Has anyone else noticed that Matt’s lost a lot of weight over the past few months?

It doesn’t look like healthy weight loss either. He looks ill and really kind of sunken in almost. At least to me anyway.

It’s not really my business what’s going on with his health/personal life, so I don’t need or care to know why.

But I really, really hope he’s okay and I wish him the best.


Being Tall Vs Being Short #thisvsthat | MattG

I have never related to something as much as I’ve related to this. I am vertically challenged and I can’t reach hardly anything in my house due to my gigantic brother and father.


New DesandNate video featuring mattg124 and ahoynateo !!

Check it out!: “Things video games taught us!”


This video was an extreme amount of fun to write and film. Most of the locations for outside filming was just in the grove behind my apartment. Was awesome to film with Nathan again, feels just like old times! :D