#brooke and audrey look like those parents that have their mission in life to embarrass the shit out of their kids #and emma’s like you guys are the worst #this is all so cute good lord

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I really want to make a zine but i'm not sure what to put in it. Like, I know what theme I want it to have, but idk. Thought I might ask you seeing as you've made one (congrats on that btw)

Ah yes, deciding on content is a fun but difficult part! When Maddox and I decided to create one we first chose the overall theme - Dan & Phil - and then decided on sub-themes, and also chose some of our personal best pieces of artwork to go in. After that was settled we then had to decided on any written content and what font(s) to use, and how to format it all. Keep it simple! Don’t overwhelm yourself by making every single page a different theme, if you don’t want. You could do a zine of just sketches, or just digital art, or just traditional.. or an art journey one, like an art book for a film - intro, sketches, concept art, finished and polished art, bonus sketches, then conclusion. It’s like a visual story of you as an artist!

✩ — under the cut will be { ✩ TWO HUNDRED & SEVEN | rectangle } gif icons of CARLSON YOUNG in style ZERO !! requested by me. she’s most famous for playing brooke maddox in scream. i take no credit for the original gifs, and all credit belongs to their wonderful creators !! however, i did edit each and every gif into the icons they are now, so don’t take credit for these icons !! please LIKE or REBLOG if you’re using !! requests can be sent in here !!

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98 with the kids

hope this is okay! :)

“Remember when we were dating and you ______”

Moving from one apartment in Manhattan to another with two small children was nothing short of stressful for both Jasmine and Anthony, Maddox and Aria just old enough to be able to help out a small amount. They had been put in charge of boxing up their toys and other things in the living room, both Jasmine and Anthony confident that there was nothing they could break or nothing they could hurt themselves with.

“Daddy, what is this?” Aria questions as Anthony walks back into the room in search for another box, Maddox standing by his sisters side. Aria’s holding a large book in her hand, Anthony pushing his hair away from his face as he walked over, carefully taking the book from the 8 year old.

“Oh my God, where did you find this?” Anthony questions, Jasmine walking by a minute later, only slightly annoyed that the rest of her family had stopped the progress they had been making.

“What is this?” Jasmine asked, her eyes widening when she notices what’s in her husband’s hands. “It’s our photo album from before we were married,” She whispers, Anthony nodding.

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also ok this is my last post about this and i’ll stop but lmao it’s not “uninformed tumblr gossip” like lori maddox was fifteen at the time and i dont care if she describes it as a good time it was still wrong 2 fuck a teenager holy shit that’s not like,,,, a new concept. he was also accused of rape by another woman, and yeah it went nowhere but that’s always what happens to rich, powerful male celebrities.  also, like, he wrote the song china girl and has been like,,, recorded saying racist shit like…. but w/e im done lol