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>I was only nine years old
>I loved Waluigi so much, I owned all his games
>I pray to Waluigi every night, thanking him for getting rid of all the cheaters
>“Wah is love”, I say, “Wah is life”
>My dad hears me and calls him an assist trophy
>He is obviously jealous of Waluigi and wants to beat him
>I called him a cheater
>He slaps me and sends me to my room
>I am crying now, because my face hurts
>I go into my bed and it is very cold
>I feel a warmth moving towards me
>I feel something touch me
>It’s Waluigi
>I am so happy
>He whispers into my ear, “WATCH OUUUTTTT FOR MEEEE”
>He grabs me with his powerful plumber hands and places me on a DDR
>I’m ready
>I spread my legs for Waluigi
>He makes a new high score on the dance floor
>It hurts so much, but I lose for Waluigi
>I can feel my thighs tearing as my eyes fail to coordinate with my legs
>I dance despite his force
>I want to please Waluigi
>He wahs a mighty wah as he receives a star for winning
>My dad walks in
>Waluigi looks him deep in the eyes and says, “Wah! Waluigi get you next time!”
>Waluigi swims out my window
Wah is love, Wah is life.