The Art of Remembering // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Reader is left without her memories after surviving a car accident involving an unsub.

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Spencer could hear himself scream your name as he watched the scene unfold.

It was difficult to see. He watched the unsub’s car, the one with you inside of it- tied up with rope that dug into your skin and tape across your mouth that muffled your screams. He saw it hit the wall. He wasn’t sure if the unsub had lost control or whether he had done it on purpose, choosing to end his life instead of facing the consequences that came with being caught. All he knew was that his heart stopped beating the moment the car crashed into the building and sent you flying through the broken windows and onto the hard pavement.

He was sure you were dead. Your body laid limp amongst the shattered glass on the floor. Blood was seeping from the back of your head and he could feel his heart being torn as he ran towards you, his eyesight blurred at the tears that instantly filled his eyes.

It was all a blur. He remembered bits and pieces. The harsh flashing lights of the ambulance. The blinding white walls of the hospital. The hard seats of the waiting room. The feeling that overwhelmed him when the doctor came in to announce what had been your fate. He remembered the sense of relief when he said you had made it.

His heart didn’t truly shatter until he was allowed to see you. You were finally awake and he was ecstatic as he rushed in to wrap his arms around you. What he didn’t expect was the way your body froze in a mixture of alarm and confusion. He pulled away and he immediately saw it in your eyes. You didn’t remember him.

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Can you write an MGG x reader fic where they have a friends with benefits kind of relationship that slowly blooms into romance? Or too weird?

I can do this!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Flopping to the bed as sweat pours down your face, you fall off to the side as Matthew’s fingernail divots begin to throb on your hips.

The reminder of him in the morning would keep you smiling all through work.

“Holy shit, Y/N,” Matthew pants as you smile and look over as his heaving chest.

“Preach,” you breathe as you take a deep breath through your nose.

And before you could think, for the first time in three months since the two of you declared your newfound relationship with one another, you reached over without thinking and took his hand.

And Matthew’s hand felt so warm for the rest of the night.

“Shit, Y/N,” Matthew bites as your hands tightly cup his ass cheeks.

“Fuck…yes…” he whimpers as his hips begin thrusting forward as his back lands hard on the tile wall of his shower.

As the water pounds your face and drenches your hair, Matthew looks down and becomes mesmerized by the way your lips move around his rock-hard cock.

But he felt his balls curl up into his body, and his legs began to shake against you.

“Yes…yes…yes…yes!” he exclaims with every pump into your mouth, shivering as you swallow it whole and slowly pull himself from between your lips with a resounding pop.

“Oh, god,” Matthew whispers as he slides down the wall and sits in the water gathering on the bathtub bottom.

And he reached out to take your hand, but this time he interlocked his fingers with yours.

And you couldn’t stop staring at the gesture.

Time after time.

Night after night.

Weekend after weekend.

The hours blurred together when he was with you.

Your mind wandered to places when he wasn’t with you.

You found yourself texting him more just to see what he was doing.

And Matthew found himself smiling every time you messaged just to talk.

All of the kisses.

All of the hickies.

All of the dripping sweat and the lewd noises and the teeth bites on the inside of your thighs.

You shivered every time he took a bite out of you.

You smiled every time your name dripped from his lips.

But that one night, when your hips were gyrating into his face and his tongue was lapping every inch of you up, you reached your hand down to grab his as your shoulders arched up and your jaw unhinged.

“Ooooh god, baby. I love you. I love you.  I love you.”

And as you threw yourself over the precipice, your legs shaking around Matthew’s head and your hand clamping down tightly onto his, you realize what you had just said as your eyes rip open and you yank your head up to look down at him.

His beautiful eyes peering from between your legs.

His cute little nose settling in the trim of your hair.

His glistening cheeks flushed with the hard work it took to bring you to orgasm.

You couldn’t move.

You couldn’t breathe.

You watched as he slowly scaled your body…predatory…like a lion mesmerizing its kill for dinner.

You feel his body slip in between your legs as his eyes hook heavily with yours, question after question flying behind his eyes as he studies your face intently.

You could feel yourself caving underneath the embarrassment as tears slowly begin to form along the rims of your reddening eyes.

And as he lowers his lips to yours, your tongue darting out to taste yourself along his one last time, he teases your throbbing entrance as he pulls back and smiles down at you.

“I love you, too, Y/N,” he admits.

And your surprise was quickly washed away by shock as he thrust himself in to you and made love to you, time and time again, until both of your bodies ached and begged for sleep.

Just like he had done for the past month, but had been too scared to tell you.