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Any good book recommendations with lesbian characters?

OKAY I GET THIS QUESTION ALL THE TIME!!! These aren’t all of the lesbian books I’ve read however they’re the ones on my kindle. Not all are amazing, but if you enjoy reading books you can relate to then you’ll like them!

The Gravity Between Us by Kristen Zimmer

Poppy Jenkins by Clare Ashton

The Chosen One by T.B. Markinson

Ice by Lyn Gardner

Dating Sarah Cooper by Siera Maley

Style by Chelsea M. Cameron

Kissing Kate by Lauren Myracle

Playing My Love by Angela Peach

Fallen Elements by Heather McVea

Her Name in the Sky by Kelly Quindlen
^ one of my faves

Taking Flight by Siera Maley

Keeping You A Secret by Julie Anne Peters

Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden

Chibi He-Man! I have a poll on Twitter to decide which MOTU character to draw to round out the set of 3 prints. Go cast a vote https://twitter.com/laufman/status/759051168622313474

The choices are:
-Beast Man
-Trap Jaw
-Evil Lyn

Feel free to post your choice below to help me decide. I’m only doing one of these 4.

#Chibi #fanart #heman #skeletor #mastersoftheuniverse #motu #cintiq #clipstudiopaint #mangastudio #dereklaufman

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Strengths Test

This test.
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1. Winner: Compete with others to win.96
2. Analyst: Analyze to find root causes.95
3. Recognition: Get Recognition and be in front of others.93
4. Solutions Finder: Ideate new ways to solve problems.93
5. Excellence: Maximize performance by focusing on people’s potential.91

30. Believing: Believe and doing the right thing. 56
31. Group Relations: Relate in order to integrate groups. 56
32. Motivator: Positive attitude and motivation to move people. 53
33. Understand Others: Be emphatic to people’s emotions to help solve them. 42
34. Unifier: Connect and unite people & things.40

Blog Appreciation Post

I was looking through my old posts, looking and pics and comments and whatnot. But, even though I have done stuff like draw Pokemon and the Diaboys and write one shots and answer questions, I feel like I’m not as appreciative of all of you as I should be. I’m very thankful I have so many followers, and I should be more appreciative of you guys, since you support me and like and reblog my posts. So, here goes.

My Loyal and Beautiful Followers:

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Thank you for roleplaying, sending me asks, encouraging me, and just being overall wonderful and loving people to me. I cannot express how much it means to be when you reblog and like my posts, it’s an amazing feeling. Much love 💕

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I love your content, I love your personality, I love your OCs, and I love you in general. I get really excited whenever I see your posts on my dash. All of you are huge inspirations to me, and you have helped me shape my blog to what it is now. I hope that, in the future, I will get the privilege and honor to collaborate, roleplay, or just have a conversation with you.

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Help !!!

I’m scared this will seem pathetic and nobody will donate, but:

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He was the only reason my grandpa and I were getting a decent amount of money coming in to pay bills and such, but we no longer have that. We can barely afford food and I don’t even have enough money to afford underwear, tampons, other stuff my family may need, and bills are always hard for us.

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- Talon has fallen, everyone got some kind of happy ending

- Jack and Gabriel have sorted out some of their differences, the team slowly starts to accept their new edgy dad

- It’s been a few months when Gabriel wakes up to his boyfriend puking into the toilet, probably a stomach bug, maybe bad food

- It’s not

- They go to Angela, because they don’t want her to come to them

- Jack’s pregnant

- surprise

- They’re kind of in shock

- “How’s that possible?” - “I don’t know, there could be a lot of reasons.”, she thinks it has something to do with the super soldier treatment, after all, he didn’t start his transition until it was over

- She wants to check up on him every week, just in case

- Gabriel is still kind of in shock

- He’s half dead and he’s a having a baby

- He’s afraid that it’s not going to be healthy, but Angela assures him that things look good

- They discuss a lot of things that day

- Are they having the baby? After all, they’re both in their sixties..

- Are they going to tell everyone? If yes, when?

- Do they want to raise their child here? Where else though?

- There are so many things they have to talk about, it takes weeks to really sort it out

- Jack is not allowed to go on missions anymore, only Winston, Angela and Athena know why

- Ana finds out after two days, after all; she’s been there, done that

- She has a lot of tips for them

- she’s so happy

- They were always good with kids

- The team finds out after six weeks

- A baby? A BABY

- Jack suddenly gets pampered

- He doesn’t like it

- He can make himself food, thank you very much

- It’s like when they found out he was blind all over again

- The mood swings are not that bad, but the cravings

- Oh the cravings

- Everyone is disgustsed

- Even Hana

- It’s bad

- Reinhardt starts knitting things for the baby

- Mei and Zenyatta join him

- Zenyatta is really excited

- New human life!!

- He keeps it lowkey though

- Compared to the others at least

- Lena gets them so many dad shirts

- So many

- And almost everybody makes stuff

- Tobjorn builds everything a baby needs and more

- Lucio makes soothing music for Jack and the baby to listen to

- Brigitte makes a tiny foam amor like reinhardt’s

- She ends up making everyone’s outfit

- McCree gets a rocking horse

- It’s chaos and the baby is not even born

- Hanzo is not ready for a tiny human, it’s so defenseless! He loves babies but he’s also worried that McCree will want one too

- Gabriel gets really overprotective of Jack, it ends in a fight and he’s not allowed in Jacks room for two days

Edit: I just noticed I hadn’t like.. uh, explained Jack’s situation fully, so I thought I’d add that under a cut. Also.. that is a lot of notes.. *whispered screaming* 

Also if you want to add ideas about other characters reacting, feel free to add those (and please tag me if you want to because I would love to read it)..

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