YEAH !!! An osu! skin of meganebu! for the Taiko mode !!! *’cause this mode is my favorite” And I made this Don *yup, with the face of Akira Souma ‘cause he’s fantabulous* …Btw, SoumaDon is cute x’D




Skin by BlueNote98-Sherlomelo

Meganebu Ship Week V2 (?)

Greetings, fandom! We were overjoyed at all the the participation in the our very first ship week! It was fun see everyone’s fabulous work!. Now the excitement leads us to ask-

Would you like to have another ship week in June?

The rules would stay the same as here. As for the prompts, we’d like to listen to all your ideas and decide based on that! So please tell us what would you like!



I was revising some scenes from meganebu’s last ep for this little project of mine and since I’m working without sound the scene where sachie interrupts sensei duo+tetsu looks like the mother-in-law both jealous and you-need-to-eat-more cliche xD

Uwaah ! I cry everytime when I watch the episode 3 OTL…I talked with my megane kouhai about Tetsu and his friend Koichi…and…I was like “oh mah gah, poor baby…I love you so much…DON’T CRY TETSU”. And I though about something else…How Tetsu reacts after Koichi’s death ? Really I want to know because Santa-senpai makes me cry so so much x’D (the end of the episode omg…TOO MUCH FEELS)

Btw, hope you like this drawing of the fantabulous “young Tet-chan” :’DD

Art by Sherlomelo-BlueNote98

Tetsu Asahina-Meganebu!

intestinalflora asked:

Torenzo + 9 oop

9. Things you said when i was crying

Toru hated crying in public. It made him look weak and pathetic and he hated it. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t have too much control over it.

Lorenzo loved watching people in distress, looking weak and pathetic. Unfortunately for him, Toru was his kind-of boyfriend now (they hadn’t get into details yet), so he wasn’t supossed to enjoy when he was feeling bad.

But, he couldn’t exactly leave Toru crying alone in the rooftop.

“Hey” Lorenzo called, knowing that Toru would listen even if he didn’t turn to him “Stop crying” requested monotonically, and cleared his throat while thinking what else he could say “Or I’ll have to mock you and that’s something neither of us want”  He finished, proud of his great idea.

Toru huffed, wrapping his arms around himself.

“That was a lame consolation” He hissed, but didn’t repress a tiny smile “Thanks” After all, he understood the other was trying.

I finally decided how to solve a plot hole that was driving me crazy for that multi chapter meganebu fic that I stopped updating I don’t know how many months ago!!

But now I can’t remember what I had planned for the beggining of this chapter…