Don’t You Go

Somehow, Ondine had managed to take an early day off, having planning on Thursday instead. However, she found herself needing an entire day with Jax sooner than originally planned. Upon waking up that morning, the girl had practically attached herself to the elder male, knowing she would get nothing done if he were the only thing on her mind. So she had called Maxine rather early, finding that the woman had sounded groggy herself and was more than willing to let her skip out on a day without hesitation. This, Ondine thought, was a good omen. Since the phone call, the blonde hadn’t done much apart from shower, finding that planting herself on the bed was the best option as Ajax did his normal morning routine–the same routine she had formed herself around over the past few months. 

Now, the young girl was stretched out on er stomach. Clad in a nearly-sheer tank top and maroon lace panties, Ondine slowly flipped through a magazine, her long fingers brushing loose strands of her curly hair back every few moments. Somewhere in the house, Ajax was puttering around; probably cleaning or fussing with the cat. After a long moment, Deen released a happy sigh and closed the magazine, reaching to set it on the bedside table before she grabbed a pillow ad stuffed it under her head. 

  1. new slang // the shins
  2. albatross // fleetwood mac
  3. it’s wonderful // maxine sullivan
  4. you & me // foxygen
  5. soleil // françoise hardy
  6. to connect // floating action
  7. nantes // beirut 
  8. thrasher // neil young & crazy horse
  9. planet caravan // black sabbath
  10. hallelujah // jeff buckley
  11. sweet jane // cowboy junkies
  12. polly come home // robert plant & alison krauss
  13. fifty-fifty clown // cocteau twins
  14. summertime // girls