You’re Not Alone●Stiles Stilinski x Reader x Scott McCall●

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Synopsis: With (y/n) recovering from an operation. Theo visits her more frequently. Much to Stiles and Scotts liking. (y/n) finds out to late that she’s the next victim of the dread doctors. Can Stiles and Scott come to her aid before it’s too late?

Part two of You Matter To Me

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WARNINGS: Lies, a jealous Stiles, attempted death, Theo, blood, supernatural theme.

A/n: I’m not a nurse nor medical expert so I’m sorry if I said a lot of things wrong.

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Melissa ran as fast as she could to the operating room.

She quickly opened the doors, making everyone look up.

“You can’t be in here” the nurse said, walking towards her and taking her out of the room.

“She’s my daughters, I have to be with her” Melissa insisted.

“Melissa she’s in good hands” the nurse said.

“Well I’m going to wait in front of this door” Melissa stated.

“She’ll be okay” the nurse reassured.

“How come I didn’t notice it?” Melissa asked, tears making their way out of her eyes.

“Don’t blame yourself” the nurses sighed.

“She’s my daughter I should know when she’s sad, happy, hurt” Melissa sobbed.

“Melissa, I have to go into the operating room, please don’t blame yourself” the nurse sighed, as she opened the doors, and walked in leaving Melissa alone, staring through the small window of the door.

“Please make it through sweetie” Melissa sobbed.


Scott gripped his phone tightly turning around to see Theo behind him.

“Theo” Scott growled, making Theo smirk.

“How’s (y/n), i heard she was in hospital” Theo spoke. Fake pouting.

“Stay away from her” Scott growled, crashing his phone in his hands.

“I heard she tried to do suicide I went to visit her but she had to have an operation” Theo smirked.

“Don’t go near her” Scott growled.

“It’s too late for that Scott” Theo said, walking closer to him until they were chest to chest.

“I know (y/n) will hurt you” Theo chuckled.

“She’s my sister” Scott growled out.

“The sister that you ignored” Theo stated.

“I was try to protect her” Scott said defensively.

“From what the supernatural world or me?” Theo asked, making Scott’s eyes go red.

“You’re a werewolf Scott, sooner or later your sister will be used against you or even tortured because of you” Theo went on, before Scott could even say anything.

“Don’t even think about visiting her Theo, if I ever see you touch one hair on her body I’ll-” Scott threatened, but Theo cut him off.

“You’ll what hurt me, I’m not the one that’s the bad guy here” Theo shouted.

“(y/n) doesn’t need a psychopath like you” Scott shouted, making Theo step backwards.

“Oh Scott I’m here only hero she has, after all she isn’t exactly going to be a normal weak human” Theo hissed out, walking out and leaving Scott alone in the locker room.

Scott throwed his broken phone across the room.

He gripped the edge of the sink. The sink started to crack under Scott wait.

Scott pulled away from the sink, as it shattered into pieces on the ground.

“(y/n)” Scott mumbled out, storming out of the locker room.


Scott ran fast through the hallways of the hospitals, getting scolded from nurses.

Scott didn’t care he had to get to you before Theo did.

Scott let out a sigh as he barged into your room to see you in bed.

Melissa looked up, smiling weakly at her son.

“How is she?” Scott asked, grabbing a chair and sitting by your side, taking your hand in his.

“The operation went well, she still has to recover but she will be okay” Melissa told Scott, as she tried not to cry again.

“How are you?” Scott asked, noticing his mums tear stained cheeks.

“I’m alright, I’m I’ll sleep better when (y/n)’s out of this hospital” Melissa sighed. As she leaned forward kissing your forehead.

“It was my fault she ended up here, that she drowned herself. If I would have talked to her more she wouldn’t have done this, I’m a horrible brother, and I thought I was protecting her from the supernatural, Theo, the dread doctors” Scott cried.

“Scott” Melissa sighed, as she looked at him, her free hand reached out and gripped

“She hates me” Scott sighed, making Melissa stop stroking your hair.

“No she doesn’t, yes you should of told her your intentions but you’re more than a brother to her you’re her best friend” Melissa said, rubbing her thumb on the back of his hand.

“I hurt her mum” Scott chocked out, as tears ran out of his eyes.

“Scott” Melissa sighed, as she got up and moved to the side Scott was sitting on.

