Noel Fielding as a Manta Ray, talking smack about fingering Jon BonJovi, (bit from Luxury Comedy)

Booshirs and Fieldmice alike, can anybody explain this?

I mean, I get the absurdity of the fact that this sea creature a) has no hands, much less fingers) and b) lives underwater and could not possibly work with a band… Of course, much the same could be said of Sammy the Crab, so is this aquarium humor just out of my reach?

I feel like I can’t quite in Noel’s head with this one (which tends to happen when he gets into anal-centric humor, perhaps because fingering and bumming don’t have the taboo aspect they seem to for straight men).

Anyone want to try explaining this?


I was trying to figure out why I wanted so badly to give this entire episode a hug and I realized it’s because it’s pretty much the most “himself” Noel has ever been on TV….it is oddly v touching and sweet to see Noel and Fantasy Man having a conversation…anyway I lub my wife so much