Day 1: Free for all Demons: Hero/Famed/Fiend Jeanne D Arc

I’m getting a bit of a head start with Demon Appreciation Week! So here’s my free for all day 1 entry: Jeanne D’Arc. I tried to go for a Rose of Versailles/70′s shojo style with her but I don’t if it worked. I think it came out pretty good!

Last year we had SMT Spirit week, so I decided to do a similar thing, but have one focus: Demons! There’s so many of em’ out there, and we’ve come to love some of them! Spread the word, since things take off on the week of April 27th!

I’ll be listing prompts that can be done throughout the week, but they’re 100% optional. All is good if you draw a demon you love! Just remember to tag #SMTDemonWeek in your stuff!


Day 1: Free for all, draw any demon you want

Day 2: Your favorite LAW Demon

Day 3: Your favorite CHAOS demon

Day 4: Your favorite NEUTRAL demon

Day 5: An unappreciated demon you love

Day 6: Make your own fan demon

Day 7: Your all time favorite demon

I’m just gonna post this before I forget and I dunno, I don’t really like pairing up gifs with other stuff. For the megaten_69min status… effects…(? I think) prompt. Pretty dumb.

Now I’m gonna play with my snake. wink

PSSSST Atlus did you know Providence was the city HP Lovecraft lived and buried in

I’m not saying you should make a megaten game set in Providence, but y’know, we have a giant Amala terminal right in the middle of downtown, and alot of abandoned buildings and abandoned factories. 

It’ll be a good excuse to bring Nyarly back at the very least.

Wow, this is actually a reference to a sidequest in Shin Megami Tensei: if…

Inside Karukozaka High School, you can find a floppy disk abandoned on the ground. If you take it to the president of the computer club, he’ll say that the disk is broken but he can fix it, though it’ll take a while.

After a certain number of moon cycles, turns out that a Cerberus was inside the disk. Angry over being confined inside the disk, he attacks the protagonist. It’s a very hard fight since the sidequest is avaiable pretty early in the game and Cerberus is level 43, but after being defeated he’ll join the party despite the massive level difference because he now respects your strength.


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Vote for the Demonica for SMT’s representative in Super Smash Bros.! Since Shin Megami Tensei is a series with so many different playable characters it’s difficult to pin down one iconic character embodying the franchise, but the Demonica suit is an ideal choice because as it can be worn by any of the protagonists. The Demonica thus represents the player-as-character in the purest sense, and has already been established as a core part of the franchise in SMTIV. Since Shin Megami Tensei is getting an upcoming crossover with Fire Emblem, Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem (retitled in Japan as Gen’ei Ibunroku: Hashtag FE) this is a great opportunity to have Marth and Lucina battle it out against a Megaten protagonist!

Imagine a fighter that, rather than relying on weapons or magic to attack, summons gods and demons in an instant to use their key moves! Jack Frost pops in to freeze Pikachu solid with Bufudyne, Chemtrail turns Charizard’s strength back on him with Fog Breath, Pisaca puts Greninja iN HiS MoUThHhh! and Satan shows Mewtwo the power of god’s judgement by firing his Megiddo Arc laser! For its Final Smash, the Demonica radios in a nuclear strike from the US military…or if you’re playing the Black Samurai alternate outfit, summons the series’ ultimate alignment representatives Metatron, Lucifer and Masakado to destroy the world and create a new one from the ashes–one where the opposition never existed in the first place.

The Demonica already has several alternate color designs available for other palettes, including Yuriko’s Black Samurai palette from Shin Megami Tensei IV. Potential battle motifs include an arrangement of Akashic Record (from Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker, out next month), The Fear of God (Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey) and Boss Battle B2 (Shin Megami Tensei IV.)

Shin Megami Tensei II was released on March 18, 1994 for the Super Famicom. Shin Megami Tensei II is a direct sequel to Shin Megami Tensei and sees mostly identical game play with several refinements including pressing the R button to use the Automap screen, Demon data can be stored and viewed with no limitation, and the ability inheritance system. You can find an ROM for SMT II here, there an english translation patch here on Aeon Genesis.

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I’m pretty sure this one building in Providence is either actual Babel, or a very large amala terminal. I’m going to fight it.

A megaten game set in Providence would be interesting. It is the home of HP Lovecraft, so they’ll certainly have a lot to work with. We also have a lot of creepy ornate abandoned buildings downtown, five different historical colleges, and a really gross canal. Cthulhu probably lives down there. Instead of zombie mooks you can fight sleep deprived RISD students, it’ll be great.

It’s even conveniently divided– all the courthouses and banks (Law route, amirite) are down the hill and all the colleges with their hipster students (Chaos) are up the hill.

I just checked the Japanese version of the game for confirmation, and I discovered that one of Baofu’s weapons in P2EP is an One Hundred Million Macca Coin. That’s right, One Hundred Million Macca.

Do you have any idea how much that ammount would be useful in a Megaten game that uses Macca as currency!? And he just throws those coins at demons without any care!

By the way, the weapon can be bought at the Clair de Lune after Sumaru Castle. In the English release, its name is “Billion Maka Coin”. Assuming the clerk knows how valuable it is, then one hundred million Macca is worth 380k Yen.