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How would Mccree, Roadhog, and Reaper react to their SO being in the sun and their freckles popping out for once?


  • The cowboy never noticed his S/O’s freckles at first, but when they were out one day and the sun had brought them out, he saw them alright!

  • “Hey sweetpea, I never knew you had such cute freckles on your pretty face.” Jesse would comment as he smirks, watching their expression grow flustered.

  • Really though, Jesse thinks that the freckles just makes his S/O 100000000x more adorable like what?? How is this possible???

  • He’d totally want to go out more whenever it’s sunny outside, just to see those cute freckles on his S/O’s face come out again~


  • Mako doesn’t notice them at first, but when he turns to look at them about to tell them something, but that thought’s long gone as he sees the freckles pop out from the sunshine, and holy cow they’re so cute????

  • He’d tap on their shoulder, and when they turn their head to look at him, the junker would gently take hold of their chin and look at their face, which would probably cause them to fluster under his gaze.

  • “You’re looking very cute today.” He nonchalantly says as he lets go of their chin, chuckling just a bit as he sees them trying to cover their blush with their hands.

  • The junker would look at them just a little bit longer after a conversation’s over, smiling under his mask. He finds them just, extra cuter with the freckles~


  • He was on one of his days off, and he finally agreed on going out with his S/O for a few hours since it was so nice outside~

  • Gabriel doesn’t look at his S/O a lot on the ‘date’ until his S/O gets his attention, so he turns to look at them and WHAT WHY ARE THEY CUTER THAN BEFORE WHERE DID THOSE FRECKLES COME FROM????

  • Under his cool demeanor he’s actually freaking out on the inside like how is this possible they’re so cute with those freckles??? Did he never notice them before?

  • He then notices that he spaced out as they were literally poking him now. Reaper’s told that they want to go to the park to hang out, and he mutters an ‘ok’ and off he goes being dragged by them, as he’s still thinking about his S/O’s adorable face littered in freckles~

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Regarding the Virginrat post: The best combo imo is when they are both virgins. Mainly cuz, I can't see Rat beeing emberassed by it. Any shame gets immediatly erased by "HOLEYDOLEY! Were gonna plow!" Hes so exited. Mako on the other hand IS shy about his inexperience and now Jamie is lying before him all giggles and he realises he think hes done this before, Jamie has EXPECTATIONS. Cut to one minute later with Mako breathing in and out a paperbag and Rat freaking out and trying to calm him down.



I can totally see Jamie as a confident virgin as well. Like, he’s always wanted to have sex and even encouraged it as a way of payment but no one would ever want to do it then come along Roadhog who actually wants to do it with him. So he’s really excited to do it for the first time.

And with someone that he can semi-trust. His canon confidence is all over the place, making him seem like he knows what he’s doing even though he’s just guessing.

And poor Roadhog is just trying his best. He’s over 40 years old and never had the urge to be with anyone until Jamie. (Demisexual Roadhog???) And so it’s like, “Maybe he can be a learning experience for the both of us.”


I honestly love emotional Roadhog (but like, only in his down time because gotta keep up that image) 

I honestly can’t get the thought of Jamie sitting in Mako’s lap, trying to calm down Mako and tell him that it’s alright and that if he wants to go slow that they can and they can learn together. And it’s in the middle of no where on a worn bed and the rain is pouring outside but they make it a very comfortable night. Lots of encouraging words on both ends. Lots of kisses.



I Swear its Safe - redKardinal - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Characters: Junkrat | Jamison FawkesRoadhog | Mako Rutledge
Additional Tags: Panic Attack, learned fear, Hurt/Comfort, Rain, thunder storms, Fluff
Language: English
Summary: Junkrat and Roadhog get caught in a storm after a heist.

For @transjunker based off of their headcanon


9/25 Spoken! feature with Akiko Suzuki on Nagoya skaters (incl. Shoma, Kanako Murakami, Yura Matsuda, Rika Hongo, Mako Yamashita, Rin Nitaya, Yuhana Yokoi)

Shoma’s segment, starting 5:17: Shoma was listing foods he ate in Italy (during Lombardia Trophy): pasta, pizza, cream stew. He said every time he goes abroad, it reminds him how Japanese food is better. Shoma landed the world’s first clean quad flip in competition — and that accomplishment was the result of a change of pace. The program ran through his first year as a senior — exceeded expectations and accomplishing a lot in the first half but had a disappointing second half. Shoma said he was feeling down as a result of that and wanted to do something fun. Taking on a new challenge is fun, and he couldn’t believe he was able to land the quad flip. The program pointed out his quad flips from Lombardia and noted none of them were clean. He was asked what he needed to work on. Shoma said everything, but most importantly, the quad flip. He knows what he needs to work on and will do his best to clean everything up in time for the Grand Prix series.

i keep thinking about Asami and Bolin up in that warehouse at the end of Book One, after they’ve stopped Mr. Sato but the fact that he tried to murder Asami is hanging thick in the air

and in my head Bolin just goes 

“it’s okay, I’m your dad now”

and Asami bursts into tears

and Bolin’s like “oh jeez! did I make it weird?? is it because you’re dating Mako??? yeah i can see how that would be weird I’m sorry that was a weird thing to say–”

and then she just kind of collapses into him and he’s like, oh. hugs. 

hugs he can do.

I’m so happy, just to have you here.   Smiles turn to sunshine, worries disappear.
                                                                      When the days turn dark, and we start to fall, I will pick you up and  we will fix it all.

Indie Juzo Sakakura         Indie Kyosuke Munakata                    Indie Chisa Yukizome
       written by Mako.                        written by Becky.                                     written by Ree.

                                           Promo art by Vi          


Four weeks.

Even with Hayseed’s help, it had taken Mako an entire month to get the farm back to where he wanted it. The fencing was repaired and reinforced, extra precautions taken in the area where the Dingos had breached. The chicken coop was cleaned out. It had a new protective ring of fencing around it which was inconvenient for Mako to traverse, but he wasn’t going to risk anything again. Even the barn itself had fresh repairs on any parts that had been close to rotting or giving way. It’d been a few months coming and the attack just gave him the motivation to get it done.

“What’re we doin’ today?” The cheerful voice pulled him away from his mental checklist. Hayseed was seated on top of the chicken coop, peg leg dangling over the side as he watched the farmer finish up. His energy and knowledge had been crucial in the repairs and it was obvious that he was happy to be done with them. Finally.

“Sorry ‘Seed. Just me today.” A whine immediately followed. “Got to go into town. New chickens.” Mako couldn’t help but chuckle as the whine became an excited gasp. The scarecrow hopped down, sticking his head into the side window of the coop with a sad excuse for a clucking sound. When he pulled it back out, he was grinning.

“New birds! I’ll keep ‘em safe this time Mako. I swear.” He hopped from foot to peg, feet tip tapping in the dirt and his hands balled up into determined fists. It was… adorable. Mako couldn’t stop his hand from reaching out and patting the tuft of hay that the scarecrow called his hair. Hayseed froze at the touch, eye swiveling to look at the hand before he burst into more giggling and pressed his head up against it.

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