i think deadpool should show up in every marvel movie now, kinda like stan lee. and he’ll be disguised too; a pedestrian, taxi driver, bar tender. only difference is he should have his entire dead pool costume on underneath his disguise: mask, weapons, hello kitty back pack and the rest of it. but because he’s kinda in a different version of marvel no one would fucking notice. like he’s dressed up as peter parkers fucking gym teacher and he does not notice the bright red suit. he’s dressed as a waiter at tchallas mansion and no one FUCKING NOTICES. @ marvel, this is what i need

Watching Luke Cage
  • Character:Hey Pop
  • Me:Oh his name is Pop. Probably because he's old and is a father figure to everyone.
  • Pop:They call me Pop because that was the sound my fist make when I knock a fool out
  • Me:Oh...

Request: OMG! Thank you again for the story! It’s amazing! <3 Maybe it’s too much to ask this (again) but is it possible for you to write another story if you have time and are willing to? I just love how you write and so… I can’t get enough of it! I’m juste addicted! ahah Anyway, it could be about how Bucky meets the reader who is “normal” in a way that she’s not a hero, a vilain or anything just a cute, fragile, strong, utterly kind and soft girl. could you write about how they meet and how their relation involve (like little incidents, funny stuff) but at the end, she always keeps him grounded even if he’s scared to hurt her or anything and realised that when she’s next to him, he’s not the soldier but just a man and that he loves that feeling? I know it’s maybe too much and I’m sorry but I just love your writings so… THANK YOU again for the previous one it was PERFECT ! “Merci beaucoup” Sorry for mistakes… ahah xxx


Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: Swearing, fluff. so much fluff.

All credit goes to Marvel

Word count: 4.4k

     Walking home from work in the afternoon had to be your favorite part of the day. You’d go to the coffee shop next door to your office, grab your favorite coffee, and walk home as the sun began to set. You never minded the crowded streets as other people tried to make their way home too, because you understand that after a long day, you might head home in a rush to go see your family. You never had a reason to rush; your life motto being to stop and smell the roses every once in a while. You were only half a block away from your humble home, your cup of coffee now discarded in a trash bin after you finished it, when you accidentally bumped into a figure. “Ooh! Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” You said. You looked up at the man, he had shoulder length hair, striking blue eyes, and a slight stubble coating most of his cheeks and neck. He looked down at you, looking like a deer in the headlights.

    “No, it’s okay, I-uh-yeah.” He mumbled before walking off, leaving you shrugging your shoulders and taking the last few steps to your house, unlocking the door and stepping inside.

    You let out a relaxed sigh as you finally kicked off your heels and untucked your blouse from your pencil skirt before shimmying out of both and putting on some shorts and a t-shirt, appreciating the comfy outfit after a day of wearing such a restrictive outfit. Soon enough, your couch dipped a little with the weight of your golden retriever, Rover, settling itself on your lap. You laughed at the 80 pound dog flinging himself onto you as if he were still a puppy. In your mind he was, he was only three years old. Reaching behind you, you unpinned your hair, letting it fall down in waves and massaging your scalp. The dog rolled onto its back and nudged his head closer to your stomach, his tail wagging happily when you gave in and rubbed his tummy.

    “Diana, who do I have today?” I asked, rounding the corner of the office as the receptionist went through her appointment cards, pulling out the ones that were dated today.

    “You have Tim Johnson at 9:30, Julia Gren at 10:45, Henry Williams at 12:30, and, Steve Rogers at 2, who wants to discuss maybe doing home visits.” You nodded, making a mental note of it before smiling at Diana and making your way back to your office.

    Being a therapist had its ups and down. As much as you loved finding ways to help people cope, somedays were harder than others. It’s your job to be happy and to radiate it in an attempt to lift your patient’s spirits. Somedays, no dice. You’d hear a client talk about a particularly rough topic for them and being so empathetic, you’d often times feel their anguish in you. It’d hit you so hard that you would sit underneath your desk with a box of tissues, simultaneously crying and being mad at yourself because it’s not your actual problem and you shouldn’t be crying.

    That’s partially why you weren’t married or in a relationship, you felt that the emotional stress you would endure would travel to your partner. You didn’t mind though, your dog was enough love to lift your spirits back up.

    Your day passed by fairly quickly, a quiet day which you were somewhat thankful for. You stopped spinning in your chair when your alarm went off, signaling that it was 2 o’clock and Steve Rogers was here. You stood up, waiting for the dizziness to pass before your straightened your skirt and smoothed your shirt. You checked your hair and makeup one more time, checking to make sure your eyeliner wasn’t smudged beneath your eyes. You always wanted to look presentable for clients, and Captain America was no exception.

