and you will be my battlecry

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by schweet_heart

“I didn’t do it for you.”

“Of course not,” Merlin agreed mildly. “You just happened to challenge him to a duel a few seconds after he hit me. Obviously a total coincidence.”

Inspired by Camelot Drabble Prompt #230: Heat of the Moment.

Words: 1000, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 9 of Camelot Drabble Fic, Part 36 of Merlin Fic

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2d5MgUX

And No Birds Sing by Omi_Ohmy

Word Count: 34,782 / Rating: Mature

Summary: Merlin has been cursed and lives as a hermit, knowing he has lost something, although he cannot remember what. One day he finds a knight, weak and injured, by the lakeside.

Comment: I don’t want to give spoilers away, but the reason there is so little description in the summary and the beginning of the story is because Merlin doesn’t remember what happened, and that’s why this fic is such a mysterious read. But in addition to that, let me be real for a sec. This fic is so fucking emotional. Like, you have to read it because it is so beautifully written, the plot is interesting but elusive, and the characters are perfectly depicted, but I warned you: it packs a punch. You will feel emotions all over the place.

lol the girl i sit next to in art history is booking all my fandom things:
- i was humming “one last time” from hamilton and she asked if that was the song, by title
- sees me listening to doddleoddle’s song and exclaims she loves dodie
- points out my merlin icon on an app i use and goes “i love merlin!”
- points out my tablet’s background and says “casually has merthur as a background”
- then points out my camelot beanie
- we’re browsing study abroad programs on google chrome, notices the ao3 tab, and goes “casually has ao3 open” lol omg
- i empathize with something she says and go “that’s rough buddy” and she laughs ‘cuz she GETS it ;u;

it’s so nice and she’s so nice and it’s just NICE to know someone in person that likes all these things that are important to me :’)))

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Step 1: Name your 10 favorite characters from 10 (different lolno) fandoms:

  • Lukefu                                                                               
  • Vader                                                                                   
  • Biggs   
  • Yoda                                                                   
  • Sheev                     
  • Ron Weasley
  • Luna Lovegood
  • Voldemort
  • Glorfindel
  • Frodo Baggins

Step 2: Name your top 5 ships that you’ll go down with no matter what:

  • Skylighter
  • Skysolo
  • Drarry
  • Merthur
  • Obikin

Step 3: Tag 10 people:

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What about a soul mate au where you hear background music for the most important parts of your life, and when you meet your soul mate it’s dramatic and romantic music

But on the other hand…..

“Guys we really shouldn’t go in there, can’t you hear the creepy ass music? I don’t want to get killed.”

“Fuck I’m pretty sure this is fighting music I can’t fight you I have exams to study for.”

“Oh no poor kitty why are you out here all on your-NO STOP THE SAD MUSIC THIS CAT ISN’T GONNA DIE JUST WATCH ME”