I’m supposed to be asleep but I’m still having trouble adjusting biorhythms so I guess it’s late night post time.
Come on, you don’t get a guitar like this not to take selfies with her, and you don’t take those selfies not to put on the internet when you should be asleep.

For those that care about such things, I played through an 8 song amp set with her today, half originals, and it all sounded really solid. Which means I’ll be taking her on stage in the near future. Watch out!

Our poor boys have been abandoned for the most part in several hectares of rough grazing but I check on them and their mineral blocks to make sure they’re doing okay. They don’t get the extra feeding their mums do. It’s a lovely day today with the sun out and icing on the hills, these wild horned Devils didn’t like the look of me and Finn.

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I love it that Cloud bought the flower for Tifa if you bought it, I mean of course you can choose who hangs onto it, Tifa or Marlene, but I don’t think Tifa would thank Cloud and he would respond to said thanks positively had it not been the case before you even have the option to give said flower away in the first place. Long story short, Cloud is the type to bring you home flowers after a long day.

no, I am so sick of this. people say that narusaku is more like clerith for three reasons:

1) she wears a ribbon like aerith does

2) naruto’s blonde like cloud

3) because these ships are their faves and their bias gets in the way

other than the aesthetics, narusaku is NOTHING like clerith and never will be. for one, WHERE DOES AERITH PHYSICALLY HARM CLOUD (playfully or not) she just DOESN’T. in the emotional aspect, clerith is naruhina because hinata ALWAYS believed in naruto just like Aerith always believed in Cloud. it was SAKURA who shunned naruto just like TIFA SHUNNED Cloud as a child.

it was hinata that held naruto’s hand and gave him strength just like it was AERITH who held cloud’s hand and gave him strength.

I mean, we have an identical quote, too

NARUTO THE LAST NOVEL: “Hinata was laughing like a flower. For the first time, Naruto was feeling a kind of happiness he never felt before.”


CLOUD STRIFE: “Even so, Aerith used to laugh like a flower all the time. But, Aerith won’t smile anymore.”

I’m not a fan of comparing ships (because no ship is ever the same as another) but clerith has more in common with naruhina than any other naruto ship, partially because naruhina and clerith are both canon.

and zerith is NOTHING like sasusaku *makes my skin crawl just thinking about it). 


Dakota Johnson playing Never Have I Ever

Some of the questions are about sexting,handcuffs,nudes & the Mile high club 

Well then

…That Weeping Angel MFU plotbunny that I was supposed to write as a drabble for @strivia absolutely refuses to be anything other than a multichapter fic. *headdesk*

I’m going to need more time for it, but yeah, it’s going to be a full-fledged “Napoleon and Illya will meet the Doctor and Jamie” crossover.

Fic will be called “The Stone Angel Affair,” and there will be four chapters/acts:

Act I: The Statue is Definitely Moving
Act II: A Man with a Phone Box
Act III: Don’t Read Any Gravestones
Act IV: It’s Somewhere in Here With Us

…And that’s all the previews for now. XD  I might have the first chapter up this week as Napoleon and Illya’s part is already done (so I’d just have to write Two and Jamie’s part), but the rest of this and the first mission(s) fic series will be written once I get past my first set of exams.

(Also, in regards to Two and Jamie’s role in this, this is, for them, a part of my Smith & McCrimmon Investigative Services, Ltd saga)

The Complete Internet Club Discography

Click HERE to download now! Credit goes to unknown user on 4chan.  Various mp3s and obscure singles are included in this download. This download does not include Wakesleep, Datavis, or DJ Internet Visions.

This download contains the following releases



(2011) WEBINAR


(2011) DELUXE


(2011) Datavision Ltd. - Vector Tables






(2012) DREAMS 3D

(2012) ░▒▓新しいデラックスライフ▓▒░ - ▣世界から解放され▣ ‎

(2012) Datavision Ltd. - NIGHTWAVES mixtape


(2012) ECCO UNLIMITED - NHK Reminds You to Boost Your Signal

(2013) Unregistered HyperCam 420 (August 2012 Loops Etc.)

(2013) SunCoast Web Series - Digital Water

(2013) Memorex Dawn - Galleria

(2013) Monument XIII - Honestly

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