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His parents had drawn their children close, and murmured, There is said to be a boy, a little older than you two. He has magic, he is magic, and he is destined to bring both Camelot and magic to their finest glory. He will stand side by side - heart to soul - with a golden king, and by their hands, all of Albion will be united.

Who is the golden king? Gareth had wanted to know. When will he come?

He is already here, dearest. You’ve met him. He’s Prince Arthur.

Gareth has seen Merlin fight for Camelot today - for her knights and their honor and the trust of their king. He is certain to his very core that Merlin must be the boy, a little older than Gareth - the boy who is magic, and stands heart to soul with King Arthur.

It's Only A Memory

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by Starkvenger

Merlin was only a boy when he moved to Camelot- there he met another boy, and the two had hit it off splendidly. They shared stories, went on adventures in the village, and always talked about moving away and exploring Albion.

When Merlin moves back home to care for his mother, he can’t bring himself to leave Ealdor.
After Hunith’s death, Merlin goes back to Camelot to find his childhood friend, only to find him replaced by a snobbish prat of a King- one with no memory of their friendship either.

Will Merlin be able to handle another loss in his life?
Or will he be willing to fight for this one?


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Words: 2351, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2dyTEHY
Merlin S03E07

SUMMARY: How come it Katie’s so beautiful? Especially when asleep?

“Shake a leg… Up and at ‘em…” Omg, Arthur’s stares… so much Merthur :3

Tony’s English :3

Ah, Morgs… you know how to use Cenred for your sake :3

Hey, Cenred, what if you kept Guinevere… for Camelot’s sake?

Morg is here, Morgs is here… can’t you fucking kiss again? C’mon, girls - you love each other! Kiss, don’t mind us… do like if we weren’t here watching you at all…

“I don’t understand why would anyone want to hurt their friends…” “No, you just poison them!” Snap

Morgs, don’t play this charade with enchantment and leading you to the tunnels, we all know it’s your engagement ring <3

The AngloSaxon :3 but this wasn’t nice from you, Merlin…

“Arthur’s fate is sealed…” “If you do your job properly.” I love wry Morgs :3

Skeleton lurking in the cobwebs… what is this, the fucking Indiana Jones movie or what?

Cenred, you fucking creep… don’t you dare to touch Morgana, else Morgause will make the rest of your life really painful…

Morg is here, Morgs is here… get rid off that creep Cenred and kiss already <3

Xena :D Bradley, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Nooooooo! Not this post again… I mean, it’s beautiful, but it hurts :.(

What about a soul mate au where you hear background music for the most important parts of your life, and when you meet your soul mate it’s dramatic and romantic music

But on the other hand…..

“Guys we really shouldn’t go in there, can’t you hear the creepy ass music? I don’t want to get killed.”

“Fuck I’m pretty sure this is fighting music I can’t fight you I have exams to study for.”

“Oh no poor kitty why are you out here all on your-NO STOP THE SAD MUSIC THIS CAT ISN’T GONNA DIE JUST WATCH ME”