Last summer I thought it would be cool to do a lyricstuck for Eridan and Feferi with Alt J’s Dissolve Me, and to show the instrumental bits as note sequences, which I’ve always wanted to try!  But then my work-light summer job ended and there were other things to get done so I never got past the musical intro…

Anyway, I just found out where I’d left the sheets today so I decided to scan ‘em, tint the pencil sketches, and put them up here. ^u^

the signs at school

Aries: the athletic but really smart one who everyone either hates or loves

Taurus: the loyal ones who always stick by their friends and are popular on social media

Gemini: the sarcastic ones who always whispers offensive but funny shit about others in your ear during class

Cancer: the one everyone seems to like despite their constant rumor-telling

Leo: the one who always knows the lyrics to songs and will totally fucking destroy you in a rap battle

Virgo: the person with good grades but hates school and everyone in it except their friends

Libra: the nice one who’s always surrounded by at least two or three people

Scorpio: the really chill person who everyone’s intimidated by for some unknown reason

Sagittarius: the one who couldn’t really care less about anything & always jumps friend groups

Capricorn: the one who’s sweet & quiet in class but loud with friends

Aquarius: the weird & talkative one who’s always called out in class for being too loud

Pisces: the creative/artistic one who’s either really good at drawing or speeches


Charlotte Free in ‘Don’t Be Cruel’ by Donna Trope for Purple Fashion #22

brioniquex3 asked:

dressed in all black we lookin like some stars we dressed like girls you wanna see party look like some where you wanna be ON A WOLF WEDNESDAY YOU KNOW WHERE I BE💖