Emotional slaps in One Piece

Now that I’ve been re-reading old chapters I’ve noticed that one of the countless running gags is that someone inside the Mugiwara crew punishes the other one for doing something dumb and the one who is acting irresponsible gets badly beaten.

However it’s not always about a comical relieve when two characters that share a strong nakamaship go physical against each other because  there has been lots of tight situations that escalates to conflicts that has lead into a slap. Newest incident including a slap was in chaper 844. There is the setting where Nami and Luffy found Sanji who claims to be a Vinsmoke. After cook’s “betrayal” she  gave a piece of her mind, with teary eyes. There is quite much debate inside the fandom about the the slap incident, some people see it as a powerful and remarkable scene and other don’t.

As said, this is not the first time characters are driven into conflicts but they rarely end up physical. Even though punch and slap are by quick thought quite similiar gestures there is still differences. Punch is usually used for punishments or to hurt but in my opinion the difference is that slap is more loaded with emotions (and maybe more done with consideration) and therefore hurts more. It is very hard to explain why but I think moments like this where you suddenly go physical against the person that is close to you might indicate how important they are for you because even though you don’t want to hurt them you see it as a “last way” to tell how serious and tense the situation is and how you want them to take it seriously too. this paragraph sounded much better inside my head.  Anyways, let’s take a closer look to few serious slap incidents where Mugiwaras have been involved.

Kaya slaps Usopp in chapter 27:

Kaya and Usopp have been friends for a long time. He loves to tell stories of his adventures and make her happy meanwhile Kaya loves to listen to the fairy tales and enjoys his company in general.

Later Usopp finds out about the real side of Kaya’s butler Klahadore who is actually captain Kuro and who is planning to kill her (in order to herit her fortune). After this Usopp rushes to Kaya’s mansion and tells about realities but she refuses to believe him and is very offended and hurt because she thinks the bulter who seems to be very loyal can’t be evil. Usopp still tries to convince her but it ends up her having enough of his “lies” and she slaps him. 

Kaya is emotional due the disbelief and Usopp is in shock and devastated because once he tries to be serious and speaks the truth he is not believed and he is forced to leave the mansion, with teary eyes because Merry is banishing him with some gunshots. 

side note: for some reason  they animated the scenery to look completely different. In episode 11 Usopp fails to make Kaya run but instead of getting slapped in front of the window he takes her outside where this incident happens. 

Bellmere slaps Nami in chapter 77:

Nami and Nojiko are arguing and angry little Nami tells that they are not connected with blood which makes her foster mother fierce and she slaps her. Still after the slap little “cat burglar” is not swallowing the words and argues back telling that it would’ve been better if they weren’t adopted by Bellmere so their foster mother could live a proper life.

Bellmere gets very offended by the debate so she tells Nami that if the little navigator is ready to leave the family she should do it if immediately and Nami who probably didn’t even expect a slap from her loving and supporting foster mom runs away from home.

Later Nami rushes to apologize and telling that she really didn’t mean those mean things she told when she was furious. Bellmere ends up sacrifices herself in order to save Nami and Nojiko from greedy Arlong but before the execution she comforts them and tells that she is not bitter and she still sees them all being a family despite all the fights and struggle and even her last words are reflecting the love for her children.

Zeff slaps Sanji in chapter 67: 

After Baratie is saved from Don Krieg Luffy tries to propose Sanji to join his pirate crew but he refuses  because he wants to become aknowledged by Zeff who is his cooking mentor. After refusal he tells Luffy about All Blue and about his dream to find it. Neither of them notices that Zeff happens to witness the scenario and he asks Luffy to take his “little eggplant” to the seas. 

Later Sanji goes to the kitchen where his co-worker Patty asks who has made the soup. Proudly the “black leg” tells that it’s his but all he gets for response is face of disgust made by others and they start to complain about Sanji’s behavior and that soup is really bad which makes Sanji angry. 

Then Zeff comes and punches him, for everyones surprise telling that Sanji has still a long way to work before he can achieve the same level he is standing. The exchange tense glares without words and Sanji runs away, feeling offended. 

