Fun with being on the graveyard shift.

This is pretty much all ready for NYCC in a few months, so I’m excited to Schmidt things up there! I have other cosplay plans too (I know cherrycolouredx and I have some unfinished AsaNoya business, for starters), but this one’s done so I don’t have to worry about it as NYCC gets closer! Also, it’s fun to goof around in.

also also, I was actually on the phone with my mom when I was taking these so I guess my mom has become Phone Guy by proxy

SPEED : On runningman nametag ripping game (Ver.1)

How would the speed members react during the nametag ripping game in runningman (weak version)

Yoohwan : *Gets freaked out at every corner he turns in*

Jungwoo : *Hides and refuses to move* If I hide here, no one will find me…

Taeha : *hyperventilates even before the game starts* MOVE…I need to hide!

Jongkook : *resorts to begging when caught* Pleeeaassseeee let me go…!

Sejoon : *nervous af* D-did you hear that?? Is someone coming?

Ki-o : *Gets eliminated 5 minutes into the game; laughs at the absurdity* WHATTTT??!

Sungmin : *Gets caught & tries to negotiate freedom by selling out the other members - still gets rip in the end* If you let me go, I’ll tell you where the rest are! W-wait…ahhhh!

Bonus reaction

Taewoon : *Tries to fight his way out. Ends up getting cornered & attacked*

Click here for strong version :)

speedtothedeeps GIFs

Scene: Brother came home for dinner.


Me: (getting annoyed with brother for doing impressions including one I hate)
Brother: Okay I’m going! (leans in for hug)
(we hug)
Me: (to myself, while hugging) And now I can rip his nametag right off.
Me: (to myself) Wait. He’s not wearing a nametag. This is real life.

after having told my brother and mother about this

Brother: Hey Alexandra. You wouldn’t really rip my nametag off if we were on Running Man would you?
Me: Well you need someone to get you to the end, so no. But once it was just us, yeah. Definitely.
Brother: (sad)
Me: Not if it was a couple race! Then I’d save you!
Brother: (sadder)
Me: But otherwise yeah. Rip. Lean in for that hug and riiiiip.