*merlin au*

Imagine your OTP
  • Person A: Kill them with kindness.
  • Person B: No.
  • Person A: Kill them with kindness.
  • Person B: Stop.
  • Person A: Kill them with-

Mergana AU :  He sees her face on the cover of a magazine that he can’t recall its name. He’s stunned at first. Heart throbbing painfully inside his chest, as he stares at her face. He thought that he’d forgotten what she looked like. But he recognized her instantly. He goes straight to her. It’s easy to get access to her office. What’s not easy was facing her. His heart skips a beat when she comes into her office. She doesn’t look surprised to see him. Him on the other hand can’t find the words to say anything.

Bonus :

Imagine your OTP in a assassin au: Person A is really professional and a cold killer with no emotion at all. Person B is an idiot who writes “I love you” with the blood of their enemies for A and sings “Whatcha say” everytime they shoot someone.

Arthur as the newest addition to the force, fiercely protective of DI Merlin Emrys - who is more than capable of taking care of himself.

I couldn’t get the idea out of my head so I had to draw it haha… I imagined Merlin as this super smart, sort of troubled officer who got the job really young and Arthur as freshly graduated, young and eager and totally smitten with Merlin!

  • Person A: *pouts*
  • Person B: What?
  • Person A: *pouts more*
  • Person B: Talk, you idiot!
  • Person A: *tears up* I never thought I will have to say this, love. I never thought it would come the day that you will chose something over me and that I would doubt your feelings for me! Where was the time when you swore that you'd make me happy and give me everythi-
  • Person B: GODDAMN IT. FINE. Take the last slice, fucking hell. *shoves the last pizza slice to A*
  • Person A: *grins sheepishly* I love you so much!
  • Person A: So you like her?
  • Person B: No.
  • Person A: So you like him?
  • Person B: No!
  • Person A: What do you like?
  • Person B: Making people drown.
  • Person A: Bae no.
  • Person B: Bae yes.
Shaun of the Dead AU
  • Gwaine: Well, I wasn't the one who blowing our cover by arguing with my boyfriend
  • Arthur: He's not my boyfriend
  • Merlin: *offer drink* Might be a bit warm, the coolers of
  • Arthur: *grab it* Thanks Babe

This work… oh my… thiiiiis work… thought it would be a death of me but wanted to finish it so much no matter what and finally FINALLY uh~

There was actually a sketch somewhere out here. Ah, here it is^-^) and a WIP… changed a lot, huh…

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any merlin Harry Potter crossover fics where the characters from Merlin go to Hogwarts?

boy you have come to the Right Place

What is Necessary (AO3) by borqui_l

Aummary: Arthur Pendragon has always been taught that Slytherins were evil. Growing up as the perfect Gryffindor, he has had no reason to discount that belief. Until he meets Merlin and everything changes. Arthur/Merlin. PG

On The Wrong Foot (AO3) by Dream_edge

Summary: Arthur is the Gryffindor son of pureblood Uther Pendragon. Emrys is a muggleborn Slytherin without a first name. Naturally, they despise each other. PG, gen
(warning: hasn’t updated since 2014 rip me)

Harry Potter and Voldemort’s Bane (AO3) by Mysteriously_Random

Summary: What if two strangers showed up at Hogwarts in Harry fifth year. And what about the strange end to the Triwizards Tournament, could they have something to do with it? Are they even brothers and why do they sound like they’ve been in lots of life and death situations? Merlin/Arthur, Harry/Ginny, Hermione/Ron, Seamus/Dean, PG (I haven’t actually read all of this one, but it’s PG so far)

Like A Second Heart (AO3) by Polomonkey

Summary: Miserable at his inability to perform a Patronus Charm, Merlin sneaks out to the Forbidden Forest to practice. But when a rogue Dementor attacks, he hasn’t a single happy memory to ward it away. Luckily Arthur isn’t far off… G/PG, Arthur/Merlin


Merlin alternate endings:

1. Fuckdragon actually cures Arthur, everyone lives happily ever after

2. Arthur isn’t a bitch and doesn’t kill Mordred’s girlfriend, together they defeat Morgana, everyone lives happily ever after

3. Merlin isn’t a bitch and saves Mordred’s girlfriend, together they convince Arthur magic isn’t a bad thing, together they defeat Morgana, everyone lives happily ever after

4. Merlin killed Mordred in the first place, they eventually defeat Morgana who’s weak, everyone lives happily ever after

5. Uther isn’t such a whiny fuckboy and treats Morgana right, despite her powers, everyone in the kingdom gets respected, you only get convicted if you misuse magic, EVERYONE lives happily ever after

6. If Merlin is such a good magician, he could just control Mordred’s mind and stop him from fighting with Arthur, lets Arthur kill him, everyone lives happily ever after

7. Morgana solves her issues in a peaceful way, everyone lives

8. Arthur stays the fuck alive, everyone happy, he ditches Gwen, marries Merlin, everyone lives happily ever after

9. Gaius completes his transformation into a turtle, kills everyone with laserpower, Gaius lives happily ever after

10. An owl with the face of Randy Newman descends onto Camelot, blesses everyone with his owlness, everyone lives peacefully and happily ever after

Eggsy isn’t meant to be at Hogwarts. 

Well, he is, technically. He did set Dean on fire. With his mind.

But really, that was a tiny accident and shouldn’t have him on a train to the middle of nowhere, while his mum and sister have been Obliviated and left with the remains of Dean’s gang. Eggsy should be there, helping his family get out of that damn house.

But no, he’s fifteen, four years late to start, and on his way to Hogwarts as his alternative to prison time.

Which, very unfair that he would have gone to prison for lighting Dean on fire when Dean had never even faced the consequences of beating his mum.

Other than the consequence of being burnt to death when he hit Eggsy too. That was too quick a death for what he’d been doing to the Unwins since Lee’s death.

“Unwin?” a smooth voice interrupted his thoughts. Eggsy looks over his shoulder, head still leaned up against the train windows, to see a boy (slightly older than him maybe?) staring down at him with a piece of parchment in his hand. “Are you Gary Unwin?”

“Eggsy,” Eggsy corrects, straightening up to size up the newcomer. “What’s it to you?”

The boy (tall, dark hair, dark eyes, fucking fit, so hot) blinks before rubbing his temples and sighing. “Eggsy then. My name is Harry Hart, I’m Head Boy this year. I’ve been tasked to get you sorted out and tested for your time here at Hogwarts.”


“We need to see what classes to put you in,” Harry explains, “as you would normally be a fifth year, but this will be your first year at Hogwarts.”

“Ya gonna have to put me with the first years,” Eggsy yawns, checking out of the conversation even though Harry was fucking fit. “I don’t know shit about nothing.”

Harry is silent for a moment before sitting across from Eggsy in the otherwise empty compartment. “You’re a Muggleborn then?”

“Don’t even know what that means bruv.”

“Your parents don’t have magic,” Harry clarifies. Eggsy shrugs.

“Don’t know about my dad, he’s been dead forever. Mum definitely doesn’t though.”

“Muggleborn or half-blood,” Harry notes, scribbling the words onto the parchment he’d been carrying. “Do you know anything about Hogwarts?”

“I read a few things,” Eggsy says nonchalantly. “Know I don’t wanna be stuck in Slytherin.”

I’m a Slytherin,” Harry says. Eggsy smirks as he turns to him. 

“Exhibit A then.”

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