Battered and Bruised - Ways to “Weather” EVA Cosplay Armour & Other stuff too!

After finishing my Mass Effect armour, I wrote a tutorial series about some simple, but effective weathering techniques for cosplay.

A recent reblog alerted me to the fact that the links in these pages were broken, so here’s an index:

Thanks those of you who have messaged me to say you’ve found these useful; I hope they’ll help more people who are doing similar projects!


Our Garrus and Shepard costumes at the Japan Weekend convention in Madrid! 

Both armors and M5-Phalanx heavy pistol prop made by me (Nebulaluben) FB/TW/INS/WEB/DA


Femshep armor: 1/2

Garrus armor: 1/2

Garrus cosplayer is Adrian Winters. He helped me making his armor. Femshep cosplayer is me.

Garrus mask by My Wicked Armor, fixed and painted by us.

Black Widow sniper rifle prop made by Skullopathy.

Clips taken from Japan Weekend 2014 COSPLAY VIDEO by Herzlocast. 

People, you’ve been asking for this - but I probably would have done it anyway. I feel Jane should have been featured as alternate box art from the beginning.

And here I thought I was finally getting over my obsession with this game.

(Everything is official Bioware Artwork)

There are days, like today, where I feel like I haven’t made any progress but these comparison pics show me that’s BS! The girl on the right was 180 lbs, size 14, drank too much, ate too much, depressed and hated herself. The girl on the left has no idea how much she weighs, eats to fuel her workouts, loves herself and hasn’t suffered from depression in over a year. If I can do this, anyone can! Put in the time and effort and you can do ANYTHING!! #transformationtuesday #me #selfie #fitness #weightloss #crush60 #wearecrush #masseffect #carbcycling #girlswholift #motivation #bodybuilding #muscles #iifym

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