He plays a recently corrupted FBI agent named Phil Rask. And…what can I say? Martin is just an unparalleled talent. And I say you’ve seen Season 1 of Fargo, in this show it’s really exciting to see see him kinda wear a different face, and wear a different accent, and wear a different personality. He is such a chameleon, and every character that he embodies, he does it with such realism, it comes from such a place of just truth and realism. And it’s his character that he’s crafted in Rask is actually…it’s a frightening journey to go on…honestly I can say that much, it’s a very morally conflicted character and somebody that you absolutely do not want to cross, so I’m excited for everybody to see that side of Martin Freeman, and, I feel, a side that you’ve never really seen before.
—  Ben Ketai, executive producer/writer/director of StartUp, talks about Martin Freeman’s character, Phil Rask, on the “Tomorrow Will be Televised” podcast (here, also the latest entry on iTunes)