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This might be really random but do you watch anime? If so which ones are your favorites?!

you can always send me these kind of random questions!

i don’t really watch a lot of anime now, buuut my favourites are haikyuu, princess jellyfish, meganebu and revolutionary girl utena!

I think once October rolls around I’ll stream some creepy anime episodes for Halloween, but the question is what

So far I’m thinking these ones:

  • The Jojo ep where Dio becomes a vampire
  • The Jojo ep(s) with the Justice fight
  • Maybe Reimi’s debut episode? Idk
  • The episode of FMA 03 with the dude who kept trying to bring back his supposedly dead gf via soul bonding
  • The FMAB ep with the big fight with the mannequin soldiers
  • Maybe the Lab 5 eps
  • Meganebu’s Jumanji episode
  • Like the entirety of xxxHolic tbh but especially the monkey’s paw ep, the Angel ep, the Ame-Warashi ep, and the one where they tell ghost stories
  • And of course, Hetalia of the Dead, which tbh is one of my favorite Hetalia episodes. Wasn’t there also an OVA of the 2011 Hetaween event? Maybe I can find that somewhere…

Apparently I need to widen my anime horizons I only watch like 7 shows lmao

I feel like there was at least one Rurouni Kenshin arc that would be suitable for Halloween, but idk what… hmm