Let the right one in || Adamtina

Ever since Cher had found out she had cancer Adam hadn’t stopped worrying, how he hadn’t gotten grey hairs yet he will never know. He also wasn’t telling people how he was really feeling or doing. People knew he was worrying but no one knew just how much or how this was affecting him. He would always tell people if he was happy or the reasons why he was on top of the world but never let anyone knew his problems. It definitely was a pride thing, he always wanted to come across as the strong guy who didn’t let anything get to him, but that wasn’t the case. Adam was a lot sensitive then he let on and only a chosen few got to really see that side of him. Christina was one of these people although he wasn’t even telling her truth or letting her in to his problems.

Today he knew he needed to talk to her, it wasn’t really for her benefit, more for him. If he didn’t talk to someone and let out his issues then he was going to go crazy and only God knows what that could lead too. He had left the hospital early that morning after spending the night with Cher to make sure she was okay. Going home he showered, dressed in his usual attire, grabbed something to eat and crashed on the couch for a bit. When he finally decided to go to Christina’s, he made his way to the car and got in, driving to hers as quick as he could. He hadn’t seen her in days and he was dying to see her beautiful face and just hold her. Once he parked in her driveway he didn’t even bother knocking as he opened the door and walked in. “Chris?!” He called out, wondering where she was. 


aiden daltroy. 31, aries, wellness center owner

does your character have an accent? what does it sound like?
yes. born and raised in canada, he does still have a slight canadian affliction when he says certain things. but no, he does not say ‘aboot’.

how does your character perceive themselves? positive? negative? neutral?
negatively. aiden is his own worst enemy, and despite all the good he has done in his life, he continues to notice only his fails. he carries his loses and failures with him everywhere, that’s just who he is.

if they had a choice, would they prefer a subway or a bus for public transportation?
bus. like a dog who enjoys sticking his head out the window, aiden just likes the idea of sitting there and watching the world go by. plus, subways are crowded and dirty. nope. gross.

is your character an introvert or an extrovert? how do they handle big crowds of people?
he’s an extrovert. as many doubts in himself that he has, he knows how to put on a show, and he enjoys it too. he works on the idea that if he is confident enough in his presentation, then everything else will fall into place. he’s also a little vain - best suits, always looking good, at all time. with crowds, well, it depends on the situation. need him to talk at a conference and wow the audience? he’ll do it. send him to a mosh pit and ask him to have fun while getting elbowed and knocked over? that’s not him.

if your character was allowed to murder one person without any consequences, who would that person be and why?
his father. not that aiden would do it, he’s a pacifist, but he’d love to do that really. the man tormented aiden’s sister, the person he loves for the anything, for almost the girl’s entire life and that kind of shit is not acceptable.

does your character trust people right off the bat or does it take them some time to warm up to someone?
he trusts people right off the bat, which has got him in trouble in the past. that said, when he starts to care about them enough, doubt begin to seep in and that trust starts to waver. that’s only a recent addition to his life though, since his divorce. he’s working through that with counsellors as we speak.

do they prefer romance or affection? what is the quickest way to your character’s heart?
affection. he has to be friends with someone before he can love them, simple as that, and all relationships last through friendship more than anything else in his mind. the quickest way to his heart is a sense of humour, honesty, and loyalty.

if your character had one thing to say to their parents before they died, what would it be?
thanks for showing me how not to be.

does your character get restless when things are too quiet or do they favour solitude and silence? why?
he’s awful left alone. he paces in his office like a caged lion when he’s forced to sit there and do a ton of paperwork all by himself. mostly you’ll see him walking the wellness center halls, looking for people to talk to, when he should be doing paperwork. he grew up in a large house where being alone was common, ignored by his father and discarded by his mother, so silence means loneliness to him. he hates living alone for this reason. most days he won’t go home unless it’s to sleep as soon as he get inside.

finally; if your character was forced to eat one thing for the rest of their life, what would they choose and why?
apple pie. because he has a massive sweet tooth, but it’s also apples. healthy… right? yeah…

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