I’ve made my Termina Clock design into earrings, cufflinks and bracelets. The earrings are of the symbol on the clock face that rotates between the sun and moon every night and day in the game.

I’m glad Majora’s Mask got ported to 3DS since (slightly embarrassingly) I could never beat the game on the N64. I’ve always told myself I need to go back to it and now I’m finally getting through all the parts I could never get past as a kid. :)

Trinkets available at Trinket Geek:

Termina Clock Earrings

Termina Clock Cufflinks

Termina Clock Bracelets

So a couple of months ago I got access to a laser cutter at work. And i decided to take full advantage of it by laser cutting parts for my first attempt at prop building. 

And i’m a huge Zelda fan, so I had to make some Legend of Zelda props. Wind Waker is my favorite game, so i decided to make the two shields from Wind Waker; the Hero’s Shield and the Mirror Shield. I am soooo happy with how they turned out, and overall prop building was so much fun!!!

I’ve uploaded a bunch of pictures about my build process, and I’ve added commentary as well, so if you’re interested check it out here: http://imgur.com/gallery/AOzQI


Majora’s Mask is arguably the darkest Zelda game; the fact you only have three days to stop the destruction of Termina, the moon looming overhead, and the ominous atmosphere provided by the game attest to that. All of that dark energy is heard tenfold in the song Clock Town Final Hours, which throws all three of the details described in the first sentence into one creepy tune. It’s the final day, and in just a few short hours, Termina will cease to exist. That is the context going into the song and even without it, it’s such a depressing sounding piece.

If you have never heard the song before, you may feel that description actually describes a heavy metal song, as many would be described in such a way. However, as the original is quite far from being labeled as “Heavy Metal,” it isn’t an accurate comparison to draw…or is it?

YouTuber TheOnlyDeerAlive created this rock version of the Majora’s Mask song last week, and it captures the atmosphere of the original song perfectly despite being of a different style. The minute and a half intro is slow and moving, and it’s very good build up to the heavy electric guitar and drums entering the song. Once that happens, the song picks up, and the dark buildup from the intro transfers over to the main part of the song, which adds to mood while providing catharsis. It’s definitely a fantastic rendition and is worth a listen.

Do you feel this cover of Final Hours carries the same weight as the original version, despite being of a different style? Let us know in the comments!

- See more at: http://www.zeldainformer.com/news/face-melting-rock-rendition-of-final-hours-created-by-fan#.VRdl9_nF-UV