I’m trying. I’m really trying to watch Julie and Julia in its whole form. But Julie Powell is just so annoying. And you know what? I actually really like Amy Adams when she’s not wearing a Julie Powell skin.

In my Meryl Streep-a-thon so far I have watched:

…and failed to watch The River Wild because I want to kill Kevin Bacon’s character too much and the tension is annoying for some reason (and it’s cool. I’ve seen it at least twice). I think I am going to fail to watch Julie Powell’s scenes. I managed once in 2010, I may not manage this rewatch. And I survived Ricky and the Flash’s awful, awful writing. Put up with Johnny Depp’s stupid face as the wolf in Into The Woods. And got over my superiority enough to really enjoy the fun dorkfest of Mamma Mia. But ugh. Julie Powell. Ugh ugh ugh. Save Me, Meryl.

So I really love the movie “Clue”

You know, this one:

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And normally, I’m not a huge fan of remakes, but imagine this- a “Clue” remake with Sebastian Stan as a sexy Professor Plum

and of course Scarlett as Ms. Scarlet-

this handsome fella as Colonel Mustard-

a fabulous take on Mrs. White-

The ever-lovely Meryl Streep as Mrs. Peacock-

this beefcake as Mr. Green-

…and maybe Tom as Wadsworth?