Ne adamın kadın için dağları deldiği aşk filmlerine ihtiyacım var, ne de güzel sesli şarkıcıların haykırdığı aşk şarkılarına
aklıma gelmen için yetiyor soluk almam
her soluğumda daha derin hissediyorum solumdaki boşluğu
öyle canımı yakan bir mağlubiyet hali ki bu
sanki hiçbir uçak inmiyor hava alanına ve hiçbir gemi bağlanmıyor limana
altın kirpiklerinin altında ıslanmak
öpmek saçlarının en kırılmış yerlerinden
söylediğim her sözcük yarım şimdilerde
her dokunuşum eksik

ve hayal ediyorum hala olacakmışçasına

uyanmam gerekiyor şimdilerde

mcan you imagine if i told my mom i was dating someone in arkansas. she wont accept i have a “friend” who is in arkansas shes like “you haveto be careful they dont sound real to me :)”

Dierks Bentley Celebrates No. 1 Success of "Say You Do" With Song's Writers
Dierks Bentley joined a throng of music industry insiders to salute Shane McAnally, Matthew Ramsey and Trevor Rosen, the writers of his latest No. 1 hit.

Dierks Bentley joined a throng of music industry insiders to salute Shane McAnally, Matthew Ramsey and Trevor Rosen, the writers of his latest No. 1 hit.

Little Spoon (Jack J)

mCan you write a Johnson imagine where ya are cuddling and is all cute then he starts getting cheeky and touching your ass but is all cute thanks😘

It was already one in the afternoon when i realized we wouldn’t be getting out of bed today. His arms clung around my sides and his soft breaths were directly behind me, starting to make my eyes heavy. I didn’t dare leave him unless it was something important, like using the bathroom or getting food. I swung my legs across the edge of the bed and scoot my way out, when Jack immediately protests. “I hope you’re not leaving.” He rolls over and rubs his eyes from sleep. My knees almost gave out by the sound of his morning voice. We both had a very busy night last night, especially when we got home. I’m pretty sure we didn’t get to bed until five in the morning.

I peaked my head around the bathroom door. “Just peeing, I won’t be gone too long.” He smiles and buries his head in the pillow again. I look at myself in the bathroom mirror and attempt to fix my morning mess of hair, which after a few minutes turned into a messy bun. I brush my teeth and wipe off any smudged makeup before he calls for me again. “Where’s my little spoon? I’m getting cold here.” I smile at myself in the mirror and go back to him, waiting in the messy bed with his arms out, waiting for me. “Sorry, i just wanted to fix myself up for my baby.” I give him a small kiss and return to my prior position.

My body locks perfectly with his. His arms take hold of my body and all i can focus on is his cologne. It’s faded now, but i can still smell it enough to enjoy it. I turn on the tv and pull the covers over us. After a while, he started to move a lot, especially when i moved to get comfortable. When i say “getting comfortable”, i mean moving my hips against his crotch to tease him. His hand moved down my body down to my hip, pulling me closer to him. His lips brushed against my neck, his breath hitting the back of my ear and his hand moving down to my ass, squeezing gently.

“If you don’t stop teasing me, this isn’t going to be such a lazy day.” He laughs. Little does he know that i don’t want it to be.

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dont die, Ether. is there any thing i mcan do for you,, Ether?

idk… i feel ok for now but thanks for caring

some nice messages would be nice but i got a lot of them today so i understand if you dont wanna send me anymore… 

My Lee Valley Pilgrimage

My Lee Valley Pilgrimage

I can only describe my day at Lee Valley velodrome as the best fun to be had on a bike. The pilgrimage was made with nerves, anticipation and outright fear, and throughout my experience these overwhelming emotions were to be replaced with excitement, adrenaline and maybe still just a little bit of fear! The spectacular view inside the Velodrome My first memorable moment was when my nerves…

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These little contradictions are in all of us. They’re in me at least. And so I forgot that I had been awake for 30 hours and kept walking, grateful to be a little boat full of water, still floating. #amsterdam #travel #hulabella #pinkcroptank #sunglasses #chic #crystalnecklace #underthebridge @ohchai with @repostapp.
🚤 canal vibe // #amsterdamcanal #teamcanon #chasingharshlight #lifeisgood #amsterdam