Creepy Commission - Ludo, Labyrinth


Until end of September.

This big fella is possibly (And I NEVER say this about my own work) one of my favourite commissions I have done and one that I am very proud with the out come… I hope my head isn’t getting to big! >;P

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anonymous asked:

Maybe Ludo's monster are teenagers, that's why they never focus and act dumb. In fortune cookies the two-headed one says he's been waiting since middle school when Ludo is about to take the wand as he hugs Star and that he wants a relationship with her. Also the part with dance-off is really immature and something a 13-15 y/o would do.

A severe case of “younger than they look”.
I guess Ludo is kinda young too.
Buff Frog is also probably the oldest one.

mrleft2craft asked:

you want to make a relationship complicated cockswell *cracks knuckles* challenge accepted, buff frog is befriended and becomes allies w/ star and marco, one day there is a battle, buff frog is killed in that battle jumping in front of a magic beam to save ludo even though he fights Ludo's forces, ludo then regrets banishing buff frog and cries for the rest of his life - your minion mrleft2craft :D


axis2400 asked:

Alright, I think it's time for me to state my theory, you all know about the hints in St.Olgas right? Well don't worry about them because their not going to be important until season 2. My theory is that Toffee will have nothing to do with that prophesy, and that it is a completely different problem. The reason I say this is because St.Olgas prophesy involves Star and Marco while the season finale is about Star, Ludo, and Toffee for the most part and Marco is just a prisoner.

I totally agree with you and I don’t think they’ll get into the prophecy (I can’t spell lmao) until season 2 but I’m sooooo pumped for the next episodes I feel like we’re all gonna be like AGSHSHHHHHHHHH lmao -alyssa

psychotic-aradia asked:

Playlist: bad end ?

message me a made up title of a mixtape/playlist and i have to pick 5 to 10 songs i think would go on it

say “playlist: title” in ur ask so i know what its for

internet friends - knife party
puppet - ib/old doll - mad father
dead girl walking (reprise) - heathers/seventeen - heathers
dont cry out - shiny toy guns
the end - my chemical romance
the horror of our love - ludo

The Signs as Emo Bands

Aries: My Chemical Romance

Taurus: Green Day

Gemini: Cage the Elephant

Cancer: Linkin Park

Leo: Fall Out Boy

Virgo: Twenty One Pilots

Libra: Gorillaz

Scorpio: Evanescence

Sagittarius: Ludo

Capricorn: Panic! At the Disco

Aquarius: Arctic Monkeys

Pisces: Muse


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