Bee: “I’m not too worried about it. I just think my taste buds went on the fritz. At first I craved something salty, and then something sweet, then something savory. It’s like they just couldn’t make up their minds! I probably put on a few pounds with all my late night snacking.”

Magnolia: “Well take it easy, okay, Bee. I’m worried about you. If you don’t feel like normal, even if it’s just your tastebuds, maybe you should go see the doctor and make sure everything is okay.”

Bee: “Ohh I’ll be fine. I’ll just hit the gym after work.”

Magnolia: “You’re going to work?! Maybe you should stay home and make sure you’re feeling okay.”

Bee: “I feel fine, Maggie!”

  • Altair: Tiz, could I use your body for a moment? I have to go number 1!
  • Tiz: Come on, Altair! Last time I gave you permission to use my body, you gave yourself a wedgie and then immediately switched back.
  • Altair: This time, I am serious.
  • Tiz: Oh, really?
  • Altair: Is this not the face of a man who seriously needs to go number 2?
  • Tiz: You just said it was number 1!
  • Altair: Now it’s number 3.
  • Tiz: What the hell is a number 3?
  • Altair: I don’t know, but I have to do one.
  • Tiz: It isn’t even a thing!
  • Altair: Give me your body!
  • Edea: Look, guys, Tiz is arguing with his imaginary boyfriend again!
  • Magnolia: I have one of those, too! I call him Yew!
  • Yew: … What?
Fairy Tail Locations

Just a post appreciating the nice landscape and visuals of the Fairy tail world. As well as their locations in the world



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Imagine Chris coming home early for your birthday.

A/N: My loves, this is a piece for all the birthday babies. Special shoutout to @shadowprincess0218 who requested a imagine for her birthday, here you go. Happy birthday, hun! Hope you have a wonderful, fantastic day. X

You strolled home from Magnolia Bakery with your phone against your ear and a paper box containing your favorite chocolate cupcake in your hand. You were on the phone with your boyfriend, Chris, who was in his home away from home in California due to work commitments. His job and its constant need to take him away from you didn’t bother you until it came to things like birthdays and anniversaries and holidays; those were the times that made you miss him the most. His absence made the day seem like just another day, which was why you declined when your friends wanted to take you out to dinner to celebrate.

“I wish you were here,” you told Chris and he smiled. “I don’t even care if we just eat cake and watch TV, I just want you to be next to me.” You used your shoulder to hold the phone against your ear so you could start picking at your cupcake. “You, me, Dodger-” you murmured with your mouth full, “that’s all I need.”

Little did you know that Chris was actually sitting on your apartment doorstep with a bouquet of roses in his hand and a small black box in his jacket pocket. He’d been planning to propose for a while- two and half years he’d been together with you, he didn’t want to wait any longer considering he knew six months in that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you.

He had planned quite a few times to pop the question but nothing ever seemed perfect enough for someone as special as you. He finally decided to just do it when you subtly reassured him that you didn’t care how he did it because as long as it was him asking, that was that mattered. It was thanks to his mom, actually, that you found out he was thinking about proposing. A week ago, while you were having lunch with Lisa and she let slip he was stalling because he couldn’t think of the ‘perfect’ way to propose. You were touched because it was kind of cute; you always knew Chris was the kind of guy who wanted the perfect proposal memory. But you were also impatient because it could have been another two and a half years before he figured out the perfect way to propose, so you nudged him along. You had no idea the nudge took him to today.

It’d been a whole month since he last saw you and his heart skipped a beat when he did. You turned the corner, looking as beautiful as ever in something as simple as a soft grey sweater, blue jeans, and black thigh high boots; his breath hitched in his throat and he smiled. He took a deep breath and got to his feet, straightening his brown suede jacket as he descended from the stairs. His heart started to pound against his chest; his hand tightened around the bouquet and he patted the small bulge in his jacket pocket. This was it, he was going to do it. He chuckled as he watched you; you were too engrossed with your cupcake to realize the one person you wanted to see was standing not thirty feet away from you.

“It’s a little difficult to book a last minute flight for dogs,” he told you and your eyes narrowed at the echoey effect. “But it’s not so bad for humans.” He chuckled softly, holding up one hand to give you a small wave when you looked up. “Hey, I have to go.” You let out a breathy chuckle of disbelief, smiling so wide that your cheeks hurt. “I just saw the love of my life walk up,” he said into the phone then hung up.

“Chris!” You ran towards him, dropping your cake as you threw your arms around his neck. He laughed and picked you up and spun you in a circle. “Oh my God,” you felt your eyes welled in your eyes and you buried your face in the crook of his neck. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too, beautiful.” He let out a satisfied sigh, clutching onto you tightly. “God, it is so good to see you.” He squeezed you as tightly as you squeezed him, neither of you wanted to let go because the past month seemed like an eternity. “Phone calls and FaceTime sessions will never make up for this.”

“Never leave me again.” You told him and both of you chuckled softly because it was an impossible request; as happy as you were, you knew he couldn’t stay for long. “I can’t believe you’re here,” you told him as you started to pull away. “Thank you, baby.” You said when you took the bouquet he was holding out for you. “These are beautiful. You just made my birthday a thousand times better,” you pecked him on the lips, smiling.

