I recently just made this new blog, and since there’s nothing on my dashboard at all…so, i need blogs to follow & i am looking for more anime, manga, cartoons and video games blogs to follow.

 please reblog/like if you post any of the following:

  • pokemon
  • tokyo ghoul
  • owari no seraph
  • magi
  • noragami
  • haikyuu!
  • sailor moon
  • shingeki no kyojin
  • dangan ronpa
  • ghibli anime
  • any  Romance anime & manga 
  • miraculous ladybug
  • mystic messenger
  • the legend of zelda
  • final fantasy (vii/xiii/xv)
  • fire emblem/awakening and fates
  • kingdom hearts
  • overwatch
  • all nintendo stuff
  • all cute stuff

(bold is stuff that i really really want so i’m more likely to follow you if you post those things

thank you so much!!

“Specials tonight include two dollar draft beers and pretty much the only three cocktails listed on this menu.” The brunet informed his encounter at the bar before he pointed to one of the mixed drinks on the paper. “If you get the limerita, you won’t make it out of the bar without stumbling. Just warning you. I have a heavy hand with tequila.”