I am quite pissed of all those fanwars about SasuSaku and SasuKarin not for the reasons you could possibly imagine. But I feel that no one can see, notice and acknowledge the beautiful, incredible, exceptionnal growth of NaruSaku’s FRIENDSHIP through everything they went. I do not ship them in a romantic way, but their chemistry as best friends, I like to think they consider eachother as siblings. The fact that slowly they grew up together, they stood up together, everything together. Sakura had Naruto and Naruto had Sakura, they completed eachother as best friends. Sakura was one of the first person to acknowledge Naruto and his “silly” dreams. ( yeah I like the word.) They gave each other motivations to become stronger. I love them together, they are like family, blood doesn’t matter, they were there for the other. 

P.S : If you ever tell me Sakura didn’t care about Naruto, go read the manga, please. You blind hater. 


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I was away for 2 days. Let me get this straight… Gillian and David got married at a courthouse somewhere outside of Vancouver, they then held their reception at geekmom7 ’s sons first birthday party where they appeared with matching u.f.o. temporary tattoos, much to anicepieceofash ’s dismay.

Did I miss anything else?