“I did this to her mum” Scott sobbed.

“Sweetie, sh” Melissa cooed, as she wrapped her arms around him.

Melissa and Scott head pop up as they heard a groan.

“(y/n)” Scott said, as both of them rushed to your side.

“Sweetie” Melissa cooed, as she saw your eyes flutter opened.

“Am I in the hospital?” you asked, as you tried to sit up, wincing in pain.

“Yes, you um attemptsuicide”Melissa weakly.

“Yeah” you mumbled looking at Scott then down at the blanket.

“I’m sorry (y/n)” Scott apologised, grabbing your hand.

“It’s okay Scott, it’s not your in hospital because I ignored you”

“(Y/n), you’re in hospital because of me, I ignored you and made you think that I hated you” Scott went on. Making you feel light headed.

“Scott, I forgive you, just promise not to ignore me again” you said, weakly, squeezing his hand tight, and sitting up.

You lurched forward coughing up blood.

“(y/n)” they both panicked, as blood made its way out of your nose.

“What’s happening to me?” you sobbed, as you brought your blood stained hands in front of your blurry eyes.

“(y/n)” Scott said, as he grabbed your hands in his. You squeezed tight, looking at him through your tears.

“Do you promise?” you chocked, making Scott nod.

“I promise” Scott promised, making you smile. But it was short lived as you coughed up more blood.

“Nurse, doctor” Melissa shouted, as she pushed Scott to the side, his hands slipping from yours.

“No” you cried, as you tried to grab Scotts hand for comfort, only for Melissa to grab it and push you back onto the ground.

“(Y/n)” Melissa soothed, stroking your sweaty forehead.

“Am I dying?” you gasped out, as Dr Geyer (Liam Stepdad) walked in rushing to your side.

“When did the bleeding start?” he asked, as he pressed his hand carefully against your side.

“A few minutes after she woke up” Melissa rushed out.as her hand gripped yours tightly.

Dr Greyer hand stopped on the spot he operated on, pulling his hand away.

He pulled the sheet and blanket away from your body.

Letting out a grunt as he saw blood on your night gown.

“Her wounds opened up, that or she’s having a reaction, I won’t know until I look” Dr Greyer said, as he unhooked your IV bag off the stand, putting it beside your head.

“Oh my god” Scott gasped out.

“Well look at it now” Melissa snapped.

“Mum” Scott sighed.

“I will in a more sterol environment” Dr Greyer replied.

“I need to come” Melissa demanded, as Dr Greyer tolled your bed out of the room.

“Melissa please step down, you know as well as I do that you can’t touch a loved one” Dr Greyer said, as Melissa grabbed the side rail of the bed.

“Well let me hold her hand” Melissa grumbled.

“Fine but only you” Dr Greyer said, looking at Scott then at Melissa.

“It okay mum go, I’ll be here” Scott said.

“Sweetie go home I’ll call you okay” Melissa demanded.

“Okay” Scott sighed, as he watched them wheel you away.

Theo jumped from the roof, smirking as he landed on the ground. Walking away from the hospital before Scott walked out the door.


“She’s changing” Theo said, making the dread doctors lookup, then look at each other.

“Don’t you’s care” Theo yelled.

“Failure” the surgeon said, making Theo growl.

“Noshes nots” Theo roared.

“Failure” all of them said.

“She isn’t and I’ll prove it” Theo yelled, storming out.

Theo stormed into the hospital, getting a few glares from the nurses.

Theo walked into your room smirking as he saw you laying on the bed. Ripping the wires and needles that were connected to you.

“Theo” you mumbled, as you woke up.

“Finally got you alone, I’m surprised no one is watching you.” Theo grumbled.

“What?” you mumbled out, as he picked you up, only to put you on your feet again.

“Ow” you hissed, as shooting pains went up your leg.

“Sh, it’s part of your transformation” Theo grumbled, as he dragged you out of the room. Making you groan in pain.

“What?” you gasped out.

“Your craving, should kick in soon” Theo said, making you even more confused.

“Are you high?” you asked out, as he took you into a room, dropping you onto the floor.

Making you let out a cry.

Theo went into the fridge pulling out a bag of blood, making your eyes wide, you slowly started to move backwards.

“If this isn’t your type there plenty more” Theo said, throwing the bag of blood on your lap.

