A tree in Riverside Park, Manhattan.

The missing 10 years of Lois and Clark taken by Dr. Manhattan returns as New 52 Superman and Pre 52 Superman merge….becoming Pre 52 Superman with another outfit alteration and his red boots back. All this just one day after i bought the DC REBIRTH Superman figure blue boots. Just like that my Superman action figure is outdated!


Taliyah Amaya, a young woman of color from the South Bronx is MISSING. So many young girls and women have been going missing in the South Bronx like Maylin Reynoso. I know I have like no followers but please reblog especially if you live in NYC/tri state area!!!!! If you have any information call the number provided (929) 256 0471 or call the police.

UPDATE: SHE IS SAFE AND SOUND!! thank you all for sharing far and wide! 💚💚💚