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- Binan Kokou Chikyuu Bouei Bu-Love! (and more kinatsu or enatsu,or imagine this show converted in a tipical otome,with a inutil cute heroine not desided for  none boy, because,she is a fangirl and love shiping the boys)

- karneval (and gareki return)

- Gugure!-kukkuri-san

- Meganebu (and more megane and pretty boys)

- Bakumatsu Rock!

- Black Bullet

- kyoukai no Kanata

- No Game No Life

- Ookami shoujo to Kuro Ouji

- Brothers conflict

- Vampire Knight

- Inu x Boku ss

- Love Stage!! 

- Gekkan shojo Nozaki-kun (and more mikoriin)

- Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist (and more Dantalion,and the cuteness of sytry)

- Pandora Hearts

- Kamigami no Asobi

I couldn’t be part of the 3 years anniversary stream, but here is a small token from my part: It’s a page of the art note. Im sure I scanned around 80% of it, but life and shot happened, so I never got myself around to get it up. So, when my internet behaves again (it has been kinda unstable lately), I’ll put what I have up, as well as refresh the soundtrack links. It’s the least I can do.
I love you, meganebu fandom. You are inspiration.
Happy third anniversary ❤️👓


Have some very pretty boys….Enjoy :D


“It hits you in an instant, with the force of a storm, with the touch of the wind. The moment you lock eyes with that person, the core of your soul vibrates in joy, sending ripples across the air. I met him on a warm afternoon, on the quiet side of the park; and even if I was too young to understand, my heart was jumping in my chest, overwhelmed with happiness.”

‘Soulmates’, meganebu! ship week (Blue)




Junichi Suwabe - Song Compilation Roles V2

Update: added 8 songs so it’s worth checking out again!

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