Name: Magnolia
Birthday: ???
Catch Phrase: lune
Greeting: Good Gravy!
Personality: Peppy
House: Mixture of items from the Regal Series with some random space related items. Wallpaper is Regal while the flooring is Lunar Surface. She will always have a mochi pestle in her house. If given a stereo it will play K.K. Milonga.
After the player has wished on stars 10 times, Magnolia can potentially move in just like any other villager.



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Model 飞雪千山美人

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Tsukki #6 ;)

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Tsukki x reader: DRABBLES

Prompt:Stop making me get lost in your eyes.“

When he’s not hunting, he doesn’t like to be bothered. Point,blank, period. So the fact that you’re sprawled across his lap like a dog and he hasn’t said anything is amazing in its own. Of course the blond haired male is ignoring you but in a retaliation you’re bothering the hell out of him.

"Kei-chin.” you whined loudly, snatching his glasses right off his face. He growled irately and made a play to get them back. You smirked, as he had fallen into your web, “Hello! My name is Tsukishima Kei and I like dinosaurs. I also have a lover who I ignore whenever possible.” he growled and ignored your statement, once again reaching for his glasses. You rolled off the bed and on to the floor in an attempt to get away from him.

“Knock it off [F/n]! Give me back my glasses!” you shook your head no and Tsukii got up to chase you around. Your stamina was unfaltering and you were outrunning him until you tripped over your own two feet.

“Idiot, stopped making me chase after you, just give me my glasses back.” he had caught you by your arm and hoisted you back up. The two of you made eye contact for a short moment before you learned in and whispered:

“We’ll then,Stop making me get lost in your eyes.”

~Admin Magnolia

is this what a crack Fic is? Did I just write crack?? I’m so confused. Help.

FNAF songs and ACWNR… don’t mix…?