Returning tag for ninchuser , thanks for nominating me, lol. You actually gave me something to self-reflect again, when i was in my otaku phase.

I consider fictional characters here as anime characters, those who are my bias babes (means any ships with my bias would be relevant to me).

I also have weird tastes in food and in people, even with fictional ones, no offense or anything but i almost never/rarely fancy the main characters but instead those very-much-side characters that others usually dun give a damn, but i personally think without those bg characters, the whole thing would be nonsense. I know i’m werid shit.


1. Katsura Kotaro [Gintama]


2. Makoto Tachibana [Free!]


3. Yukiya Minabe [Meganebu]


4. Yousuke Hanamura [Persona 4]


5. Takayuki Furuichi [Beelzebub]


6. Erwin Smith [Shingeki no Kyojin]


7. Ryota Kise [Kuroko no basuke]


8. Yukimura Seiichi [Prince of tennis]


9. Shigeru Kanmuri [Yakitate Japan]


10. Dino Cavallone [Katekyo hitman reborn]


In sum, they are my bias babes cuz i can relate to them in many ways, mostly due to their tragic past, childhood trauma. communication problems or be considered as failure in real life by society.

Anyways, those shounen series are good enough to kill your time, at least with my otaku standard. 

It’s almost time for Meganebu! Week

We’re back, but this time devoted to celebrating Meganebu! itself for a whole week! 

The week will take place July 12 - July 18. The daily prompts will be announced on Friday, June 26.

Thank you for all your input; it has helped us a lot! If you still would like to share ideas or have any questions feel free to send us a message!

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This killed me on the inside.

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jaceyisacat asked:

Do you watch any anime? If so which show is your favorite?

Thank you for sending this question, here are my top 3:

1. Gintama [it’s been years since i last watched it and yet nothing could beat this down my no.1, it’s like the best thing i’ve ever watched]

2. Meganebu [the only thing that helps me relax after long working day, if only my highschool memories were as beautiful as this/if only i had friends like them]

3. Arakawa under the bridge [people may think this is just a shoujo anime but it’s more than that, i don’t like shoujo anime cuz most of them downgrade the feminism but this one does not, it’s outstanding and contains many deep meanings and messages]

I picked those 3 cuz they’re easy to watch and you can relax at the same time, they’re funny yet really meaningful, relate-able cuz they’re just a bunch of radical weirdos like us. I hope you’ll like my anime references, maybe give them a try also. ^^

blockadeinferno asked:

10, 12, 17, 18, 23

10. favorite animal sidekick

madara from natsume yuujinchou if that counts! (i think it should?)

12. anime that should get more attention from others

terra e, densetsu no yuusha no densetsu, last exile, and quite honestly cardfight!! vanguard too.

17. biggest anime crush

??????????? lmao i haven’t had one of these in forever but in my teenage years i think it was hao from shaman king.

18. ten worst anime you have watched

oh god. this is actually… difficult… because i don’t really watch stuff that looks unappealing to me. but recently meganebu! comes to mind, definitely most unamusing thing i actually sat through… and hagure yuusha no aesthetica lmao which was just. no. but yeah, i don’t think i can list 10 so i’ll leave it at this.

23. unpopular character you love

does liking kourin in cfv count relena from gundam wing! also lmao i liked suzaku in code geass back when every other geass thread ever was titled “i hate suzaku so much” (he was my favorite actually, so rip). uhhh back years ago in my naruto phase orochimaru was my fav. OH. and lyle dylandy, for some reason the 00 fandom answered very badly to his presence in the show while i love him.