Vivi first punches then slaps Luffy in chapter 166:

In middle of a desert Luffy suddenly hits the brakes and tells that he think it’s very naive from the princess to think that in middle of a civil war everyone would be ok if she’d do it by herself and if they were not involved. This makes Vivi first annoyed and then furious so she ends up punching Luffy and trying to reason him  but Luffy does not buy her words and he punches her back

Even that won’t stop Vivi who is really offended by Luffy’s behaviour (she might think Luffy just is arrogant at the moment) so she ends up slapping him multiple times meanwhile the other crew members are shocked how the tense situation escalated so quickly but they also know that Luffy actually the point on his talks so this is why no one goes between the fight.

Nami slaps Sanji on chapter 844. 

I’ve written previously about the slap that happened between Nami and Sanji and tried to find reasons why it happened. As known they use honorifics when they have conversations and even when they are not directly talking to each other so one reason  why the scenery caused much talk was because she dropped the “-kun” suffix away before the slap. Nami has gone physical and has slapped other Mugiwaras but previous ones have been comical relieves. This time she is serious and probably very hurt because of Sanji who leaves his crying and devastated nakama without being able to make a eye contact with them and inside the wagon he bursts into tears afterwards. The whole situation was unbearable for him as well because he wasn’t able to hide his tears from his family (and he never shows “weakness” in front of men)

Why I think all of these slaps meant a lot for their relationship/nakamaship was because of the aftermath. The moments where the slaps have happened have been filled with emotions. We can sense signs of hurt, disbelief, frustration and misunderstandings that lead the situation to end into a sudden slap. However, sooner or later after the biggest stress is poured out and when things have calmed down both, the slapper and the slapped  have made important discovers about each other and the situation that led to the slap. 

After Kuro was beaten Kaya understood and learnt that Usopp only wanted to keep her safe and Usopp realized that the reason Kaya slapped him was because she simply misunderstood him and because she was naive but he also understood that his “pirates are here”-play and his tales were partly the reason why Kaya found it hard to believe him. Solving the slapping situation afterwards made their friendship stronger and increased the trust and respect between each other. It is very possible that they started to have romantical feelings towards each other but this is again just individual interpretation. 

Bellmere’s slap taught Nami about the importance of the family and that it’s not the blood that makes you the family. After Genzo tells the story how young and rebelious Bellmere decided to become foster mother Nami starts to understand  how they changed ex Marine’s life for forever and how loved they were from the very first beginning.

Zeff’s slap was a bit different compared to other slap-moments mentioned in this post because Zeff didn’t shed tears outside when he slapped his “little eggplant”, probably because it was a act which could’ve failed if he didn’t have “poker face”. However, what made Zeff’s and Sanji’s situation unique according to the co-workers is that Zeff who usually used leg power to lecture him used his hands instead (and we know how Sanji has told countless times that hands are the most precious things cook can have). Later he reveals to Luffy  (who was wondering why they make such big deal about one soup that is delicious) that all this what he saw was just a act arranged by Baratie staff and the reason why they did it was to make stubborn Sanji leave for adventures but before this incident Sanji always refused to leave telling that “it’s not the time yet”

Maybe the most important reason for Sanji’s will to stay at Baratie is because he has grown emotionally close to his mentor during the years they spent together in their floating restaurant. Zeff has been like a foster father to Sanji ever since they survived from the shipwreck and he hasn’t only taught his lots of things like the chivalry code and wasting food is a crime but he also gave love and protection what Sanji who grew up in abusive family back in North Blue was really craving for. Not sure if Sanji noticed but Zeff actually broke the food policy when he was scolding about the soup which in my opinion made the scene even powerful because Zeff was ready to make an exception to his policies for Sanji’s sake.  

Sanji happens to hear everything because he didn’t go far away after he furiously rushed outside feeling hurt and disrespected. This is when Sanji realizes Zeff knows him better than he expected and that this all was made and arranged because he is loved and respected not only by his father figure but also among his co-workers.  He also finds out that Zeff has spent years to encourage Sanji to fulfill his dream of finding All Blue.

Zeff probably didn’t know about Sanji’s past but I bet he has learnt  that Sanji is a kid who has a broken heart due childhood traumas so he tried his best to help him grow up and fix the wounds. Probably earlier Sanji has interpreted the suggestions about him going to sailing to new seas as “we want to get rid of you”-toned messages but now he knows that Zeff only wanted to help him move forward in his life.