    Walking out into the waiting room, your eyes met the tall blonde’s eyes and you smiled softly at him. “Mr. Rogers, come in.” He stood up, stretching a little bit as he did. You sat down in your chair again and he sat down on the recliner. “Steve, you’ve been going to my office for 5 years now, you don’t need permission to lay back anymore.” You laughed a little with him and he took his que, leaning all the way back in the chair with his feet up, legs crossed. “So, what’s going on? Diana mentioned that you were pretty eager for an appointment.”

    “Uh, yeah. Peggy passed,” your heart sunk, knowing Peggy was such a huge part of his life and can be credited for how he is today. “I mean, I knew it was coming. She couldn’t live forever, right? I don’t know, it just feels like there’s a side of me that’s empty now. I’m happy with where I am today, I have great friends and they’ve all made the transition from then and now a lot easier, but Peggy was really the only part of my old life that I have, or had.”

    You placed your hand over Steve’s, a gesture which was normal for you two now. “The first part is accepting it, which you seemed to have done. You can love her forever, Steve. There’s always going to be that one person who you’ll love to the end of time. But maybe, with Peggy’s passing, you can completely immerse yourself in your new life.” He laughed a bit.

    “Well, that’s part of the reason I’m here. You know Bucky, the guy I tell you about all the time?”

    “Of course.”

    “Well, we found him. He’s still alive, the people that took him put him in cryogenic sleep. They used him to kill people by brainwashing him. He doesn’t remember much of his old life, but the nightmares he has… he’ll scream in his sleep and thrash around. You never know when he’s going to snap.” Steve trailed off, tapping his fingers against the arm of the chair. You placed your hand over his again.

    “Steve, what are you asking me?” You asked slowly, biting your lip to suppress a smile.

    “He’s asking if you’ll come to the Avengers facility to be a round the clock therapist for Barnes. I came here because I knew he’d be too chicken-shit to ask.” You nearly jumped out of your skin at the man now standing in your doorway. He looked completely unfazed by your jump and Steve sighed.

    “Y/N, meet Tony.” You gaped at both men and Tony reached his hand out for you to shake, which you did very slowly.

    “Anyways, I’ll pay you 50% more than they’re paying you and you could bargain for 100%.”

    “Um, I mean, I have patients, and a house, and a dog. I don’t know how I could just drop that all-“ You sputtered, in disbelief that this was actually even being discussed.

    “I’ll see to it that you get one of the best rooms in the tower, you can bring your dog with you. You’re going to have to drop your patients though, but if you think about it, you’d be making more money with 2 clients or maximum of 7 than you would with however many clients you have now.”

    You thought it over in your head multiple times, were you ready for this? No. Did you have any idea with what you were about to do? No. Did you think being a therapist for a team of superheroes would be the greatest honor of your life? Yes. “Alright, you have a deal.” You smiled. Tony let out a sigh of a relief and handed you an empty storage box.

    “Good, because I already quit for you.”

    To say you were nervous about your new environment was an understatement. In fact, understatement of the century. Lucky for you, Steve told you there was a running track behind the tower so you decided to throw on some gym clothes and grab Rover’s leash, ready to go run for a while until you could get your thoughts together.

    It’s been so long since you had gone running, your old house was on a busy street with little to no sidewalk so it wasn’t safe. But being out here, it felt so natural with the wind flying through you. The chill that came after your sweat worked to keep you cool. The way Rover would bound ahead of you, eager for you to follow him. You must’ve been running for a while, because sky was dark and you had started right as the sun began to set.

    You wiped as much sweat off you as possible before you pushed open the sliding doors of the tower, leading to the common room- as Tony called it. He gave you a room right across from Bucky’s, just in case he had a nightmare, and told you that you were an honorary member of the Avengers. He joked that he would call you “The Miracle”. You smiled at the memory. You grabbed a water bottle from the fridge, chugging half of it before you turned and again, nearly jumping out of your skin and spilling the rest of your water on your shirt as another person just appeared out of nowhere, in turn causing Rover to bark loudly. “Oh my gosh! It’s only been 7 hours and I’ve nearly had two heart attacks already!” The man chuckled, and you noticed that it was the same man that you bumped into on the street the other day. He took off his shirt and you blushed, turning your face so you didn’t stare at his chest. He handed the shirt to you and you looked at him with confusion. He coughed and pointed to your shirt in return, which was completely soaked through and exposing your baby blue bra. “Oh, right.” He kept staring at you while you stared at him before he coughed again, mimicking your words and turned with his back to you. Rover lapped at the man’s hand, looking to be pet.

