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How about some fluff headcanons with the junkers? Preferably separate?

Of course, coming right up! Hope you enjoy :)


This guy is just excitement personified

  • You got a story about your day? He will listen attentively and even add in sound effects that make it sound even cooler
  • You want to make brownies? Well you probably won’t be able to finish because he’ll eat the mixture before you get the chance
  • You want to watch something on TV? Everything will be ten times more exciting with his noises of surprise or fear in your ear

He loves, and I mean loves, cuddles

  • He’ll be the big spoon, cocooning you in his arms and legs almost protectively
  • Or he’ll be the little spoon, tangling his legs with yours with his head resting in the crook of your neck
  • Also, standing cuddles just randomly
  • While your cooking, coming up behind you and wrapping his arms round your waist whilst you feed him a spoonful
  • When at Overwatch parties, will just standing with one arm draped over your shoulders and the other round your waist

After a tough mission, he’s more subdued

  • Will enter the door, smelling whatever you’ve cooked for him
  • (You won’t let him cook, he’s blown up the kitchen twice now)
  • Walks in, exhausted, and just kisses you on the cheek with a smile
  • He flops on the couch, silent and still as he awaits the meal
  • When you eat, you talk through whatever happened that day
  • You comfort him however you can and make stupidly bad jokes until he cracks and starts laughing
  • Then comes the cuddling monster again


He loves to go places with you

  • Anywhere where he gets to show you off by his side
  • One of his favourites, though, is bowling
  • You’re hopeless at it compared to him, his power scaring some of the other players around you
  • But he loves being the best at something
  • You favourite is going ice skating with him
  • His pout when he continually falls over making tears stream down your face with pent up laughter
  • He secretly enjoys it, anything that you enjoy that much cannot be a bad thing

When you stay in, he always finds something fun to do

  • You have regular pillow fort building competitions
  • Roadhog always winning because he can build it much taller
  • But then you have a marshmallow gun shoot out using them
  • And you always win because he cannot hide himself fully in the fort
  • Every competition ends in you both lying on your backs on the floor, creased up with laughter

You’re both quite comfortable in each other’s silence

  • You lying face up on his belly reading 
  • He’s either just playing with your hair
  • Or tracing lazy circles on your arms, thinking about his next mission
  • You can spend hours like that, no words spoken
  • At this point, they aren’t really needed

Roadrat Reality tv AU where Jamie and Mako both go in like “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to win!”

Then by episode three they’ve fallen for each other and team up to destroy the competition on the agreement that they split the winnings 50/50

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Mako has something he wants to ask.

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