Lilly had never been to a party in Lakewood. Not that she wasn’t invited but she didn’t really know anyone to just jump in and go. Besides Brooke, she knew her well enough to say that she could go. Smiling a little, she walked up to the Maddox household and walked inside. Grabbing a drink, she made her way back outside and stood by the pool. “It’d really suck for someone to fall in here.”

Okay I'm not too technologically smart so there's no fancy little photo set but here we go: these are the three fictional characters I think describe me

Thanks to @joycebycrs for tagging me and also to @sparkyish for helping me decide!!

So first off, I’d said Annabeth Chase from PJATO, because I’m logical, intelligent, brave when I need to be, and also I’m an analyst. Secondly would be Lance from Voltron, because I’m very outgoing, a bit immature, EXTREMELY FLIRTY, and I have a complicated and very specific night routine that would NOT be thrown off even if I was on another planet. Lastly would be Brooke Maddox from Scream, because I’m misunderstood because of my wealth or looks, I like nice things, I’m considered the “queen bee” of my friend group, but underneath all that I’m an emotional, sensitive, and an extremely caring person.

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Congratulations Tuesday! You have been accepted for the role of Scott Farber. Please refer to our after acceptance checklist here, and send us your account within the next twenty-four hours. Welcome to Maddox!

ADMIN NOTE: We’re psyched to be seeing another member of the Cabello crew in town! You clearly showed your writing skills in your para sample, and I loved seeing his bio delved into deeper – and the headcanons you wrote for extras was just the cherry on top. Can’t wait to see what you do with him.

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