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Why do you support a violent terror group? Aka BLM

Rush Limbaugh, one of the main people to endorse the label that BLM is a terrorist organization, has been outed as a racist. Just because 141,000 Trump supporters (probably) signed this petition, the White House had to respond. They responded with this statement: “[T]herefore,” the response read, “we are not able to address the formal request of your petition.” The White House pretty much said that it was bullshit in a really polite way. Also, let’s not forget the hate white people spewed at Martin Luther King Jr. in his time.

“What about the violence by blacks in these cities? What is this Black Power business? If it is a threat to Whites– why should Whites not retaliate? Why should Whites hire Blacks?”

Hang your head in shame. You are responsible for all of these riots and havoc in this country today.”


Bye! -Mod Sunny

A group of young black students in Harlem, just a few days ago, asked me what, at this point in my life, was I looking for. And I said, ‘What I’ve always been looking for: Where resides the rebel heart?’ Without the rebellious heart, without people who understand that there’s no sacrifice we can make that is too great to retrieve that which we’ve lost, we will forever be distracted with possessions and trinkets and title. And I think one of the big things that happened was that when black people began to be anointed by the trinkets of this capitalist society and began to become big-time players and began to become heads of corporations, they became players in the game of our own demise.
—  89-year-old civil rights activist, singer and actor Harry Belafonte. Belafonte, one of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s closest confidants, joined a discussion with Noam Chomsky at Democracy Now!’s 20th anniversary celebration Monday night. Read the historic conversation here.
This Insane New James Gunn Thriller Is Like Saw Meets The Office

                             Do you wanna play a game?


Take the boat scene from The Dark Knight and mix it with Saw, Die Hard, and a dash of Luther (specifically Season 2, Episode 3), and voilà—you might get a movie as insane and twisted as The Belko Experiment.

The high-stakes new film, written and produced by Guardians of the Galaxy helmer James Gunn and directed by Greg McLean, is about a group of employees in a South American office building. One day, they hear a startling message over the intercom: the building has been taken over. In order to survive, they must kill three co-workers, or else six co-workers will be chosen and killed at random. Tony Goldwyn (President Fitz from Scandal!) quickly becomes the amoral John McClane of the bunch, grabbing a pair of guns and getting down to business to save everyone. (It remains to be seen if he gets a “yippee-ki-yay” moment.)

It won’t be that easy to escape, though. Not only are these mild-mannered office drones trapped in the building—everyone also has a chip implanted in their head that can explode at any given moment. Oh, and also the killers don’t want six victims anymore. They want 30. Let the games begin!

The Belko Experiment also stars John Gallagher Jr., Melanie Diaz, and Michael Rooker, among others. It hits theaters on March 17, 2017.


An informative segment on The Sweethearts of Sigma aka “The Sweeties” - the often-heard but virtually unknown singers who provided background vocals for numerous musical acts, including The Stylistics, Lou Rawls, Marvin Gaye, Phyllis Hyman, Luther Vandross, and more. Barbara Ingram, her cousin Carla Benson, and Benson’s friend, Evette Benton were The Sweeties.

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Lena Luther

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  Kara

friendship them with: also Kara? haha Alex would be fun too

general opinions: I’m really loving what they’re doing with her so far. I hope the writers don’t take it too far and make her actually bad. I’m tired of that. Also I’m pretty sure her face was sculpted by the gods.



Nigerian artist uses the symbol of the Afro Comb to celebrate activists jailed fighting for freedom and fairness.

Afro combs were very popular in the 70’s in America among Black youth who protested against repression. They represented both cultural and religious beliefs despite the fact that it was quite fashionable. The artist Fred Martins chose an orange color for showing association with prison. Five African leaders were chosen for their struggle for freedom, social justice, and fairness.

Fred Martins previous collection of art was dedicated to the serious issue of climate change. He is an artist who tries to draw attention to crucial problems of the humanity.