“I can’t, this is blood” you gasped out.

Theo let out an annoyed sign, walking to you squatting down.

“Listen closely (y/n), and listen good, I’m here to help you, the dread doctors are going to kill you” Theo shouted, ripping the blood bag away from you.

“You’re delusional” you spat out, tears making their way out of your eyes. You didn’t know why Theo was acting so crazy.

“Don’t you get it (y/n), hasn’t anyone told you that there are creatures of the night running around the earth, or did they want to keep you innocent and fragile, you know that makes you an easy target right especially since your brother is a werewolf and half of his friends are supernatural creatures. Know drink this, you need to survive” Theo growled.

Shoving the blood bag in your hand. You looked at the blood bag then him.

“Go to hell” you spat out, throwing the bag of blood in his face, getting up and running out of the room.

You didn’t get very far down the hallway.

“Someone help me” you screamed, as Theo threw you onto the ground, the back of your head hitting the ground standing over you. You were pretty sure you pulled all your stitches outs.

“If you’re not going to drink from a blood bag, I guess the only option is warmblood” Theo growled, as he bit into his wrist, making you whimper.

“Don’t fight it (y/n), drink” Theo growled, pushing his wrist into his mouth.

“No” you whined, pushing his wrist away.

Theo grabbed you by the throat, raising you off of the ground. Your hands gripped his, nails digging into his skin.

“Do it or I will choke you” Theo demanded. His eyes twitching.

“Do it I dare you, Scott will hurt you if you said his a werewolf, I’d hate to be you” you chocked out.

“That’s what I’m hoping for sweetheart, better me then the dread doctors, now drink up” Theo growled.

Theo’s grip loosened as the lights flashed on and off.

“Damn it” Theo growled, letting go of you.

You let out a gasp as air as you hit the ground.

Getting up. You looked in front of you, seeing three things that looked more mechanical then human.

“Who are they?” you gasped out, pressing your back to the wall and walking backwards. As Theo stayed put.

“The dread doctors” Theo grunted, his eyes changing amber.

“I said I would fix her” Theo yelled, making them stare at him then at you.

“Failure” the surgeon said.

“No she isn’t, she is useful” Theo argued, as he walked closer to them.

You kept moving back as one of them stepped forward.

You let scream, as you hit something hard.

Turning around quickly ready to hit the object.

“Sh its okay” stiles soothed, making you wrap your arms around him.

“Stiles” you whimpered, as he rubbed soothing circles on your back.

“Hey, I got you” Stiles cooed, as you saw Kira, Liam Malia and Scott walk in front of you. Kira pulling out her sword.

“Leave my sister alone” Scott growled.

“Failure” the surgeon said,

“No, you are” Scott growled, making them tilt their head.

“Now” Scott growled, as they charged towards them. Liam knocking Theo down.

“Stiles what are they?” you asked, as you turned to look at them.

“Dread doctors, they are scientist who worship the supernatural” Stiles said, as he grabbed your hand, dragging you into a room.

“So crazy people” you gasped out, as Stiles sat you onto the bed.

“I saw them” you mumbled, as Stiles got bandages.

“What?”  Stiles asked, as he stood in front of you, dropping the bandages next to you. His hands cupping your cheeks, worry in his eye.

“I saw them twice, in the operating and when they had to clean my wound the second time” you mumbled, avoiding his eyes.

“Can you see them now?” Stiles asked.

“One of them” you gasped, out gulping.

“Shit” Stiles cursed.

Before Stiles could even do anything he got knocked out by one of the dread doctors.

“Please don’t hurt me” you cried, as you moved backwards on the bed.

“Failure” it said, making you cry harder. As it pointed a cane at you, you gulped as you saw the blade.

Scott stormed into the room, teeth blaring his teeth, his eyes glowing red.

Scott stood behind you.

“You can’t kill her if she isn’t your creation” Scott growled, as he grabbed your arm.

You let out a scream, as Scott bite into your wrist, making you groan.

The dread doctor disappeared.

“(Y/n)” Scott said, as you winced in pain.

“You’re not bleeding” Scott said, noticing you weren’t rejecting his bite.

“Why did you bite me?” you asked, as Scott helped you up.

“To change you, to save you, come on lets go home” Scott said, helping you walk.

