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Happy Birthday, Lelouch!  ♡
Make Me Choose
:: Lelouch or Suzaku - @cldstrifes 

scarlettlikeblood  asked:

Soulless!Sam or Leviathan!Sam :D


because he’s sassy as all heck

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Also all the props to Jared because he did all these really subtle things the whole time to make it feel like an entirely different character. The expressions are a little darker, the voice is a little flatter, his movements are all just a little bit more controlled and less expressive. It’s really cool. 

Make me choose


@ltsparisandtorres asked: perfume genius or sufjan stevens?

Do you feel more at ease now than you used to? More powerful? Yeah, even though I’m clearly an anxious person, I’m sick of it. I’m sick of constantly seeking out reassurance and acceptance whether it’s given to me or not. I’m sick of looking for it everywhere. I just want to take it and give it to myself.

toboldlynerd  asked:

chulu or Ben/Hikaru (do they have a ship-name yet?), please? <3 Elanor

Ugh, why do you hate me?!?!  My first instinct is to say Chulu because I shipped it first, but I am in love with the Sulu family in Beyond too…

Arghh, fine.  Ben/Hikaru.  For my princess, Demora.


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make me choose meme || @seunrig asked lee dong wook or park ki woong