October FMA Streams: Final Day + Meganebu!

Tonight will be the final day of my FMA streams, as well as the beginning of the Meganebu! fourth anniversary streams! 

Meganebu! is a highly underrated, one-season comedy anime from 2013 that follows five students at an all-boys technical high school, who love glasses so much they have a club with strict rules regarding glasses etiquette. The passionate, carefree glasses club aims to engineer the world’s first functional pair of X-Ray glasses, while their rivals, the affluent student council, want to disband them so their school won’t be made into a laughing stock. It’s absolutely one of my favorite anime in the world, with a great sense of humor, flawless visual gags, and a unique and colorful animation style. NO MEGANE, NO LIFE!

Tonight’s eps:

  • FMAB episode 63: The Other Side of the Gateway
  • FMAB episode 64: Journey’s End
  • Meganebu! episode 1: We Don’t Use Glasses Merely as a Vision Correction Tool or a Fashion Accessory (…) That is Our Glasses Club.
  • Meganebu! episode 2: Any Man who Wears Glasses Cannot be a Bad Man / The Current Strongest Frames
  • Meganebu! episode 3: I Hope you Finish the X-Ray Glasses

I’ll probably be out late tonight and don’t really know when I’ll get home, so I’m not sure when the stream will start. I’m shooting for 9:30 PM EST, but we’ll see. I’ll keep you guys posted when it gets closer to streaming time.