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I knew even when you were a small boy that you would one day grow up to be the leader of this team, and when I pass on to be like a father as well.

Master Splinter to Leonardo in the Dojo in the episode “Requiem.” 

Where do I even begin with this statement from Master Splinter…this is such a heavy piece of dialogue you guys it’s really emotional for me to even type this out. 

In this scene, Splinter side-steps Leo’s concern for his well being to instead focus on his role in the family. He admits that he only said he chose him to become the leader because he asked to temper his ego at the time and admits that he always knew he would grow up to be the leader of the family. 

But then he throws in at the end that he knows that Leo will become like FATHER to his brothers when he passes away. Leo has always been portrayed as a protective older brother of his siblings and he’s matured a lot since the first season, but to actually hear Splinter call him a Father to his brothers makes me tear up a bit. 

At this moment he’s giving his position as the Father, the protector, and the patriarch of the Hamato family to his eldest son. He’s telling his son that he’s now responsible to help raise his brothers in his stead as their surrogate Father as well as their leader. 

With this statement, Leo has been given the title as the head of the Hamato clan. 

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Leonardo is the Head of the Hamato Family 100% Confirmed

So I messaged Brandon Auman about “Requiem” last night on Facebook and asked him just for confirmation if Leo is now the head of the Hamato family or if that position belonged to Karai and he answered that he is.

(Showing a screenshot for proof because I know how some people think on this damn website. I’m friends with him up on Facebook and I ask questions from time to time but not a whole lot. He’s an awesome guy though!

So this confirms that Splinter is officially out of the picture you guys. No coming back from the dead, no time turning events, no fugitoid here to save the day. Leo is officially the head of the Hamato clan and I’m very intrigued to see where this series goes from here. 

Leonardo, Head of the Hamato Clan and Father figure of his brothers, is officially 100% canon. 

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I’ve always wondered what they kept back there… Th-thanks for watching this video and- *growling* Oh no…*SCREECHING* *Dial Tone*

It’s very easy to chuckle at cases of people being too ideological, but it’s less popular to point out the cases where people aren’t being ideological enough. A lot of the time people will claim to support an ideology, then decide too early that they’ve found a situation where said ideology doesn’t apply. In the case of libertarianism, the popular mode of thinking is something like “well surely it’s okay to break the NAP against one’ down children; I have rights over them as a parent!” And, like, there are cases where that’s legitimate, but the type of mistake that people make here is just sort of plowing through without thinking “wait a minute, maybe my intuitions are wrong and my ideology is right.”

When done correctly, ideology should prevent you from doing things that you want to do because it raises red flags and implants doubts into your thinking process. It should limit you in your ability to justify harming other people, and it should compel you to act when you don’t want to. It should force you to admit to your own imperfections and sins (but hopefully not pull you into a death spiral of scrupulosity). If you never allow it to win out over gut feeling and absurdity heuristic, then you may as well not try to come up with models of the world or of morality at all. In the absence of at least some degree of ideology, or at least serious attempts to abide by some principles, all that’s left is a sort of moral and political Tyranny of Structurelessness.