Your anime girlfriend with pink hair

Aries: Yui

Taurus: Yuno Gasai

Gemini: Sakura Haruno

Cancer: Krul Tepes

Leo: Madoka Kaname

Virgo: Super Sonico

Libra: Jibril

Scorpio: Inori Yuzuriha

Sagittarius: Rika Shinozaki

Capricorn:  Nonon Jakuzure

Aquarius: Mine

Pisces: Kofuku

Madoka Magica Lot | eBay
From a smoke free and pet free home. | eBay!

Relisted my Madoka Magica lot!!!!

I’m in a sticky situation because I found out TODAY that my hours are being cut because of minimum wage going up. I was depending on my raise I was getting at the beginning on the year for moving but now it’s sounding like I’ll be making less. I’m considering a second job but I don’t want to quit because of the possible move (and I sure don’t want to delay the move AGAIN). 

This is a super rare opportunity to get these figures for literally $5ish each when their usually $10-$15 each!