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For Les Mis wlw/women appreciation week 2k17. I didn’t have time to write an entire fic so here’s an excerpt from a Merlin au that I’m working on. 

“Eponine?” Azelma asked, suddenly appearing in the tent. “What are you doing?”

Packing. While Eponine’s thoughts raced after her decision to leave, her hands were busy placing her few belongings in a bag along with all the bits of food she had saved up in case something happened.

“I’m leaving,” she answered. “I can’t live here doing this with them anymore.”

“Eponine…” Azelma said, scared but understanding.

“You can come with me,” Eponine said. It wasn’t part of her plan, but leaving Azelma behind wouldn’t be fair to her. Although Eponine didn’t think her sister would come, it didn’t hurt to try. In her perfect vision of the future, Azelma would be far away from the influence of their parents too.

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Merlin AU where Merlin meets a familiar face. (this is a classic one, i know~)

herrhasen  asked:

My dear - If you're still open for requests, could I please ask for a fem merthur with Arthur with that long long braid you sometimes give her? I swear that's like my favorite thing you do. ////// <3

yes i am still open to requests, but even if i wasn’t I’d always be open for requests of these two. I thought I’d draw Arthur being a dashing princess and sweeping Merlin off her feet.

Imagine your OTP
  • Person A: Kill them with kindness.
  • Person B: No.
  • Person A: Kill them with kindness.
  • Person B: Stop.
  • Person A: Kill them with-
Merlin alternate endings:

1. Fuckdragon actually cures Arthur, everyone lives happily ever after

2. Arthur isn’t a bitch and doesn’t kill Mordred’s girlfriend, together they defeat Morgana, everyone lives happily ever after

3. Merlin isn’t a bitch and saves Mordred’s girlfriend, together they convince Arthur magic isn’t a bad thing, together they defeat Morgana, everyone lives happily ever after

4. Merlin killed Mordred in the first place, they eventually defeat Morgana who’s weak, everyone lives happily ever after

5. Uther isn’t such a whiny fuckboy and treats Morgana right, despite her powers, everyone in the kingdom gets respected, you only get convicted if you misuse magic, EVERYONE lives happily ever after

6. If Merlin is such a good magician, he could just control Mordred’s mind and stop him from fighting with Arthur, lets Arthur kill him, everyone lives happily ever after

7. Morgana solves her issues in a peaceful way, everyone lives

8. Arthur stays the fuck alive, everyone happy, he ditches Gwen, marries Merlin, everyone lives happily ever after

9. Gaius completes his transformation into a turtle, kills everyone with laserpower, Gaius lives happily ever after

10. An owl with the face of Randy Newman descends onto Camelot, blesses everyone with his owlness, everyone lives peacefully and happily ever after


Here’s the Merlin AU that was requested. Does anyone else have a show that makes you feel an almost warm feeling when you watch it? Merlin just makes me feel happy, pure and simple. Anyway, @vortexart and I were talking about this AU because they love it just like I do, and then a lovely anon requested it!! I hope the anon enjoys this. Also, I snuck in the vine symbol as Thomas’ crest. It’s where he got his start. Have a good day you guys!!!
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