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Um sorry to bother you but did you see that Jake Boyd posted your art on his Instagram story and pointed out one of the characters is Madelyn (she's French)

he didn’t post it on insta but he retweETED IT AS WELL AS GEORGE AND IM JDHFBJHFSBJDHGJSHDFB!!!!!!!

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How would the S boys tell a girl they loved her?

Hoo boi, these are super corny. Hope you like them anyway!~Mun M

Shu: He would plan a fancy evening with his girl. First, a nice dinner, then to the opera hall. He would say the words during the loudest part of the concerto, trying to hide the fact he said it at first.

Reiji: He would brew a fresh pot of her favorite tea, call her into his room, and sit her on his knee. For a while, he would admire her sipping from her cup before letting the words slip out.

Ayato: He would probably say it by accident, but truly mean it all the same. He’d be playing basketball with his girl. The first time she completed a trick shot, his pride in her would overcome his tongue.

Laito: The words are not easy for him to say (he’s afraid he doesn’t yet understand ‘love’). Yet, he would know it was true because he would feel the urge to say it even when doing mundane tasks with his girl.

Kanato: The sight of his girl baking a cake for him in a cute little apron would make him lose it. He would hug her from behind, whispering the words in her ear as she continued baking ( He would tell her Teddy loves her too).

Subaru: Lots and lots of blushing. He’s a big, red-faced nervous wreck. He would proabaly tell his girl while sitting in the rose garden at night hoping the darkness hides his blush.

Dear strangers who pray,

Please spare a prayer for my boyfriend’s father. Ask your God to take the cancer away. 

In fact, do more than ask. Please demand that your God make them happy again and keep them safe. They don’t deserve this. He doesn’t deserve this. 

I wish I could have faith in a higher power to fix all of this. But for now, I have to just rely on the faith of others. 

Save his father, and doing so, help him. Like I said, he doesn’t deserve this. No one does, and maybe I’m a little biased, but of all the human beings I’ve met, he is the only one I’ve met that deserves none of this. 

Thank you,

A stranger wishing she could pray.