from coming had obviously had an effect on you and as you lay tangled together underneath the sheets, Spencer’s hand still resting at the top of your thighs, you found yourself spreading your legs further apart and shuffling your butt.

He looked at you and you looked at him.

“I’m ready. To try….. I think.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. So erm…. Lube those fingers up and get stretching.”

He stifled a laugh, rolling over to the side and grabbing the small squeezy bottle.

“Lube them up… You’re so sexy… ”

“You know it. Now… Anyway. Get to work before my post orgasm high wears off.”

“Are you s… ”

“… Stop asking if I’m sure. Just… Be gentle with me and I’ll be gentle with you.”

“I will be. As much as I can be. Just tell me if you want me to stop.”

“I will. Oh and Spencer. If you get shit on your fingers or dick, I don’t want to know.”