“What about Stiles?” you asked, looking at Stiles moving on the floor.

“I’m fine” Stiles groaned out, as he got up.

“Come on” Scott said.

Stiles pushed Scott away from you cupping your face and kissing you hard.

“Wow” you gasped out, as he pulled away.

“Thank god you’re alive” Stiles breathed out, resting his forehead against yours.

“You just kissed me” you gasped out, looking dazed.

“He just kissed you” Scott said, looking as dazed as you.

“Yeah I did and I’ll do it again” Stiles said, leaning into kiss you again.

“No, don’t” Scott protested, pulling you away from him.

“Let’s go love birds” Scott said.

~~~~ two days later~~~~

Scott smiled as he walked through the door. Shaking his head as you and Melissa argued.

“I’m sorry, I promise I will do all the chores” you said, as you set the table.

“Hey you should be, you’re both stronger than me now not to mention being a mum of two werewolf teenagers is exhausting” Melissa ranted, making you laugh.

“I promise I won’t keep you up like Scott does” you said, as Scott walked in.

“Heard that, not like you and Stiles are any better” Scott said, making you poke your tongue at him.

“Now kids no fighting its dinner time” Melissa scolded.

“We hardly even do this” you said, as you grabbed food.

“I know that’s what makes it special, now eat” Melissa said.

Even though he couldn’t save you from your inner demons he saved you from your inner demons, he did save you from dying the second time, even if you were involved with the supernatural, it was much better then you being dead. Even though he still had to defeat the dread doctors, all that matter to him right now was you being alive.

I feel like this was a failure

A Kings True Mate

Pairing: Thranduil x reader(half wizard/half elf), Thorin’s company, Gandalf, Legolas, Tauriel

A/n: Ok, this is completely full of firsts. First hobbit fic, first abo, first Thranduil. so if you don’t like this, fuck off (first cuss word on this lol) There will be more

I will be posting a list of all the word i use soon, I use a couple different sites to translate words so bare with me

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Pat 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

               You traveled across Middle-Earth with Thorin and his company. Being the only female in the group was bad enough but being an omega was more than difficult. With most of the group being Alphas and only a couple being betas, which only caused more troubles than not during your heats. Which was why you were thankful for your father and one of the dwarfs for the herbs and the spell that reduces your heat drastically. Your father had always told you that the spell wouldn’t work if your true alpha was around you. Little did you know that you would soon meet him.

               You were on the edge of the forest that surrounded the elven kingdom when your father told you to stay with the dwarves and don’t let the forest get to you. You followed the dwarfs as they entered the forest. Taking your sword out, you knew trouble was on the way. Your elven ears could hear the sounds that came from large creatures that traveled through the trees. You turned to look at Thorin but was unable to seeing as he was clearly being affected by the forest and the darkness that laid here.

               “ Ten’ i’ mela en'” You started to say as spiders came out from every direction. Bilbo was off and doing whatever he does as you started to fight off the spiders, which took off once they had all the dwarfs taken up into the trees. With your quick reflexes, you climbed up the trees in search of your dwarven companions. If they were killed, your father would be disappointed with you. You managed to see what looked like the dwarves that your father left in your charge, wrapped in the thick sticky white silk that came from the spiders.

               The next thing you knew, 13 dwarf size silk pods fall towards the ground. You followed them down to the ground with swift movements of a full blooded woodland elf. The spiders started moving towards the dwarfs as you landed on the ground near Fili. You help some of them from the webs with your blade before readying yourself to attack the oncoming spiders. You stood with your back to Fili’s as the spiders attacked. The two of you saved Kili from one of the giant eight legged beasts. Who returned the favor with a couple of his arrows.

               “Thank you, Kili.” All he did was nod his head as the company took down more spiders. Until the woodland elves appeared, killing the rest of the spiders then taking all of you prisoner. You stood there as the dwarves complied and the elven group leader came up to you, staring at you as he took a deep breath.

               “Drop your weapons and no harm shall come to you.” From his tone of voice, you knew him to be the prince of the woodland realm Legolas. He never met you as for you father always traveled alone for many centuries to meet his father, Thranduil, as you had your beta many centuries ago.

               “I only listen to two, nessa er, and neither you are.” He looked at you with bright blue eyes as anger filled his face. He took in your appearance, you had the ears of an elf as well as the long beautiful hair of one but you held yourself like the wizard your father taught of you. To many you looked as if you were full elf, until you spoke. You were at times confused to be part dwarf because you were so short.

