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hookups you wanna see happen?

Charlie and Joaquin, because can you believe it hasn’t happened yet?! My girl needs her master to show her this place IS the place for her and let’s be real, if anyone’s gonna be able to fix-fuck his broken heart it’s her.

Kennedy and Tyler!!! That’s SEVERAL years of sexual frustration built up between them and I can’t WAIT to see it unfold. It’s going to be so much FUN!!!  I’m getting hot just thinking about it.

Maddox and Atlas. Do I even have to explain myself here? 

Sean and Zeke. I know, he’s like totally invested in Genevieve and stuff but Sean’s set that image into my brain and it’s remained there ever since. I NEED it. Sean, for the love of Eros please get over yourself and all over Zeke instead!!! 

And last but not least: Diane and Oliver. I know, it has already happened, but fuck me, she’s hot and he’s hot and they are SO hot together. Give. Me. More.

I’m probably missing some hot combies so help a girl out. Who’d you like to see?

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Cuando era pequeña siempre buscaba un lugar dónde ser aceptada. A dónde pertenecer. Pero, con ayuda de mis libros, me di cuenta que al único lugar al que pertenezco es a mí misma.
—  JR.
—Las rosas son rojas — comenzó con una sonrisa pícara.
— Para — le advertí.
— Tus ojos son verdes — dijo, derribándome sobre la cama.
Me reí, tratando de sacarlo de encima de mi.
— El verde más hermoso que he visto.
Dejó de hacerme cosquillas y me relajé, respirando con dificultad debajo de él.
Su sonrisa se desvaneció. — Te amo — dijo en voz baja.
— Eso es un poema terrible. Ni siquiera rima.
— Sí, lo hace. — Se inclinó, tocando sus labios con los míos.
—  Beautiful Sacrifice / Jamie McGuire