7. Evelyne Brochu
We completely fell for Delphine, the French chanteuse who stole Cosima’s heart on Orphan Black, and now we’re collectively heartsick that Evelyne might not return alive for Season 3. But the Canadian actress is high in demand, starring in a new series called X Company on the CBC while also shooting films and making appearances on the stage. Still, we love her best when she’s in her lab coat and part of Cophine, so as much as we love that she’s being recognized for her talents, we’re also hoping she’s not too busy to continue playing one of Tatiana’s many love interests. (x)

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Today’s the day to catch episode 2 of 6 in the new CW Seed mini-series, Vixen!

Please watch via the official website (http://cwseed.com/shows/vixen/) or the mobile apps for iOS and Android. It’s free! It’s important because Vixen is a web-only series with no merchandise (yet), and every hit tells them that we want to see more of Vixen on the CW! Prove to them she deserves even more than a digital-only cartoon.

Mari’s actress, Megalyn Echikunwoke, has said this about the potential to bring Mari into the live action TV shows: “What I’m learning is that it’s all about what the fans want. I think that was kind of the impetus behind hiring me, just to have that option. Of course, we don’t know and I think it’s all based on how well this animated series does and how rabid the fans are for more Vixen. I’d love to play Vixen in live action; I’m into it.

Tweet @cwseed @CW_network @TheCW_PR  to tell them how much you enjoy the show and want more! While you’re at it, throw some compliments at Mari’s actress on twitter (@Megalyn); welcome the CW’s newest superhero into the DCTV universe.