*m skyrim

  • playing skyrim for the first time: omg i have no sense of direction and i'll never make it from riverwood to whiterun, better check my map every 5 seconds!!!
  • starting a new game years later: *jumps in the river and catches 73 salmon while floating downstream to whiterun*

If you ever question the depths of depravity available to you in Skyrim please refer to this story;

I am unable to finish the Thieves Guild quest because I accidentally killed an essential quest npc. Erikur in Solitude, you probably know him because his sister wont shut up about it. Erikur was the last quest giver I needed to become the master of the Thieves Guild. He is suppose to be essential, as in he cannot be killed ever because important npc is important. 

‘So where is he?’ I hear you asking.

He is gone. 

Gone into my characters tummy. You see, I was fooling around with the glorious weapon that is the Wabbajack and happened to turn Erikur into a sweetroll….and then I ate him. I ate Erikur. He’s gone forever. Into my tummy. 

I glitched out a main questline because I turned a man into a sweetroll and then I c o n s u m e d  h i m.


CLOCKWORK by Antistar

          Got sick of waiting for you. I’ve gone ahead to scout the tunnels. I’ll put up some torches to light the way; pick up your feet and follow them to find me.
          I mean it: hurry up. I want to see your fingers stained from finding this note with the ink still wet. Something in this place makes my hair stand on end; it’s as if the shadows are moving.
               - Camilla

not that I have the money for it anyway, but I am not going to get the switch or BOTW until after my Masters, like just because I know it will otherwise have a very large detriment on my work. Like, when I first got skyrim I probably didn’t sleep properly for like a month and became near completely nocturnal