               “I see that a company of dwarves has what has been said to be the child of a traitor.” Without a second thought, you gripped the handle of your sword and moved faster than the other elves. You pinned Legolas to the tree behind him with the blade tip resting against his neck.

               “Silly little alpha prince. You really think you can belittle my mother with such words.”

               “(Y/n)!” Thorin yell at you. “Let him go. You know your father would be unhappy by such actions.” You turned your head and looked at him. That was when you noticed that a few of the other elves had surrounded you with blades drawn. You glared at Legolas and dropped your blade.

               “My father would be unhappy to hear that his only child was treated with such dishonor. By a little alpha prince none the less.” You could sense that a majority of the elven group were alpha males and a single beta female. One of the males came close to you, his hand reached for your cloak.

               “You need to drop all weapons, omega.” The male glared at you as you twisted away from his grip.

               “All I ever carry is a sword. Try to lay a hand on me again.” You pulled the hood of your cloak over your head and began to follow behind the dwarves who were now being led off by the female elf. You began thinking to yourself what your alpha would look like or even who he was. You were so in thought that you barely noticed the trek across the bridge leading to the woodland palace. You all were ushered into the throne room with the king sitting high throne.

               As soon as you came close to the throne, a strong scent filled your senses. The scent of your alpha filled the room as you stood at the back of the group of dwarves with Thorin at the front. Your hood still concealed your face, knowing the stories of the woodland elven king. You could hear some of the guards talk about you, which was never new.

               As you looked up at him, your mouth began to go dry and water at the same time. You wanted to find out what your alpha tasted like but you were afraid of what he would think of you not being full blooded elf. You watched him as his gaze traveled over the group before landing on your cloaked form. His face held an unreadable expression. You were so lost in thought of wanting him to claim you, to knot you that you didn’t even noticed that the conversation that he and Thorin were having shifted to you.

               “So, my guards tell me that you have one of elven kin amongst you.” The elven king looked at you as his nostrils flared with a deep breath. “She is what my guards have said to be the child of a traitor.” You stepped forward, shoving past the dwarves in front of you.

               “My mother is no traitor of the elven kin.  Amin agar naa en’ Rivendell, as my mother was.” You forced yourself to leave your hood up. “Adar would be very displeased to hear one like yourself call his once beloved to be called a traitor.”

               “Your father, who pry tell is your father?” He looked unamused by everything.

               “My father is…” You ripped off your cloak, reveling your elven given beauty. The dark green elven made battle dress hugged your body just right, just the way you loved. “My father is none other than Gandalf the Grey.” Your eyes looked at him, his eyes sapphire blue widened. You didn’t know your scent had affected him or if he knew you were his omega.

               “Send the dwarves to the dungeons, I would like to seek a word with lye ai Istar edhel.” You cocked an eyebrow at the elven king, your newly found alpha. Thorin gave you a sympathetic look before turning to direct the rest of the company, minus a hobbit. You turned your gaze back to Thranduil, not knowing what to expect once you heard the footsteps and dwarven mutters faded. Thranduil was closer to you than you were expecting, only mere feet now. His scent filled your nose and clouded your mind, causing your eyes to flutter shut. “I see how I affect you, amin lisse’ omega.” You bit your lip as he spoke to you while walking around you. You could hear him inhale deeply.

               “As I affect you.” It took everything in your power not to moan as you watched him glide around you. His tall frame tensed slightly as he continued to look down at you. You looked over his body and saw just how you affected him, clearly your scent affected the elf in front of you.

               “Why is there an omega traveling with a pack of alphas and betas? Especially when that omega had yet to meet her alpha and true mate.” The sound of his voice fell from his lips and washed over your ears like the silks in Rivendell.

               “I was also traveling with my father. I wanted to help the dwarves reclaim Erebor, which was planned by my father.” You stood your ground even though you wanted him to take you right then and there then knot you before his guards. “I do what my father asks of me and my father asked me to stay with the dwarves as well as keep them safe. Which l fell like I failed somehow.” He stepped right in front of you, his hand rested on your cheek as you looked down before he tilted your face up to him.

