Lt. Malcolm ‘Doc’ Hughes in his Lockheed F-4C-1-LO #42-67114 “Maxine” from the 7th Photographic Reconnaissance Group “buzzing” the snow covered runway at Attlebridge in Norfolk, UK. February 1944.

Based for the majority of their service at Mount Farm, Oxfordshire, the 7th Photographic Group (Reconnaissance) took over three million intelligence photos during the course of 4,251 sorties over occupied Europe. The Group was awarded a Distinguished Unit Citation for photo sorties over the Normandy coast between 31 May and 30 June 1944, which were a crucial part of the preparation for the land invasion that began on 6 June 1944.

(From an earlier post about Lt. Malcolm 'Doc’ Hughes)
On a mission to France on 18-Aug-43 while flying F-5A 42-13099 on a photo recce mission to France, the aircraft sustained a mechanical failure of a trim tab control rod and F/O Hughes bailed out of the aircraft near Kent, UK, the aircraft crashed at Monkton Court Farm, near Manston, Kent and was destroyed.

(Colourised by Doug)

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Adam yelling go on lad during their first kiss as husbands still makes me smile. Maxine and these little details that mean so much. How does she do it, I want to be her

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