On behalf of the Jon x Sansa shippers

I just wanted to make a post to be sure other shippers are alright. How are you Jorah x Dany, Arianne x Willas, Jon x Arianne shippers doing? Good? The Sansa x Margaery, Sansa x Theon, Sansa x Willas? You guys doing well through all this? What about Dany x Sansa, or Tyrion x Dany, even Tyrion x Sansa and Jaime x Sansa? What about Brienne x Jaime, Tormund x Brienne and your beautiful ships? Tyrion x Dany, Asha x Dany, Dany x Jon, Robb x Everyone- I hope you’re all having a good time through this shit storm and I’m sorry it’s happening. Really, this shipping war is completely uncalled for and I know it can ruin the experience. Hang in there! It will get better…I hope!

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I know I forgot a lot of ships, but I can’t name them all simply because that’s a lot of ships, man. So many of them exist. Even so, to those I did not mention, I hope you’re all doing great!


lady olenna’s reaction to seeing/meeting brienne is still one of my favourite scenes ever❤️ brienne is so used to people making fun of her height and appearance, and just generally being cruel to her because of her physical traits. so when lady olenna is kind to brienne about her looks, she can’t help but be shocked but also show a hint of a smile. women being positive towards & complimenting other women is the shit i live for