    You peeled your now-soaked shirt over your head and placed it on the counter while you pulled on the man’s shirt, an old red henley that stopped mid-thigh on you. You lightly coughed and he turned back around, doing a once over on your body as you willed away a blush. “Well, this is going to sound backwards since you just saw my bra, but I’m Y/N.” You smiled at him and he smirked.

    “Bucky,” You shook hands. “Are you my…?”

    “Stand-by therapist? Yes, I am, but you don’t have to know me as that. Steve just calls me a friend. I get it, there’s a stigma around saying you’re seeing a therapist.” Bucky laughed and you smiled at the sound.

    “I wasn’t going to say anything, but yeah. You never want to admit you need help, especially me. You know? I’m supposed to be this hero now, but I don’t feel like it. What good is a hero if he has issues with himself?”

    You hesitantly placed a comforting hand on his left forearm, his eyes traveling down to where you were connected. “A brave one.” You gave him a small smile which he returned. “I’m going to go to bed, okay? I’ll have your shirt back to you tomorrow. You know where to find me if you need me. Goodnight, Bucky.” You don’t know why, nor will you ever, but you pushed up onto your toes and gave him a peck on the cheek, before walking to the stairs to your room, hyper-aware of the fact that his eyes were following your every move.

   The next morning, you woke up at 7:30 a.m. You sat up, stretching your arms behind your head as Rover simply rolled over, deciding that he was going to sleep in today. “Good morning, Ms. Y/L/N.”

    “Oh fuck!” You jumped, hand on your chest. There was a soft knock on your door and Steve poked his head in.

    “Y/N, are you okay?” He asked, stepping inside and softly closing the door.

    “No, you people need to announce that you’re around me! God, no wonder you’re so good at stealth missions.”

    “I apologize, Ms. Y/L/N. I will try to be less alarming next time.” You threw your blankets off yourself, exasperated.

    “Steve what is that and where the hell is it coming from I need answers.” You pushed out in one breath, he laughed, placing a hand on your calf.

    “That’s FRIDAY. Tony’s computerized assistant sorta. FRIDAY, close the shades and turn on the bathroom light.” With that, the shades closed on their own and the bathroom light flickered on. You groaned, falling back onto your mattress and smuggling yourself with your pillow. Steve grabbed the pillow from you and put it on your side. “Having trouble adjusting?”

    “Me? To go from living in a little bungalow style home to a giant tower with automatic shades and Monday-“

    “FRIDAY.” Steve corrected.

    “You know what I mean,” you laugh. “I guess you could say I’m a little intimidated, living in a house of superheroes and people who could kill you in at least 400 ways. But I’m happy to be here, even if we are crossing a weird therapist/patient line.” Steve laughed.

    “Well try not to think of it like that anymore. Think of it that you’re just a good friend who’s good at keeping a bunch of superheroes from losing their minds. We really need you here, Y/N. Bucky especially. Even we have some rough days. Now come on, we’re going to go introduce you to everyone.”

    You met everyone and they all seemed very warm and welcoming, even Natasha who Steve warned you, could be a little closed off. Steve told everyone, in his captain voice, that I’d be here as a 24/7 therapist for anyone who needed it. He also made a point at staring at Bucky when he said it.

    Vision was very curious about your abilities to understand peoples emotions and even predict how they’d feel about a situation in the future. Much to Wanda’s amusement. “Viz, it’s like when I read someone’s mind, except she’s licensed to do it and does it from a more scientific standpoint. She bases your past behaviors to determine your future behaviors.” He nodded thoughtfully.

    “May I ask you what I’m thinking now?” He asked you, you bit back a laugh.

    “You’re very confused.”

    “How interesting. She’s quite intelligent.” You turned your head towards Steve, biting your lip still and he was also smirking at Vision’s curiousity.     

     You were fast asleep when the intro of “00000 Million” by Bon Iver started softly playing in the background. You sat up, groaning. “Ms. Y/L/N, Mr. Barnes’s heart rate is increasing significantly, indicating a start of a nightmare.” You swung your legs over your bed, throwing on the first thing you could get your hands on, learning from Steve that Bucky kept his room colder.

    “Thanks, TUESDAY.” You yawned.

    “It’s FRIDAY, actually, Miss.” You didn’t really hear her, too tired to hear much. You carefully opened Bucky’s door after crossing the hallway, and saw Bucky beginning to thrash around, getting more violent with each second.

