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Glitch In The Matrix Stories #5

My Boyfriend Was Here And Then He Wasn’t

My boyfriend works about 5 minutes away so he comes home on his lunch break at 11:30 and then again at 4:00 when he gets off work to get ready to go to his second job.

Today, when he came home from lunch he asked me if I would be home when he got back at 4 and I said no, because I planned on going to my mom’s house for a little bit.

So then, my mom decided she wanted me to visit a little later this evening, so I was sitting on the enclosed porch a few minutes ago and I see my boyfriend’s car pull into the driveway. I thought “Oh! He doesn’t know I’m still here! I can surprise him!” I look down the driveway and see his car again, so I go back in the house to the side door that we use and open it to surprise him before he gets a chance to open it.

He’s not there. The car isn’t there. So I texted him “Did you just come home a second ago?” Thinking maybe he forgot something at work and had to come back. He texts back “No, I’m still at work but I’m about to come home. Why?”

I absolutely, 100%, without a doubt know that was my boyfriend’s car in the driveway. He has a somewhat unique car so it’s not like I mistook it for another car. And I was on the patio long enough to see it wasn’t just someone turning around in our driveway. Not the craziest glitch in the world, I know. But it did freak me out a little bit!

Credits to: GetItTogether

My Whole Class Heard A Voice That Wasn’t There

This happened about a year ago in my music class at school, it’s pretty small but I remember it really well.

Our teacher had to leave the room to talk to someone, so she left us doing an old test paper, where you listen to a recording of a bit of classical music 3 times and tick boxes that describe what you hear. No one was paying a massive amount of attention because the teacher was out of the room but on the first playing there was a high female singing voice above an instrumental piece, and me and my friend next to me ticked “descant” which means a high female singing voice. 

When the second recording played, it was identical to the first minus the female voice from before. I looked up confused and most of the class had exactly the same look, and we all started saying how we swore there was a female singing on the first playing. One boy went over to the computer and put the mp3 back to the first playing, all of us expecting to hear the voice again but no, it was now the same as the second with no female voices at all. 

I would have put it down to hearing things if it was just me, but more than half the class had ticked the same “descant” box. After checking again, everyone started kidding around saying it was a ghost but I think we were all pretty freaked out. We told the teacher about ‘the voice’ as we called it when she came back but she didn’t believe us.

Credits to: californiaenglishpt2

Cousin Has Weird Memory Of Me

My cousin swears up and down that during high school, I did some weird lemonade diet and I was very skinny and fit. She said that she was jealous of how skinny I got and how everyone thought I was so sexy, she stopped talking to me during that time period. 

But in my reality, I never went on a diet, I was never super skinny and fit, but I did date various people, her and I talked all the way up into graduation. I am her only cousin, so there is no way she could mix me up with another cousin, what would that be considered? A glitch or her perception of reality being completely different then mine? Or some form of quantum immortality were she fazed into another universe.

Credits to: BabiHoles

My Dog Just Glitched

First, a little background. I live with my girlfriend, our dog and two cats in an apartment at ground floor. Simplified, the apartment is sort of formed like a “U”, with the kitchen at one end and the back door to the garden in the other. We keep the dog’s leash next to the front door, which is next to the kitchen. We also have a little fence closing in the garden, so that we can let the dog wander in and out without the leash when the back door i open.

Anyway, here’s the fucked up event yesterday. My girlfriend was at work, I was working from home and the cat’s were asleep. It was raining heavily, so I was hesitant to go out for a walk with the dog. He was jumping up and down by the door so I understood that he really wanted to go outside. I thought that we could go for a very short walk outside the garden fence and when coming back, he could be in the garden by himself if he wanted to.

I picked up the leash by the front door, connected it to the collar on the dog, picked up my shoes and headed for the back door (The dog happily wagging along next to me). When we got to the door, I stopped to put my shoes on, and I suddenly heard a clinking noise from the kitchen (the usual sound when the dog eats or drinks, and the metallic name tag on his collar touches the metallic bowls). I reacted to it since I could see all the animals from the spot I was standing. The cats sleeping on the couch, the dog next to me, on a leash nonetheless. It was just the one second of “clink-clink” and then nothing, so I think I just decided it was my imagination, and I opened the door.

Just as I swung open the door, I heard the same sound again, but this time it persisted, and I heard slurping sounds as well! I blinked a couple of times and looked at the dog, who was just happily looking back at me, eager to go outside. I was sure I was hearing the noise now, and I was sure that if the dog had heard it, he would be rushing towards the kitchen. In a moment of not having any idea of what it could be, and ready to accept any possibility, I thought it best not to confront the dog with whatever was in the kitchen. So I let go of the leash, letting him run into the garden, and I closed the door.

