Mail December 3rd

December 3rd

Good Morning( ´△` )

During SHOWROOM live yesterday
Yuuchan come to see aaaaaa

I really can’t believe
that she will really come to watch
until the end… lol

SHOW ROOM Live again after for a while
I really had a fun time

Because Yuuchan
is too afraid to do live by herself

I want to do one with her (´・ω・`)

About yesterday’s clothes

「 ah there is a mushroom on your cloothes 」
「 ah it’s a ravioli 」、
lot of people comment that( °Д° )

Who would put that on clothes 〜 lol

Saturday Morning

Using the blue bag
Mako gave me…

With mama…

We are going out together(*・ω・*)

In front of me now

Mama is so beautiful today〜

This red coat
I share it with mama(*・∀・*)

Me and my sister
always sharing clothes and accessories with mama


・18:00 〜 MUSIC FAIR
『 High Tension』Performance
・23:15 〜 AKB48SHOW!
『 Tentoumuchu! 』segment

If you have time
please see it ok〜(*´ 3 `*)

↑2shot with Rikahime

↓Three musketeers


Roadhog talks.
A friend inspired me to do a sequel to this 
Some interesting facts from the timeline which I thought would be nice to show in a comic.
I hope I didn’t make Roadhog too out of character, but some things he does make me believe that he might actually be like this.
I love this meatpile.
Also kinda feel like Zarya and Roadie would get along best.