My Love Has Wings

prompted by @megamegaturtle, who sent this post to me


K+ rating, retelling-of-the-movie AU 

(AO3, FFN)

Summary: When you are loved, you grow wings.

Megamind had wings once.

(soft and downy gray-white baby feathers, proof of his parents’ love, meant to be replaced with other, later feathers as love grows.)

The feathers fall out as he falls through the emptiness between the stars, as the two people who loved him are pulled into a black hole and wink out of existence. When he crashes to the ground, the prisoners who look down into the opening pod find a wingless blue baby with a too-large head, lying in drifts of colorless feathers.

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*writing happily along* *humming a little* Mmhmhmhm…cool, nearly done with the chapter. Just gotta go back and work on this one scene in the middle with the two lovebirds…sorta connect it up here with the first and second halves…. should be short and sweet…

*characters frown*

me: (sweating)

*characters start arguing with each other*


sentimental-cynic  asked:

Noticed you call him Syx. Whered ya get that?

(( Oh XD well I read it once in a fanfiction as his name ages ago and it stuck in my head. I’ve read a lot of the different ideas of given names for Megamind but never liked any besides Blue. Syx was sort of catchy to me though. Also spelling it that way gave me the idea that it wasn’t a normal name but could be an alien one.

So I went with the idea that he had an unpronounceable alien name that he and Minion remembered. When he could talk and asked about names he offered them his real name. As certain sounds are difficult to hear and say if you aren’t native to a language and I assume even more so if that language is alien, the only part of his name they could pronounce was the middle syllable

Thus they were really trying their best to honor him and call him correctly… but they often defaulted to Blue… and in the end, he still ended up with an embarrassing name that sounds like he was named a number and a color. Thus all the more reason for teenage rebellion and yelling at Warden that his name is Megamind now and he won’t answer to anything else. Over the years he came to terms with it. Only his close friends and uncles know his real name though. ))

mechahipster  asked:

Your opinion on Dreamworks?

For now I still do like Dreamworks, It consists of a lot my favourite movies like, The Prince of Egypt, How to Train Your Dragon and Megamind.

Don’t get me wrong they have made some shittastic movies like turbo, Bee movie and Over the Hedge.

Btw I’ve watched all those movies in full and..why you ask? I always get in some random ass mood to watch trash movies, For example I just recently watch the new Fantastic four movie and it did not disappoint, so bad.

  • Mercy:alright i have the perfect hero-villain couples costume for the Halloween party
  • Pharah:okay
  • Mercy:we will for sure win the costume contest
  • Pharah:mm hmm
  • Mercy:we'll completely crush any competition
  • Pharah:i feel like you're taking this a bit too seriously but okay
  • *at the party*
  • Tracer:wow. fareeha jones and angela schneider. how original
  • Mercy:at least we aren't amelie-mega-mind and roxanne ritchi-oxaton
  • Widowmaker:touché

Friends please consider.

Because of the weird “no one lives here” graffiti outside megamind’s lair it ends up becoming a pokestop/gym.
People keep wandering around his patch looking for Pokemon and sitting around nearby and he’s SO CONFUSED.

Then also consider Roxanne accidentally finding the entrance because she’s so busy tracking a Pokemon and doesn’t even notice she’s walked through a wall.
Brainbots are swarming megamind is yelling at minion who’s yelling at the brainbots and Roxanne is just like “…. Okay this is weird and unexpected but I have to catch the Pikachu that’s in here can you guys chill for just like 5 minutes”

  • Magneto:Over here, old friend. In case you've noticed, you've fallen right into my trap!
  • Professor X:You can't trap justice! It's an idea, a BELIEF!
  • Magneto:Even the most heartfelt belief can be corroded over time!
  • Professor X:Justice is a non-corrosive metal!
  • Magneto:But metals can be melted, by the heat of revenge!
  • Professor X:It's REVENGE, and it's best served cold!
  • Magneto:But it can be easily reheated, in the microwave of evil!
  • Professor X:Well, I think your warranty's about to expire!
  • Magneto:Maybe I got an extended warranty!
  • Professor X:Warranties are invalid, if used beyond their intended purpose!
  • Rogue:Girls, girls, you're both pretty! Can I go home now?

When Hades is just the lamest most socially awkward shit baby & Persephone is “the one who brings chaos” (x) (x)

“Supposedly-regal-and-scary-really-very-dorkish-and-awkward-kid-with-a-crush-and-a-blushing-virgin & Supposedly-innocent-and-childlike-maiden-really-scary-and-bossy-and-totally-enjoying-her-sexuality”

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pre-movie AU, T for language and some sensual content

partially based on this discussion of the culture of Megamind’s home planet (link is nsfw text)

Summary: Roxanne attempts to court Megamind in the fashion of his home planet.

“Minion,” Miss Ritchi says from the back seat of the invisible car.

“Yes, Miss Ritchi?” Minion asks.

He’s driving her home; the evil Plot of the day had malfunctioned—in a way that definitely wasn’t Minion’s fault! Sir’s blueprints were just so complicated sometimes, and it was hard to tell whether the little sketches he put in the corners were meant to be relevant to the plans or if they were just doodles. Apparently the strange wheel-y-ma-jig in the corner of the Typhoon Cheese Machine had been vitally essential.

Sir had been quite upset—not in the theatrical way that he put on sometimes for show, but quietly. He’d been embarrassed, hadn’t even scolded Minion for the mix-up.

Minion thinks Miss Ritchi must have noticed Sir’s mood, because she hadn’t been sarcastic at his expense at all, had actually suggested that she could wait until they managed to fix the machine. And when Sir had grimaced and admitted that he would need a week to build the missing part, she’d said—

“Well, I can’t stay a whole week.” She’d smiled gently. “I have got a job.”

Sir had glanced at her warily, as though he was searching for a hidden insult in the words.

“—but,” she’d continued, smile going conspiratorial, “there’s no reason why I can’t play hooky for one day. You want to watch a movie? Eat some popcorn? Cheese popcorn, possibly? That powdered cheese smells really good.”

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Megamind thinks he’s asleep and dreaming.

Its pretty late and Roxanne is in the kitchen, making a midnight snack.

Megamind is on Roxanne’s balcony. He flew here on his hoverbike, but then again, everything is really hazy and fluffy around the edges. Doesnt really know what happened, but before he knew it, he’s here at her apartment.

And he’s dreaming, he must be dreaming.
He watches her from a distance, but decides to go up to her. She looks so cute and cosy with that overly large shirt she’s wearing and those cute pink pajama-pants.
He just wanna- he just gotta touch her, maybe give her a light hug or squeeze, because she looks so hugable at this very moment.

He lazyly shuffles up behind her.

Roxanne turns her head at the sound of his heavy footsteps and “oh Megamind what are you d-”

Megamind lazily wraps his arms around her belly and presses the whole rest of his body up against her back while giving a light squeeze.

His nose sinks into her hair, and he breathes in her scent and breathing it out through his mouth. Warm breath showering Roxanne’s ear.

Roxanne’s brain short circuits and leans into him, breathing just as hard and distracting as him.