I slowly started walking back to the kitchen, and at this point I was really frightened. I was almost at the kitchen opening when the sound stopped. I stopped walking and heard paws against the floor, and suddenly he came around the corner, happily wagging along.

It was my dog! My dog that I had just put on a leash, my dog that I had seen running into the garden.

I hesitated, but eventually started petting him, confusedly trying to 1: Confirm that he was real and 2: Figure out what had just happened. He was exactly the same dog, with the same collar, same name tag, and freaking dry, so he had not just jumped into the rain!

I realised that the same dog should now be in the garden, with the leash, so I looked at the handle next to me, where the leash should be, and indeed it was gone. At this point I was freaking out, so I ran to the back door, swung it open and ran outside into the rain. There was no dog, except for the one running behind me, who was now very happy to be jumping around in the rain. He was the one who now found the leash, and I was the one to sort of understand the implication.

The leash was at the far end of the garden, lying in a pile next to the fence. I picked it up, it was the same one I had held just a minute earlier, except it wasn’t attached to the collar it came with. I connected it to the collar of the dog that was now with me, and we went inside.

From there on everything was as normal as it had ever been. I told my girlfriend, and she was a bit perplexed at first. Now she merely believes I’m either tricking her, or that I imagined it. I’m honestly not sure if it was real or not, but it freaked me out beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.

Credits to: Unprod

Glitch In The Matrix Stories #6

Phantom Music

I’m a 16 year old boy, currently doing my second semester summer school class in high school. This glitch happened to me during first semester. My classes taken are online and self-paced so I don’t have to continuously work. Due to this I would jump straight to YouTube to listen to music or stories as I work, changing songs and stories after they went off. I wear these gray, wired, noise-cancelling Samsung headphones, since they are noise-cancelled, I would have to expose one of my ears to hear anyone talking.

The fourth day that I was in my class, I went to YouTube to listen to music, headphones completely on and working and max volume. I then heard the supervisor of the class start saying something about the class rules, but I got confused, not because of the rules, but because I could hear him perfectly through the music.

I started to experiment with the volume mixer on both the headphones and the computer, but I realized that the headphones option on the computer was missing. That’s when I noticed, that my headphones weren’t on my head, not even plugged into the audio jack, but instead still in the bag I bring them in. This experience shook me very hard as I knew that I plugged in the headphones and could hear music perfectly.

Credits to: Mordickai

My Neighbor Entered The House Twice

I was standing in the hallway in the apartment building my friend and I live in, chatting and all, when a older women from the 4th floor of the building entered the building and not even a minute later, she came out of the same parking lot as she did before and started coming in again.

There is no way in hell she could’ve exited the building since there is no back door and we would’ve saw her exit the building since we were on the doors. We stopped her and asked if she entered the house already, she said she didn’t. We just stood there confused as hell about what’s going on and she left us.

Credits to: furrythrowawayaccoun

Another Part Of Me Is In NYC

Last night I had a really vivid dream of living and working in NYC. In real life I have only been there 3 times and even then I don’t know the city that well ( I’d be lost without a tour guide or map etc). The dream was so vivid it kinda freaked me out.

In the dream I was working for a limousine company that drove VIP’s in and out of the city. I seemed to know the city quite well, I was driving in and around the streets without a problem. I knew where everything is and all the current news and events regarding NYC. Now onto the weird bit, the “glitch” if you will.

Around lunchtime this morning I get a call from my friend asking how I’m enjoying my stay in NYC. I told her I wasn’t in America and she flips out. She had a very strong feeling or knowing that I was in NYC. Ever since lunchtime today I have felt a strong and growing connection with the city. Is it possible I have another “me” that lives in NYC and I slipped into his or her universe?

Credits to: Harleycruiser182  

I Predicted My Mother’s Pregnancy When I Was 4 Years Old

My Dad had told me about when my mom left home to visit the doctor to get checked because of her morning sickness (she did not think she was pregnant, so she obviously didn’t even mention that). After my mom left, I was sitting in the living room with my dad, playing. He said I was just doing something with my dolls, and out of nowhere I whispered “mama gets a baby” over and over again.

My dad was confused and asked what baby, and I calmly answered “brother”, while I continued playing. My mom came home, and of course she was pregnant, and later they found out it was a boy. So if you want to know what gender your baby is going to be, you know who to ask.

Credits to: yourstalkerin