First official trailer for Game of Thrones season 7!


After unpacking all of her clothes, Maisie went into the kitchen to pour herself a glass of water. As she walked towards the fridge, her phone began vibrating. She glanced down at the screen. It was her dad. Sitting down, she picked up the phone. 

“Hey dad!”
“How’s my little girl? You all settled in?”
“Pretty good! Just finished putting away most of my clothes about a minute ago.”
“Good! I assume you got to your building alright? No one gave you any trouble, I hope?”
“Not at all! I had zero traffic on my way down, which was awesome! And I ran into some really nice man in the elevator who offered to help me with my stuff.”
“I’m so glad! Got any fun plans later? Do Caroline and Sana know you’ve moved in yet?” 
“Actually, I told Sana I’d text her when I got here, but I haven’t yet. I don’t really feel like hanging out with everybody just yet, ya know? Plus, I’m working the late shift at Simbucks tonight so I might just take a nap until then.”
“I feel ya. Well, Sawyer’s been bugging me to shoot some hoops so I’m going to let you rest.”
“Alright! Give the little squirt a hug for me! Love you!”
“Love you too, baby. Be safe, okay? Especially walking home from work.”
“Don’t worry dad, I’ll be careful. I’ll call you tomorrow!”
“Sounds like a plan! Bye Mae.”

This is an appreciation post for the fact that so many of the DCTV actor/actresses can so convincingly play both heroes and villains. Like DAMN I love Black Siren, Killer Frost, Red Kryptonite!Supergirl, Reverb, Doom World! Sara and Amaya, and Savitar. Like a team up with any of these guys would be GENIUS! Red K!Supergirl with her superpowers and Killer Frost with her scientific mindpower? And I cannot be the only to imagine what a real team up between Black Siren Reverb and Killer Frost would be like! 

I just love villians and I especially love villains that have hero alter egos (that should really be reversed but whatever) I am just so in love with all the amazing performances we have gotten so far from these actors for these characters. The scenes these villains are in always send chills down my spine!!

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maisie looks like one of my good friends and both maisie and her are so cute so i am eagerly looking forward to/hoping there's a chance that someday maisie/some maisie secrets will be released! also i love your simblr and i just went thru it for like half an hour oops

thank you so much omg i can’t believe she resembles someone in the ~real world~ that’s so cool! but she’s my precious bb and i’m afraid i can’t foresee myself uploading her any time in the future, sorry :-( thank you though ♡


all colors of lab dorks

(Moon, Asya, Gini, Maisie)