Aviso aos amantes

Nosso amor, por exemplo,
não nasceu para ser vivido.
Nasceu para ser paixão,
mera ilusão, caco de vidro,
passado que não se apaga,
fogo que arde em palha,
mesmo depois de esquecido.

Nasceu para ser estória,
quem sabe Bonsai, Dom Casmurro
Otelo, clássica Ilíada,
nasceu para ser única
nossa tragédia preferida.

Sentimento trazido não sei de onde
pelos ventos do destino,
um dia, este amor sofrido,
será então revivido,
pelos filhos, por outros tantos,
pelos que hão de viver ainda,
vai ter que virar poesia
e dizer outra vez o que já foi dito,
vai ter que ser a dor de um poeta
que talvez nem será lido.
Não e assim que é o amor?

— Ítalo Jardim

Jason Momoa’s ‘Aquaman’ Gets Release Date From Warner Bros.
Warner Bros. has set an Oct. 5, 2018, release dates for Jason Momoa’s standalone tentpole “Aquaman” in 3D and Imax. James Wan is directing the superhero film...
By Dave McNary
Aquaman movie coming to theatres October 2018

Aquaman hitting theatres 2018! How pumped are you for this movie?

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It’s official! James Wan’s Aquaman now has a release date. According to Deadline, Aquaman, which stars Jason Momoa as the king of Atlantis, Amber Heard as Queen Mera, and Willem Dafoe as Arthur’s most trusted advisor, Vulko, will hit movie theatres on October 5, 2018. We first saw a teaser of Aquaman in the 2016 blockbuster, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The next film coming in the DC…

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La cosa triste è che io, senza di te, sono comunque me stessa.
Sì insomma, sono ancora me, con tutte le mie passioni, i miei ideali, i miei vizi, la mia routine, la mia malinconia, le mie risate a caso, le frasi fatte e quelle vere, che pochi hanno l'onore di ascoltare.
Sono ancora me, con tutte le mie fisse, i miei sogni, i miei libri, i miei vinili, i miei Martens neri e le calze sempre strappate.
Sono ancora me, con i capelli sempre in disordine, i voti più che perfetti, i miei chili di troppo, le mie mancanze ed i miei eccessi.
Anche senza di te non ho perso la mia essenza.
Il problema è che, senza di te, tutto resta fine a se stesso. Senza di te, la mia è mera esistenza, fine a se stessa.
E questo, non è sopportabile.

ishmaelbiddlebaum  asked:

Who would your all Bob Haney Justice League have in it? Direct creations, characters he is famous for writing, or unique Earth-B type figures are all accepted.

First of all, this question rules, thank you for asking it. Also I want to tag @theisb and @calamityjon here because I want to see their answers to this as well.

Let’s see, going as I usually do with a seven member JLA lineup…

  1. Earth-B Batman, obviously
  2. Metamorpho
  3. Tula
  4. B’wana Beast
  5. Gnarrk
  6. Enchantress
  7. The Unknown Soldier

I did not include any Doom Patrol members, because I do not subscribe to the theory that Bob Haney co-created them. I also considered giving two slots to the Super-Sons, but I really wanted that Earth-B Batman and I’m not putting two Batmans because I’m not Chris Sims.

I included Tula instead of Mera because Haney created Tula and also wrote her in two titles rather than just one.

“””developing countries””” 

“””third world countries””” 

…you mean countries that are still recovering from colonialism and other western intervention??? let’s not sugar coat the reason why their “development” was hindered and act like they are still in those stages because they are inherently inferior to western countries. the west saw their greatness and they left them in ruin on purpose. referring to these countries as developing or third world is fucking degrading terminology that takes away responsibility from countries like the UK and the US. 


DCEU + Ladies (So Far)