When Luffy fought against Vivi he made her admit that she is not able to save everyone all by herself, no matter how much she would love that to happen, Luffy’s stubborn yet determinded attitude forced her to admit that she needs help to take down Crocodile and that she has now bunch of friends who are ready to help her. This incident taught her also that she isn’t alone and Luffy was able to read her after observing her behaviour and therefore knew what he was doing.

Since these slapping incidents are in some level quite similiar to each other I do believe that also the slap Nami and Sanji shared is remarkable for their nakamaship. There might’ve been misunderstandings between them (because Sanji left without saying a word and now he acted like a total stranger) but it can also be that Nami knew excactly why she did it to him.

We will have to wait until Sanji gets the chance to explain the whole situation but during the arc he will learn valuable lessions, just like Usopp , Nami and Vivi did in their cases.There are lots of possibilites, for example he will realize how much his presence matters. Luffy already told how irreplacable he is for them but cook also needs to that he can’t solve this alone. So, my bet is that sooner or later Sanji will need to admit that he was wrong for believing that things would be easily solved just if he does what he is commanded to do. 

Therefore in my opinion these non-comical slaps that happen very rarely share a deep meaning in the storyline of One Piece and they are made to make the nakamaship stronger. It requires lots of bravery to step out of the comfort zone and find the power to slap someone you respect and love and it is painful for sure but if both understand the reason behind the slap and forgive each other afterwards, it is worth of it. Therefore a tearful slap between friends is a powerful message that can be read between the lines, “I do care, I am worried”

You’re amazing guys!  I enjoyed the both streams a lot. Congratulation for hitting the goal!  

I also want to say thank you Jack, Mark and Pewds for helping me with your videos. Since I started watching your channels I know that every day I can enjoy one of your videos and have fun watching them. You’ve helped dealing with the stress of college so thank you guys

Pokemon Christmas Event Announcement!

Hey guys! Christmas is around the corner, and I’m sure plenty of people have a Pokemon game on their Nintendo 3DS system of choice! So, in order to be nice this year, I had an idea!

You see this Pokemon?

his name is Delibird! He’s based on Santa, as you can tell.

You can equip Pokemon with items, such as rare items, evolution stones, berries, and PokeBalls! In addition, you can trade Pokemon holding items over Wonder Trade.

So, for Christmas, how about we Wonder Trade a bunch of Delibirds that are holding items! These items can include:

-Kinds of PokeBalls
-Rare items that sell for a lot of money
-and Evolution Stones

That way, it’s like Santa delivering gifts to unsuspecting trainers!

So let’s make Wonder Trade festive for the next few days!

I liked how I drew Bill a couple asks back, so I decided to make it a snarky “christmas card”. Happy holidays from Bill!

Tᴜᴍʙʟʀ - ᴅᴇᴠɪᴀɴᴛART - Tᴡɪᴛᴛᴇʀ - Pᴀᴛʀᴇᴏɴ - 2016

The 2ps on Christmas Eve (as kids)
  • (I'm not an expert on foreign cultures and Christmas, so these are based on the western perceptions of Santa Clause and the like)
  • 2p America: Stakes out in the living room with a net to catch Santa but always falls asleep before 10 PM
  • 2p China: Writes a letter to Santa asking for a new girlfriend and wakes up disappointed
  • 2p England: In bed by 8:30 right after setting out freshly baked cookies (that his mom helped him make a 7 year old probably shouldn't be handling an oven alone)
  • 2p France: He didn't really believe in Santa but gave his caregivers the benefit of the doubt and went to bed early
  • 2p Russia: Went to bed hopeful and excited for the morning, though he didn't exactly believe in Santa
  • 2p Canada: Always stayed up with Allen but didn't go to bed as early as he did, stopped believing in Santa because of this
  • 2p Italy: Argues with his parents since he doesn't exactly want to go to bed and would much rather stay up to see what happens, but eventually he just goes to sleep grumpy and wakes up excited
  • 2p Germany: Teases Gillen about putting out sweets for Santa but the idea of Santa coming really excites him. Like a lot
  • 2p Japan: He didn't celebrate Christmas
  • 2p Romano: Is extremely festive and tries to get Luciano into it, but even back then he couldn't get his brother to do anything like it
  • 2p Austria: Went to bed early and didn't show that much of a change in character, other than being extra good all day so he would get a present in the morning
  • 2p Prussia: Sets out sweets for Santa and ignores Lutz's taunting, goes to sleep very excited for the morning