i added a really old friend from primary school on facebook and the first thing he said to me was “YOURE ASEXUAL TOO??” and im sitting here trying to act cool like lmao ye nice!! when inside im just


Look closely first cum load eased out of this cut 18 year olds cock. He just jerked the head with lube while he slightly jerked the very bottom of the shaft. Welcome to the life long purchase of lube! Took 30 min to get the feel right. His cock has lost a good amount of sensitivity. But his first cum was the first time he has ever moaned. Follow for updates tuggingm8

Friday Shout Outs!

So I meant to put this in queue, but accidentally put it in drafts! But here it is!

Congratulations to one of our final two winners, randomfandom8. Amazing work! Random’s chosen prize is the 5 Friday shout outs. Go follow her for various fandom posts. Also follow her other blog for fanfics and imagines!

Congratulations to our Finals authors for the What Can You Imagine Contest! 





You can read their works here.