What’s with y'all expecting trans people to look cis n thinkin that being nonbinary/gender fluid equates to looking androgynous like lmfao sorry to tell ya but ppl can express Their Gender the way they want to and they should be allowed to without uglies saying they aren’t “trans or nonbinary enough”…. Miss me with that

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Okay so I really like the monofell video and I usually play the video on repeat while I'm cooking or cleaning. So one time I'm playing it, and my phone is propped up so I can see it, and my sis looks over. And it's at the judgement Hall part and she just goes 'oh cool a new undertale ani- SANS WHAT THE HECK'

Baha–that’s always my favorite type of reaction! But heeey, now no one can ask me “Why does he do that??? :’(((” anymore!

And god–I freaking blushed–I can’t believe you watch it on repeat! Just looking back on it, I get so embarrassed? (Mainly because it’s SO OLD and I just… feel like doing it over again but with paintings instead–)
So thank you for sharing that with me–you made me both laugh and die inside hhhh.

here’s 2 important things about the boy i’m dating

  1. he knows i really like vampires and asked if it was a kink (it is not)
  2. we took a bunch of photos of him today bc he wants a new profile pic on fb and instead of just.. deciding on one he put his top 4 together on ms paint and sent it to me to help him pick one