“Only a thousand?” He asked with a smile and you chuckled because you didn’t realize he was using that as a segway to pop the big question. “I was actually hoping to make it a million times better.” He told you, slipping his hand into his jacket pocket as he descended down on one knee.

“Oh my God,” you breathed.

“There will never be a perfect time, or a perfect way to propose.” He began, flipping the little box open to reveal a breathtaking diamond ring; from the looks of it, Chris followed the three month’s salary rule which was insane considering who he was and what he did for a job. “But,” he paused for effect, his smile widening as he took your left hand in his. “There is a perfect person for everyone and you, my love, you’re mine.”

“Chris,” your voice quivered out of excitement and nerves.

“Shhh,” he chuckled, pressing one finger to his lips. “I wanted a Disney World proposal but I’m doing it on your doorstep instead, the least you can do is let me make my speech.” He joked and you chuckled, pressing your lips together to show you were going to shut it. “Okay, where was I? Yes, um-” he cleared his throat, catching his train of thought. “I know it’s ridiculous and you may think I’m just saying it for the sake of the romance, but- I knew when I met you that we were going somewhere. You were like this light that wouldn’t stop shining on my life, even the darkest days felt bright with you in it. The past two and a half years have been both an absolute dream and utter hell for me,” he said and your eyes narrowed in confusion; he chuckled softly and explained. “Because you’re amazing and I love every second with you, but it’s also been a long one million three hundred and fourteen thousand seconds to get to this moment. If I could’ve,” his voice quivered as tears welled in his eyes, “I would’ve proposed after our first date.”

“Just ask me already,” you urged, laughing to stop yourself from crying.

“Will you marry me?” He asked, smiling.

“Yes,” you nodded.

He smiled and slipped the ring onto your finger before getting up off the ground to wrap his arms around you and draw you in for the kiss of a lifetime. It felt as though all the stars aligned that night and no birthday was ever going to top this one. Chris broke the kiss and hugged you tightly, you smiled and held up your hand in front of the both of you to admire the ring.

“This is possibility one of the most impractical things you’ve ever bought,” you told him and he chuckled softly, pressing a soft kiss on the side of your head. “Like I love it, it’s beautiful. I mean- don’t get me wrong. I’m very, very impressed with the ring-”

“Then just kiss me and shut up,” he chuckled.

“But,” you continued and he groaned, feigning annoyance; you chuckled. “We could’ve used the money to buy that beautiful house we saw a few months ago, have somewhere we can call ours instead of yours or mine. I mean- yeah, I have my place and you have yours but- don’t you want somewhere we can call ours?” You didn’t know if you were making sense but from the look on Chris’ face, you knew he understood what you meant. “You get it, right?”

“Yeah,” he nodded. “But you get my job, right? I can afford to buy both, which is kind of what I did.” You narrowed your eyes in confusion as he pulled away from you. He reached into his pocket, pulling out a set of brand new keys. “Remember your dream house?” Your jaw dropped and you held out your hand excitedly, he chuckled and placed them in the palm of your hand. “Well, it just became a reality.”

  • Gray: Let’s escape.
  • Natsu: Escape?
  • Gray: We can’t fight anymore. Our mission has failed. We’ll retreat and wait for another chance.
  • Wendy: You’re right. We have no other choice.
  • Erza: Understood.
  • Natsu: No.
  • Lucy: Natsu?
  • Natsu: We can’t just say “another chance” like that. If we leave now, they’ll keep attacking anything in sight. We don’t know if we’ll be able to get in the fortress again. So, this is our only chance!
  • Wendy: That’s crazy…
  • Erza: Exactly.
  • Lucy: Happy and Charle are back to their original forms.
  • Happy: Natsu…
  • Natsu: (bits his lower lip) But, didn’t you all see it? Destroying Magnolia, our guild…and all we could do was watch quietly. I don’t want to see that ever again. I won’t let them do whatever they want! So, I’m going, even alone. I won’t give up now. After getting this far, all I can do is go forward!
  • Happy: Let’s go, Natsu.
  • Natsu: Happy…
  • Happy: If you’re going, I’m going too!
  • Natsu: All right! Happy, hold on tight! (jumps to the lower part of the base) That was close…
  • Happy: Be careful, Natsu!
  • Gray: Let’s go too.
  • Erza: Yes.
  • Lucy: We can’t let Natsu be the only one who looks cool!
  • Wendy: He really is leading the charge.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you pretty please do a name aesthetic for my crush? Her name is Corinne and she has brown hair and green eyes. She's a dancer and loves flowers, cats, and the color blue

There ya go! Love the name Corinne, by the way. Very charming. 

Corinne. She is the sun sparkling against a blue-green sea. She is the blooming of magnolias at the start of spring. She is the swift paws of a playful kitten and even swifter feet of a prima ballerina. She is the pinks and oranges of a day’s final kiss melting into the deep blue infinity of a summer’s night. She is Corinne- the breathtaking beauty. 

I Would Hate You If I Could
  • I Would Hate You If I Could
  • Turnover
  • Peripheral Vision

Turnover | I Would Hate You If I Could

Can I erase from my mind anything that you said or
any time that we spent with each other?
I don’t want to waste away another cell on a memory
when you’re just another meaningless lover.