Mace Windu: Where is Jedi Skywalker? 

Yoda: Seen him, I have not.

Obi-Wan: Hold on Masters, I got this. 

Shouting: Don’t you just love sand?

Anakin: Bursts through door with his lightsaber ignited. I DON’T LIKE SAND! IT’S COARSE AND ROUGH AND IRRITATING. AND IT GETS EVERYWHERE! 

Obi-Wan: There he is. 


Berserkers are a type of “shaman-warrior” found in Old Norse writings. Known best for their battle frenzy, berserkers were believed to be granted supernatural strength through a connection to their totem animal, the bear. A warrior connected to a wolf instead would be known as an úlfheðnar. Their connection came from wearing the pelt of a bear (or wolf). It is debated whether they were to only take on the essence of their totem animal or if they were believed to physically shift into the animal, but most lean towards the idea of having only the essence and not the physical form. In their battle rage, berserkers could not tell friend from foe and attack any who come into their range.

In Magic, berserkers are found most often Red due to the highly volatile and emotional nature of their frenzy. There are also few in green, which emphasizes the aspect of berserking that requires a commune with nature. 

Why I hate coconuts

We were playing Dungeons and Dragons and coming up to the big finale boss fight. House rules are that three 20s = instant kill.

The party decided to allow their pet sentient cactus to fight along with them after teaching it how to throw and retrieve a coconut. I went along with it for the laughs, treating it as an improvised weapon with pretty large negatives on dice rolls.

The very first round of the fight went to the cactus. The cleric instructed Needles the Cactus to throw his coconut at the boss.

MFW 20

MFW 20 20

MFW 20 20 20

MFW my uberboss was one-shotted with a coconut

MFW I had to think of how a coconut, thrown by a two-foot tall walking cactus, had managed to slay a black dragon.

Good Little Kitten
  • Master:Who's my good little kitten?
  • Kitten:It's me!!
  • Master:Is it... this stuffie?
  • Kitten:No!!! Master it's me!
  • Master:Is it that kitty in the street?
  • Kitten:Maaaasssstttteeerrrr!
  • Master:Is it....
  • Kitten:It's me, it's me, it's me!!!
  • Master:Oh, that's right! You're my good little kitten, aren't you babygirl?
  • Kitten:Hehe, yea it's me!! I'm Master's good kitten!
  • Master:That's very right, Princess. You're my good little kitten.

Okay, so I LOVE that part in SWR where Ezra first hears the whales and no one else can, not even Kanan. And Kanan admits that, but he doesn’t say, “Oh Ezra you’re just hearing things,” or anything like that. 

Instead, he asks: “What does it sound like?” He validates that Ezra may hear something he himself might not and he doesn’t belittle him to make himself feel better. “Well if I don’t hear it then it’s obviously not real.”

He’s such a wonderful, supportive, understanding father mentor and I just love him and his relationship with Ezra!!!