My “Theme of Solid Snake” remix from Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake is now on YouTube

Free download on my SoundCloud


Just uploaded my remix of “Zanzibar Breeze” from Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. Enjoy!



So today I happened to be browsing one of the many second-hand book/CD/DVD/video game stores on my last day off until classes start again…when I notice that MG1 and MG2 were both 30% off.

Um, wait, what?

I did a double-take but then confirmed that they were, in fact, both on sale for about $40 per boxed set (instead of the original price of $160 each). Was I going to pass up this opportunity? Well…my wallet sure wanted me to. But for two boxed sets of AKB related dramas that I actually enjoyed watching + savings of over $200? I couldn’t just leave without them…


Mechagodzilla Mk. 1a.k.a. Showa Mechagodzilla

Christening: “MG[Production #]”
Produced: 1974-1979
Units Built: 5
Height: 110 meters
Displacement: 80,000 tons
Mass: 200,000 tons

Although not the first giant robot, or even the first to fight a kaiju, this design was the first to prove that giant robots could be consistently effective as weapons. Originally designed by an extraterrestrial invasion force as a vanguard, two were deployed on Earth in two different invasion attempts: one in 1974 (“MG”), and one in 1975 (“MG2“) as part of a joint human-alien invasion attempt. This second Mechagodzilla was salvaged by the United Nations, reconstructed and reverse-engineered, and used as a prototype for the production of three new Mechagodzilla robots of the same design. By 1977 there were four operational Mechagodzilla units stationed across the globe: one in Europe (MG2), one in Asia (MG3), one in Oceania and the South Pacific (MG4), and one in America (MG5). Although just a year later construction had already begun on the more advanced Mechagodzilla Mk. II, these four machines served as the main defense against kaiju attacks until the last one, “MG3,” was retired in 1991.

Despite being constructed using advanced alien technology, the Mk. I Mechagodzilla is the most primitive of the Mechagodzilla designs. It possesses a wide range of weapons and formidable artillery compared to its successors, but it lacks effective close-range weaponry, and its armor is considerably less durable. As an invasion weapon, “shock and awe” were among the foremost concerns of its designers, and often took precedence over strict practicality. Despite their known disadvantages in certain areas, however, the Mk. I proved to be a formidable weapon in battle, and provided some advantages over later designs, leading to some controversy as to whether or not the design should ever have been discontinued. The Mk. I had already been designed and tested by the time it first appeared on Earth, and the corners cut during its production could lead to construction times as fast as 14 months, while later, more advanced machines could take well over a decade to complete.

Two of the Earth-built units, “MG2” and “MG3,” remain in existence, but neither is operational. All other Earth-built units were destroyed in battle and subsequently dismantled. It is, however, believed that the design is still used on other planets.

anonymous asked:

Are you aware of the theory that in MGS1 Liquid, Ocelot and Psycho Mantis only had one trenchcoat between them and had to wear it in shifts?

Haha I actually am aware of this theory, though I’m fairly certain I’ve seen official artwork of the entire foxhound unit wearing the matching coats. But I really do like the idea that the team is sharing BB’s old coat from the Metal Gear games (I think it was MG2…?), though also incredibly morbid, but hey most of the MGS franchise is pretty morbid so they’re in good company.