serenityxgarrus  asked:

100 questions to invade my personal life ask meme #'s 1-7, 19, 20 and 34 :D

Aha! You beat me to it :D

Thank you sweetie, for the ask!

1. What’s your middle name, and do you like it?

Ah we don’t have middle names in Russia, we have our father’s names. It would read something like - I am a daughter of Dmitry - thats my dad’s. Its quite nice if you read the whole combination, it sounds very fluid and my initials are DDS :))

2. are you artistic?

I… guess? I draw, sing (all my life), do mods, sort of write, and dance (been taking dance classes for a long time), plus I did acting for one year. So I guess all these could be considered as being artistic :))

3. Have you had your first kiss?

Yep but funnily it was quite late. I don’t think I kissed anyone before university lol.

4. What is your life goal?

Move out of my home country, have a family with my bf, two kids, a german shepherd, a pug, and two cats - which makes it 7 children in total. Make my art into a paid job OR work for NASA/Space X/Tesla - but I am not yet sure how to realize these with my current education background. :))))

5. Do you have any experiences with a famous person?

Does being in the same night club count? :)) If so I’ve had quite a few, Dita Von Teese for example. But I don’t really care for famous people, plus I don’t want to approach them since these poor souls have no privacy whatsoever and I don’t want to add to that.

6. Do you play any sports?

Tennis, contemporary dancing, used to do Taekwondo (I was a very angry teenager that liked hitting things and people a lot :P), I don’t count fitness and exercising among these.

7. What’s your worst fear?

Hmm as banal as it sounds - dying alone. There is really not joy in loneliness.

19. Are you a people person?

Both yes and no. I get different moods - on some days I can be super outgoing, friendly, talkative etc, and on others I just sit under the table and scowl at everyone. :))))

20. Are you considered popular?

Hmm that depends on what popular means. Back in highschool I was liked by a lot of people, but that was because I was nice, friendly and helpful to everyone, so that is kind of normal - you are nice to people people are nice to you. Back in the college I was a prefect - organizing stuff for students etc, so I guess I was known. At work I was rather known too because I ended up in positions with a lot of responsibility which forced me to interact with a lot of people. So… uh… I really have no idea if these are considered popular or not. I can’t judge that. :))) 

34. What would you do in the event of an apocalypse?

Oh lol that wound depend entirely on the apocalypse and the strength of it. If its zombie apocalypse then I guess I could survive, find weapons, move around, shoot stuff. If its anything like Fallout then unless the bombs explode in the air above the cities there is no point in living through it. Nothing can survive proper fallout. It will just be a painful slow death from radiation sickness or starvation or festering or other things.

Thank you for asking dear, it was fun :D