    “Bucky, wake up. You’re having a nightmare. C’mon, open your eyes. It’s just me. I’m here to help.” His eyes shot open, his left hand automatically going to your throat, but he released it when he realized it was you and that you weren’t going to hurt him. He sat up, hoping to blink away the awful dream. You laid your hand on top of his metal one, showing him that you were okay and that you weren’t scared, because truthfully you weren’t. He was just a man with a rough past and trying to adjust to a modern life. “Hey, it’s okay. It’s just a dream. I promise those people won’t hurt you again.”

    “It’s not about them hurting me anymore, they’ve already put me through hell and back, I’m worried about them making me hurt someone. For God’s sake, I almost just crushed your windpipe.” His breathing began to regulate, but he was still shaking.

    “Do you need some water? Is there anything you need?” You asked, concern creasing your forehead. He shook his head. “Are you okay to go back to sleep or do you want me to stay?”

    “No, I should be okay, it’s usually only once a night, and you need your sleep, doll.” Your cheeks flushed at the sudden nickname and you were so glad the room was dark enough so he couldn’t tell, only a bit of moonlight illuminating the room, casting light onto Bucky’s figure. “You’re wearing my shirt.” He said, a hint of amusement in his voice. You looked down, seeing his red henley clinging to your body, the buttons slightly undone, showing a hint of cleavage. You blushed again, rebuttoning them.

    “Yeah, I kinda just grabbed the first thing I saw, I’m sorry.” He let out a chuckle.

    “No need to be sorry, it looks good on you.” You couldn’t contain your blush this time, your cheeks instantly reddening. You laughed a little at yourself.

    “Well, if you’re okay, I’m going to go back to my room. Don’t hesitate to wake me up if you need me, otherwise FRIDAY will wake me up and I’ll come and wake you again, okay?” He nodded, already getting sleepy. You smiled softly to yourself, releasing his left hand and getting up to leave the room. You were halfway out the door when he whispered loud enough for you to faintly hear him.

    “Actually, can you stay tonight? I know your job isn’t to sleep in bed with me, but I’ve never calmed so quickly until you came in tonight. Please? I can even sleep on the couch and turn the heat up a bit.” You bit your lip at his request, closing the door once more and carefully climbing into the bed with him. He was right, this wasn’t at all your job, but the man just seemed so broken that you couldn’t find it in yourself to say no to him. You laid on your side next to Bucky, who gently wrapped his right arm around your waist. “Is this okay?” He asked and you nodded. He pulled you closer to his body and buried his face into the back of your neck and shoulder blade.

    Within minutes, you noticed he had fallen asleep. You would talk to Steve in the morning, find out if this was a rare occurrence, not that he would really know, but hoping to get some input. After making your promise to yourself, your eyes began to feel heavy, and you drifted off to sleep once more, enjoying the warmth of Bucky’s chest against your back, his legs having tangled with yours haphazardly in his sleep.

    You woke up to an empty bed this morning and looked around. When you saw no one or even a hint that someone was there, you padded out of Bucky’s room and into yours, putting a leash on Rover to take him for a morning walk.

    You decided to go out through the back door so you could pass by Steve’s room and see if he was there so you could talk to him about last night because as happy as you were to keep Bucky comfortable through the night and keep him calm, you still felt like you were crossing some sort of boundary that could get you fired. But when you passed by Steve’s room and were about to open the door to talk to him, it seemed like someone had beat you to it. “Do you think she’s afraid of me?”

    “I don’t, Buck. If she was afraid of you, she wouldn’t have spent the night in your room or ran out after you nearly choking her. In fact, I think she probably cares about you more than her old patients.”

    “She treats me like I’m normal. Like I didn’t kill two dozen people. Like I don’t have this metal arm attached to me. She just treats me like a man who had a rough past. She treats me like she’s not scared of me or of anything that I’ve ever done in my life, and I’ve done a lot of bad things, Steve.”

    Your breath caught in your throat at Bucky’s confession and you tugged on Rover’s leash, pulling him back so you could turn around.

    Once again, you found yourself walking into the common room, your body slick with sweat after running so much. The golden retriever, however, wasn’t tired out at all. You realized that when Bucky came down the stairs and Rover went to go jump on him. “Well, I was going to announce that I was here, but I think your dog did the job for me. What’s his name?” You pulled the water bottle from your lips, taking a big gulp of it.

    “Rover, I got him when I graduated college.” Rover continued jumping on top of Bucky until Bucky started petting him, patting his stomach.