               “You have not failed at anything, amin lisse’ mela.” You looked into his clear bright sapphire blue eyes, you tried to find any hint of false tense but found none. The feeling of his hand on your cheek sent chills down your spine and made your heart race. You haven’t felt your heart like this in centuries, not since you had your beta. Unknowingly, a tear slipped past your lower lashes. Thranduil tenderly wiped it away with the soft pad of his thumb. “What troubles you amin lisse’?”

               “Nothing at the moment that concerns, Thranduil.” You see something flicker over his eyes as his name falls from your lips.

               “Everything about you now concerns me, my omega.” The hint of possession in his voice as he called you his omega.

               The two of you stood there longer than ether of you expected. You could hear the shouting of the female elf from earlier. Not a moment later, one of Thranduil’s guards walked in stating that the dwarves were gone. You looked from the guard to Thranduil, your eyes full of worry and panic. You could hear your father’s words in your mind, “Stay with the dwarves.”

                “I must go, Thranduil. If I don’t, I would fear the worse for them as well as a disappointed father.”

               “I do not wish for you to go, omega. They can tend to themselves. Your place is here now.”

               “No, not yet my Thranduil.” You reach up and place a hand to his cheek. “When all this chaos with the lonely mountain is over, then my place will be here by your side for all eternity.” You tried pleading with him through your eyes, you only hoped that it was working. He took a deep breath before sighing, knowing that there was no way to convince you to stay while the dwarves risked their lives for their homeland.

               “If you much take leave.” He motioned for the guard to come closer to him. The guard clearly knew what he was asking, handing him his own sword as yours was still lying on the ground in the forest. Thranduil handed you the blade with an almost pained expression. “Take this and be safe. If the serpent that lies sleeping in that mountain wakes, run. For if you don’t, you will be at my disposal.”

               “Aye, I will be ten’ amin naa lle Thranduil.” You stood on your toes and pulled him into a kiss. You could feel fire rush through your body as his lips softly against yours and his hands instantly resting on your waist. You had found your alpha during this quest for Erebor and now you were determined to finish it and return to him unharmed. “Guren bêd enni, I belong to you.” You pressed your lips to his one more time before standing in front of him flat footed. “I shall slay any who try to prevent me from returning to you. Tenna’ ento lye omenta.”

               You went to turn around but was only met with a hand on your arm. Thranduil’s hand gently wrapped around your arm, turning you back around and pressed his lips one last time to yours with a sad smile. “Tenna’ ento lye omenta, Melamin.” He quickly wrapped a silver chain around your neck before letting you run off to complete your quest. He watched as your hair flowed behind you. “manke naa amin utinu?” He didn’t even look at the guard.

               “He and Tauriel along with a few guards went after the dwarves.” His icy blue eyes landed on the guard.

               “Go, begin getting supplies for the people of Lake Town once they reach the ruins of Dale. I fear that the beast in the mountain will be woken soon. I will get back what belongs to me.” With one last look to where you once were, he turned and made his way to his chambers. His mind filled with the thoughts of your scent and the touch of your skin under his, the sound of your voice and many of how you will look under him as he marks you as his.


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Don’t Look At Her Ch2.

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Word count: 646 (sorry it’s so short, I wanted to get it out today, but I’m hoping the next parts are longer. I think it’s gonna be a long ‘un.

Warnings: Bucky being a bitch, angst, language but that’s usual with me

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Bucky x reader

Part one

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Like you wanna be loved - Kiss Me (Drabble)

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester , Cain (mentioned), Castiel, Y/N (reader),  Amara (mentioned) Lucifer (mentioned)

Pairings: Reader/Dean

Warnings: mention of smut, Amara angst, Casifer angst, 

Wordcount: 800ish

A/N: So I decided to keep all 3 parts of this series in Dean’s POV and do a drabble for each from the readers. This is the last one and the end of the series.

Read: Cold Coffee, Cold Coffee Drabble, Friends, Friends Drabble, Kiss Me

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You drew the symbols much like a robot. When he had drawn the first one it became muscle memory and you stopped thinking. About the symbols at least.

Your thoughts were still with your friends. With Sam and how had went into the cage without them warning you. With Cas. Stupid sweet Cas!! You knew he was hurting but you had no idea it had been so bad. How could he have done that? How could he have said yes?!

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