In honor of the Lightning Thief Musical, I did a drawing of Chris McCarrell who’s playing Percy!! This drawing took unbelievably long and is 1,429 layers, so please like and reblog if you like it!! Also please don’t repost you guys!


Canon 19mm F3.5 LTM by jonmanjiro

Ballads VS. Up Beat Songs || Bangtan MTL

MTL to Date an Idol That Sings Ballads / LTM to Date an Idol That Sings Up Beat Songs

  • Jimin
  • Seokjin
  • Taehyung
  • Jungkook
  • Namjoon
  • Yoongi
  • Hoseok


I feel like these three would probably be most likely to date an idol who sings slow ballads because they all tend to sing them more. In Bangtan Bombs or behind the scenes their usually singing along to the slower songs, and I think they would love to sing with their partners all the time, especially if it was something slower and more heartfelt.

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It was hard to place Jungkook because I feel like he would be right in the middle. He sings a lot of pop songs but also once in a while will sing something slower, so I think he would be fine either way. Being able to just sing with them would make him happy enough and there would be no complaints.

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Namjoon and Yoongi would probably lean more towards the pop songs, as it’s more their taste. Preferably somebody who does hip hop or something like they do. It would make them happy if they were able to connect with somebody who rapped like them.

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Hoseok would definitely prefer somebody who sang up beat songs. He would love to dance along as his partner was singing excitedly, only making everything more enjoyable. It wouldn’t matter how tired or exhausted he was the moment he heard them he would be filled with excitement.

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Requests are still open :)

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A better Mekakucity Actors

Now, with this post I want to make it very clear that I don’t hate the anime. It’s actually a really nice adaption, but it’s littered with several errors that need to be fixed. 

I want to make it clear that this ‘fix’ of MCA will not be drastically altering the plot in any way, but it will address the issues that I have with it as an adaption and attempting to fix them. 

I’ll start this off with my issues with MCA as an adaption of Kagerou Project:

  • To begin, the anime is too short. I would have loved for MCA to have been at least 24 episodes: it would have given us enough episodes to focus on each character individually– However, I understand why it was only twelve episodes. 
  • The plot skips around too much for my liking. Things overall aren’t very clear, and it took several rewatches to understand certain things. 
  • The climax was incredibly rushed, being thrown in for the last few minutes of episode twelve. 
  • Not enough Seto.
  • The characterization was weak: there needed to be more of the Dan’s family dynamic shown. 
  • The lack of explanation for the way Hiyori acts. 

Now, here’s how I’d rewrite MCA to fix the issues that I had with it. 

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