concupiscence66I was wondering if you had any interest in making a gif set to compare Daddy Push dancing in Lux Com to Julian’s similar moves from his stand-up.

my brain: [Oh my god yes.  How have I never noticed that before?]

concupiscence66:  I thought it would be a nice chance for us to enjoy the groovalicious moves and weep at the fact Noel created a character that looks like young Julian and called him Daddy Push.

my brain: [I haven’t even gone back to watch yet and I’m already weeping]

concupiscence66:  The first time I saw Daddy Push, it screamed Julian and I think the jacket is part of that!

my brain: [The tracksuit top - THE TRACKSUIT TOP!]

concupiscence66:  The name itself is just too perfect. I think it’s short for Daddy don’t push me away.

my brain: [The ‘Don’t touch me’ reversed - holy frickin moly!!]

concupiscence66:  But then again, when I search Daddy Push on tumblr it brought up a bunch of porn, so maybe I am thinking in the wrong direction…

my brain: 

(love you so much for this prompt/revelation hun - you always give our brains and hearts such wonderful wonderful workouts x)

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finally finished this!! i’ve been working on this painting for the whole of my summer so far n i’m so glad i’ve got it done!!!
so here’s dolly from luxury comedy, in acrylic paint on canvas (16x20″)

Ignore my shit face, I was mentally freaking the fuck out. Long story short I bumped into Noel and Mike in a vintage shop in Hollywood and I’m too short for him so that’s why he’s crouching. He shook my hand and he’s so fucking sweet in real life and I can’t wait for the show tomorrow night. I started Testosterone today and there is no other way to start off new memories than with Noel fucking Fielding.