    “He’s great. I’ve always wanted a dog, but I thought I wouldn’t be around enough to take care of it.”

   “Well, feel free to borrow him when you want, Lord knows I don’t have the energy to tire him out.” You and Bucky laughed as Rover went to curl up in the dog bed that Thor bought him. Which was roughly the size of a trampoline.

    “Hey, listen, I’m sorry about last night-“ You cut him off before he could finish his sentence.

    “Don’t be, Buck, it’s what I’m here for. You don’t have to be afraid of telling me anything or asking me anything, okay?” He nodded, opening his mouth to say something, but closing it, nodding again to signal that was all he had to say. You smiled at him and pushed up on your toes to give him another kiss on the cheek and walking back to your room, craving a hot shower to relax your muscles.

    “FRIDAY, where’s Tony?”

    “In the lab, Ms. Y/L/N.”

    You pushed the door to the lab open, instantly spotting Tony and Bruce. Tony’s eyes flicked up to see you and smiled. “Well, well, well, look who it is. The miracle worker!” He exclaimed excitedly. “I have to say, that was the first decent night’s sleep in months. Seems like Old Man Winter just needs a pretty girl to sleep next to him at night.”

    Your cheeks blushed, but you were still confused. “What do you mean you slept well? What does that have to do with Bucky?” Tony and Bruce looked at each other.

    “FRIDAY, show surveillance footage of the main hallway 3 nights ago, before Ms. Y/L/N arrived.”

    “Yes sir.” A screen popped up next to you out of nowhere and you went to stand next to Tony and Bruce, looking at the screen. You saw the hallway where you, Bucky, and some of the other team slept. It was silent, but then, out of nowhere, screaming ensued. It was loud, pained, and it was coming from Bucky’s room.

    “Is that…?” You asked, hesitantly.

    “Yes. His nightmares are so vivid that he’ll go on screaming like that for twenty minutes. We’ve done sleep studies on him, trying to watch his brain waves and see what leads up to it and if there’s any way to stop them. We haven’t had much luck.” Bruce said.

    “So I guess Benadryl’s out of the question, then, huh?” You joked. “Is this every night?”

    “Most of them,” Tony said. “Listen, Y/N, I know this isn’t what you signed up for, but the team really likes you, I really like you, Bucky clearly really likes you and you’ve known Steve since he was unfrozen five years ago. Whatever you’re doing is working already, so could you keep doing it?” He bit his lip, gauging your reaction. You knew what he was asking and you nodded your head, not being able to think of a reason not to.

    “Ms. Y/L/N-“

    “Got it.” You groaned, sitting up in bed and pushing yourself off it, nearly falling onto the floor in the process. You wrapped your blanket around your body, too tired and attached to let it go. Especially stepping into Bucky’s room which was always ice cold. You shivered and pulled the blanket tighter around you.

    Bucky was stirring and his face was contorted into one of pain. “Bucky,” you yawned. “Buckyyyyyy.” He began to calm slightly and his eyes opened slightly, just in time to see you trip over your blanket and land on the floor in a heap. You wordlessly sprawled out onto the floor, too tired to get up. “You good?” You asked, yawning, ready to fall asleep on the floor.

    “Depends. Are you?” You hummed in response and Bucky chuckled. Before you knew it, he was hoisting your blanket wrapped body in his arms and placing you on his lap while he sat on the edge of the bed, your head lightly dangling over his arm. “You’re a mess, doll, you know that?”

   “I blame you, you’re always popping up out of nowhere and shit. It’s kinda like I’m living in a house full of master assassins and super soldiers.” Your eyes were still closed and you heard him snort at your sarcasm, a loopy smile taking over your features.

    “And you’re not concerned sleeping in the same bed with a mixture of the two?” You could hear the smirk in his voice, but you knew it was a genuine question deep down.

    “Not when they’re you.” You poked his chest with your finger and peeked one eye open.

    “And what’s so different about me?”

    You exaggerated a shrug, “Well, I think you would’ve killed me already. Most assassins don’t sleep in the same bed with the people they’re going to kill. And I think you’d miss me.” You grinned and Bucky laughed. “You’re Bucky, you’re just a big teddy bear, and I ain’t afraid of no teddy bear.” With that, you dozed off in his arms, leaving the teddy bear you call Bucky smiling at you, pure adoration in his eyes. He could get used to this. A pretty girl sleeping in his bed with him every night? Not getting scared off by his nightmares? Not being scared of him in general and actually making him feel like a human being with a normal life? Maybe everyone at the tower was right: you were a miracle.